[XB1, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 Day One Edition $29 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I bought this edition literally on Day 1 for $80 and have only clocked 2 hours in it hahaha but hey once the PS5 free upgrade comes through I might be keen to play it again :)

PS4: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/cyberpunk-2077-day-one-editi...
XB1: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/cyberpunk-2077-day-one-editi...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    waits for Amazon to match

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      How do you ask Amazon to price match?

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        I don’t think there’s a way, not a straight-forward one at least. Plus the Day One PAL/AU edition isn’t listed on Amazon in hindsight so it’s unlikely this will be matched.

        • -2

          How do you even ask Amazon to price match? Is there an email or a phone number or chat?

          • +7

            @sqheaven: Did you even read their response?

          • +2

            @sqheaven: You can't, they don't do single Price matches. However if it's a item Amazon have in stock that is cheaper at another retailer and is the same sku it's not long until Amazon update the price on Thier site to the same price at the other retailer have it at.

            People like to wait until Amazon update to match that price. Cause if you subscribe to prime it's free delivery and usually quicker to delivery then other online places

            • +2

              @Topdog: Gotcha, thanks. I don't use Amazon so this is information for me.

  • don't forget to have Panadol available once you start playing this.

    • +25

      Switch off film grain, chromatic aberration and motion blur in settings. Save on Panadol.

      • +14

        Three of the most hated in game settings that should be disabled for EVERY sodding game. They reduce visual quality and often turn it into a blurry mess, just because the art director of the game wants it to look more cinematic.

        • +2

          Amen, especially motion blur. Message to game designers - human eyes don't work that way!

        • +1

          Bit of an unpopular opinion, but I generally like these effects in singleplayer games :P

          I agree completely with competitive games though.

      • +9

        Switch off the game and save $29.

      • +1

        As someone who gets migraines, I thank you. I've just reinstalled this game and am gonna try to play it again with these settings switched off.

        • I was worried I'd get the migraines a handful of games have given me, but I never got it with this. I tend to always turn off motion blur, head bobbing and set my own FOV in games by habit if they have the settings so I might have just avoided it.

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    Good deal, agree on the Amazon price match, then I'll grab it, Amazon Prime delivery makes you so lazy.

    • +13

      And because F Gerry

      • +1

        I see so much hate on Harvey Norman and Gerry here on ozbargain, what'd he do? I'm asking cos I actually don't know

        • +10

          He’s the reason we have to pay GST on overseas goods now.

          Plus a multitude of other things.

        • He also took a lot of job keeper that he wasn't entitled to and only very begrudgingly paid part back.

      • Amazon aren't angels themselves with their crappy working conditions

  • -1

    any cheap deals for xbox digital?

    • +11

      Tell me you as you are associated.

    • +4

      Cheap/deals and digital don't go together ..

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    Waiting for the Day 942 edition. They might have fixed the bugs by then.

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    with all the updates it's now playable, I have about 200 hours clocked. Decent amount of fun to be had.

    • +1

      On series x/ps5 or the older hardware? Or is the next gen not out yet reading from below?

      Edit:ok looks like you can play it on the new consoles but it's not enhanced, so question is still valid, are you playing on the new or old?

  • Has the next gen update happened yet?

    • +1

      Not yet

  • Why no steam game code? :( I know you can get it on GOG but I'm just stupid and want it for my steam account </3

    • +5

      why do you want DRM?

      • +2

        Just prefer steam as an interface and any DRM on the product isn't bothering me. Not like I'm going around throwing copies of the game on floppy disks to all my friends.

    • +6

      GOG is a better launcher anyway, combines all your games from different launchers in one

      • +1

        wait, what? OMG has that always been there?

        • +1

          At least since I got Cyberpunk about a year ago! It’s a very neat feature

          • +2

            @Doy: Wow! Thanks for that! I've always been frustrated trying to remember which games I have and in which launcher. That is extremely cool.

        • +2

          Not from day one but yeah, it's been there for at least a couple of years or so.

          Cross platform chat on the way too.

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    no deals for PC?

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    How well does the PS4 version run on the PS5?

    • +1

      Just tested on PS5 and the framerate have significant improvement and much more consistent!!!
      I've obtained the platinum trophy on PS4 already so can feel how difference it is.
      Much more stable at least no crash so far for more 3 hours testing gameplay.

      • +1

        Great :)
        Was thinking of buying it for my PS5, and maybe wait for the PS5 free upgrade later on

        • I have played this on my PS5, the PS4 version anyway. Its mint on the PS5. There used to be glitches but that stuff seems to have been resolved.

    • Unfortunately doesn't run any better than on a PS4 Pro, they have not given it any PS5 upgrades. The X1X runs the Xbox One version with enhancements though. Still waiting on the next-gen upgrade for this game.

  • Man I just bought this on eBay for $35 the other day..

    • +3

      For an extra $7 can you really be that mad? I reckon its probably worth it now!

    • +15

      I'd pay $7 extra to not give my money to Harvey Norman.

      • +1

        Is Fallout 76 worth playing now?

  • Hehe Day One edition. They should rebrand this as the First Anniversary edition.

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    I feel like it could be worth it for $29? Esp with the ps5 upgrade?

    • they'd multiple times confirmed PS5 version late 2021. So I would say its well worth it.

      I first played it and finished it (plat trophy) the first month of its release with little to no issues/glitches on PS5. With all the patches it should run much better now. I'll be looking to re-play once the upgrade releases. Heaps of fun to be had and more of the city to be explored…

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    Surely this will go even cheaper for Black Friday sales?!? :)

    • +1

      At this point they can't even give it away lol.. Anyone who wants to play it has and is probably waiting for next gen update and everyone else couldn't care less about it. I put about 15 hours into it at launch before I stopped to wait for next gen patch and get the game up to scratch. It's good price to pay in preparation for that next gen update.

  • I'll sell my 8 hour used copy for $20

  • ORIGINAL gangster day 1 disc version with NO UPDATES player here. IT was awfully hard to put up with the graphics and some bugs but from 100% honest personal experience … you can clock the game straight from disc no updates no nothing… the fact people are still complaining a year later makes me sick. This isn't fallout 76 and even that ( if you learn to curb your expectancies in life - you should buy now since you're on ozbargain) wasn't worth the hate that got thrown at it. PES 2022… now THAT… that needs to be given to fans for a rebuild.

  • How does it hold up on ps4 now?

  • +1

    Thanks got one. Good game despite all the hate.
    FYI Click and collect doesn't seem to be available.

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    Harvey Norman 🤢🤮

  • +1

    I'm about 20 hours in on XBX and thoroughly enjoying it! Few bugs but nothing crazy

    • +1

      Do you need to pay for the series x upgrade?

      • No that's what makes it so attractive, but they promised the upgrade 2nd part of this year, time is running out.

        US is selling this $15

        • Might grab a copy then, got it on the pc but it really struggles to run it

          • @BraydenF: Just know the upgrade isn't released yet so you're getting og XB1 edition.

            $30 on eBay delivered edit steel box bonus only

  • People should be aware that HN is doing the Lattitude deal, spend $150 save $50.
    So you can buy something for $120, put this game in with it, delivery should cover you, so get the game for free and knock of 20 of the other item, smarter if you want to buy more gear.

    • Their Battlefield 2042 pre order prices aren't too bad if you need to pad out your cart.

  • Amazon price matched it yet?

    I'm looking for some PS4 games with free upgrades or PS5 games.

    I mainly play COD, but I'm having wrist surgery soon and I need games which are less intense on my wrist. F1 2021?

    I hate slow games tho ;/ 😂

  • I have the Xbox Series X will this get a free upgrade? If so will snatch it now so I have the licence for when there is a specific version for my console generation.

  • Got this today. Nice packaging and bonus stuff for only $29. Patiently waiting for the free Series X upgrade, but it honestly runs pretty nicely already. It’ll probably go up in price once that free upgrade comes out, so this is a good investment.

    Remember to go into your controller settings and turn off all the Turn Bonuses values etc.. Made it sluggish to aim until I tinkered in those Advanced Settings

  • -2

    Will be on gamepass by December

    • -1

      Not confirmed anywhere. I reckon you'd make your money back selling this second hand the moment it got announced it was coming to Game Pass, anyway.

  • Bought this at $19.77 from Costco a few months back - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641848

  • -1

    $29 because the game fell off a cliff.

  • Thanks OP - purchased. Can't go wrong at that price.

    Picking up my Series X on Sunday - hopefully not too long til they release the upgrade!

  • People watch one bug compilation video on YouTube and form their entire opinion on that. It's not a bad game

  • Still haven't played this. Will grab it once the XSX version is released

  • +5

    Please don't support Harvey "Rip off jobkeeper" Norman. Only way to stop parasites like Harvey Norman is to not support them

    • Price match at other stores then and leave Harvey with his stock? Muahahaha!

  • Amazing they matched the price to when I bought it on day 1 on "Argentinian Region"

    • Goodbye cheap Argentinian prices

      • They already tried to block people from sending gift cards to poorer regions but always another way to bypass that

        • Nah I meant they increased the prices and added tax