[Prime] 2 Free Bundles for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Bundles (Claim from in-Game Store) @ Amazon Prime Gaming


Where do I get my content?

After launching the game, the bundle will be automatically granted to your account. Go to the Weapons, Operators or Barracks tab to access the latest in-game content from this limited time Prime Gaming offer.

Flight School Bundle available in BLACK OPS COLD WAR & CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE on October 13, 2021. Please note Rare Skybird Vehicle Skin is only available in BLACK OPS COLD WAR.

World Series of Warzone Fall 2021 Pack available in BLACK OPS COLD WAR & CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE on October 13, 2021

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  • +19

    Thanks Op you reminded me to uninstall Warzone.

    • +7

      It's the only game I play!

      But I've gotten pretty good!

      • +3

        Do they still have 50vs50 Deathmatch? That was the only thing good about the game. If only hey keep it, it would be good. Can't be bother with the 50gb updates every few weeks.

        • +1

          50v50 was limited time but it will likely make a reappearance.

          Im a fan of the BR but having the resurgence modes available is good to mix things up too

          • @Gracey: Yeah limited .. why do they even have limited on it. Wouldn't it be better if it's permanently available ? Then people who likes it would keeps playing.

            • @HandsomeMonkey: Based on my experience with queue times, the playerbase would simply not be big enough to consistently support all modes at once in OCE.

              Besides, there's pretty much always some form of LTM which has unlimited respawns in the weekly playlist, whether it's Kingslayer, Plunder, Payload or Clash/Rumble. The halloween events are coming again soon too.

          • @Gracey: Plunder for me! Also enjoy Clash & Payload

            • +1

              @lberation: Plunder is awesome but they removed it yesterday.

  • -1

    I can get Prime Gaming for free?

    • +1

      Comes with amazon prime

  • Error message "It looks like you're in an unsupported country". Not sure why ://

  • +1

    Love these bundles cause they come with double xp and weapon xp, good stacking with mountain dew codes for longer double times

  • +1

    Cheers. You'd think with playing games all the time and having Prime that I'd remember to keep checking this sh*t.

  • +1

    So if I use same email as Xbox, would it merge this with my Xbox profile? Sorry, noob question as I am not sure if pc and xbox profiles are common or not.

    • Yes if that's the main gaming account that's connected to your COD Activision profile.

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