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Dr. Martens 5 Eye Gaucho Crazy Horse Shoes $69.40/Size US 8W/7M,Vegan 1460 Classic Boots $84.74/US 6W/5M Delivered @ amazon


Dr. Martens 8053 5 Eye Padded Collar Colour Name: Gaucho Crazy Horse US size 8 W/7 M $69.40 Delivered

Also Dr. Marten's Unisex Vegan 1460 Classic Boots $84.74 Delivered Expired

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    Dr. Martens 5 Eye Gaucho Crazy Horse Shoes

    As worn by Dr. Oetker

    • As worn by crazy horse girls.

      • or Crazy house girls

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    Shows $103.28 to me

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    My $250 Dr Martens lasted around 7 months before the sole cracked open. Don't waste your money on the cliche 'now made in China' boots.
    For comparison a really, really long time ago when Dr Martens was made in the UK my boots lasted around 12 years. Also had a pair of shoes that I still have,also UK made, they must be at least 15 years old.

    • It must be annoying. Made in China but the price is not going down🤭

    • Check out Solovair. They used to be the contracted manufacturer for Dr Martens in England, and when they moved production to China Solovair kept manufacturing under their own brand.

    • note, can still buy made in uk, but they are like $450-$500

    • had a pair in the 90s, go out of fashion before they would ever wear out.
      Perhaps they were the made in England / lifetime warranty ones..

      Recently got some 3-eye laced vegan shoes, haven't worn much but decent for work and more comfortable soles than most work shoes. Still a touch narrow but no need to wear in and more comfy. Ended up shopper protection claiming so only about ~$100. I'm sure they'll last for years - if it's within a year you'd be going back to the shop complaining.

  • "5 US Men" - shoes for ants?

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