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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 $111.63 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


decent RAM $7 cheaper than when i bought it last week

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Be aware, ships from Amazon US. Delays can be expected

    • i ordered on 5/10 from amazon us, australia post recieved on 10/10 still waiting for delivery

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        International parcels spend more time with AusPost than outside of Australia, it's such a joke.

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          in auspost's defence - they are slammed with online shopping/ppl being told to order early to meet demands for christmas

          they'll be recruiting like mad i'd imagine

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            @spoonmugen: Speaking to my posty, zero new hire's. Everyone's just gotta wait.

              • @Spaldo: You gotta read between the lines - drivers & customer service staff only…so casual couriers & temp call contact centre workers who will empathise with you, but nothing more.
                Zero new posties.
                Zero full time roles.
                Please be kind enough to analyse what you're being spoon fed before calling me out with a link from a rag.
                Thank you.

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            @spoonmugen: Such a BS, with a huge profit even in pandemic and they can't hire enough people to work for them? Where all that profit goes?

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    Sitting in my cart since the last post. I've been waiting to see how low it will go. Sorry, I've been HODLing

    • Yeah ddr5 coming, so it's possible these will continue to drop

  • Anyone know which die these are

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      High chance of Micron b-die

      • 8Gbit Micron B-Die doesn't OC(hardly even 3200 16-18-18-36), 16Gbit x8 Micron B-Die won't be used to make a 8GB stick.

        Tell me how it is Micron B-Die?

        Stop spreading false information.

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      Just joined (long time lurker)
      I did a stupid amount of reading, ummmm-ing and ahhh-ing before bought 2 kits from the last Shopping Express deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655943

      Everything I came across said they were E-Die.

      Installed them 3 hours ago.

      Thaiphoon Burner reports:
      DRAM Die Revision / Process Node: E / 19 nm
      Week 34, 2021
      Manufacturing Date Decoded: August 23-27, 2021

      Running cl16 -18 -18 -38

      Certainly NOT offering any kind of guarantee but they should be E-die.

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      E-die according to mine on Typhoon burner.
      Super ez OC to 14 17 14 14 @ 3600

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        Oh nice!
        Mine arrived yesterday, and just installed them this morning (I work nights, so 5am Thursday is my Friday night).
        I haven't played with them yet, will wait until I've had some sleep (and am sober).

        Thanks for that. Gives me something to start with.

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          Awesome. Let me know how u go. Apparently 13CL 3733 is possible…but at a scary 1.47v

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            @Unsafe: rev e is easily safe up to 1.6v

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              @abjsdhasehasee: They degradate around just over 1.5v, sure you can slap higher voltage and extreme cooling to do some number crunching, doesn't mean they won't die.

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                @OMGJL: i know multiple people that have ran rev e at 1.6v for 6+ months with no degredation. its generally accepted by most. 1.55v is 10000% safe and 1.6v is almost certainly safe

                although you will might need vttdr control about 1.5v and not all rev e scales to 1.6v

                no rev e degrades at 1.5v thats just not true.

                • @abjsdhasehasee:

                  its generally accepted by most.

                  Source please?

                  1.55v is 10000% safe

                  Do I come to you if I slap 1.55v and my chip start to degrade?

                  1.6v is almost certainly safe

                  almost certainly seems like a very scientific way of measurement.

                  • @OMGJL: the people that have run it for 6+ months at 1.6v and literally no one arguing its unsafe? although some older rev e wont scale as high or becomes unstable, although unstable =/= the voltage is unsafe. prob vttdr needs to be altered or it just wont ever be hapy.

                    'almost certainly' because who knows if in 3 years time it degrades. so 1.55v is what id consider Certainly safe.

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                      @abjsdhasehasee: digradation aside, how do you manage to keep RAM temperature at 1.55v/1.6v?

                      what graphic card do you use, what case do you have?

                      what's your timing do you set it to at 1.55v? especially interested in primary, tRFC, tRRD(s and l), tFAW.

                      • @OMGJL: i dont have ballistix lol i got some PVS 4400c19 b die.

                        all i know is rev e can go much higher temps not sure if temps are an issue at 1.55v and higher tho

                        for my b die i run it at 1.62v on my 5600x and i use a p12 ziptied to the ram. stressed with my gtx 970 at 100% and it didnt error so temps r fine.
                        its a silence focused case, define r5 but its still got good airflow if you open the front panel which i do.

                        heres my timings and stress test at 1.62v

                        is a 5600x fine with 1.62v? i mean probably, ik someone that ran 1.72v for 7 months and still is and his cpy phy is still kicking.
                        id say 1.65v is the point were your prob killing your cpu phy but idk.

            • @abjsdhasehasee: No sh1t?? Wow, I tnought 1.45v was the max unless you're silly-lucky…I shall puah harder. Appreciate the advice.

              • @Unsafe: yep, this is an amazing guide to oc your ram
                not all rev e will scale to 1.6v tho so just test where it scales to and tbh just stick to 1.55v if your paranoid.

                and if your board doesnt have vttdr control high voltage / frequency will probably be a problem.

                this is a good discord for help if you dont want to go to reddit and get told to run 1200 fclk on a 5600x lul.

                • @abjsdhasehasee: I have a dual rank rev e won't scale past 1.45v, probably because of voltage (3000c15 ballistix 16Gx2)

                  I used to have 2 stick of crucial "value ram" with c9bjz, those does 1.5v but I did saw some review in Chinese in a forum called chiphell (pretty reputable forum) back in 2019 saying they trying to push at bit over 1.5v and got the chip degraded … since this has no heat spreader, it has been run @ 1.45v all its life with me before I give it away.

                  I also own a set of single rank rev b(ballistix 3600 16G x 2), ram will become unstable running 1.5v with no fan. my case has mesh fronted panel and it's pretty short length wise so airflow towards ram wasn't bad at all.

                  my b-die kit (viper blackout 4400) won't hesitate running 1.5v at all with no fan and right above a 6800xt reference.

                  I still don't agree rev-e won't degrade at high volt, but I agree that they scale with high volt if cooling is adequate. But good effort with your kit, repsect+1

                  one more question, does your CPU spit out WHEA19 error? and what version of windows u running?

                  • @OMGJL: yes it does spit whea19, its something you wont agree with but ive validated 'stability' in the sense that its the io die being (profanity) sending errors when theres no real issue. ive ran hours of linpack along with occt vram and p95 with no whea 18's, never had an error in 100's of hours. ik you wont agree and its a split discussion in a few discords ive been in. its not something id ever recommend for anyone tho.

                    is it stupid? yes, is there anything bad that can happen? probably, but its been fine for like 4 months

                    wv- 10.0.19043 Build 19043

                    1933 is stable without wheas, anything above isnt, can boot like 2100 fclk but thats unusable.

      • Just curious, were you able to reach 14 17 14 14 @ 3600?
        If so, would you mind sending the rest of your timings as i'm not having much luck. Cheers

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          Yeah sure…
          14-17-14-14-32-56-522 @ 1.45V - 1.08V SOC - CLDO_VDDP 0.7V - 3600Mhz
          From a review on Amazon.com I got 14-18-14-14 @ 1.47V & tweaked them down a little from there. Maybe try those if mine aren't stable.

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            @Unsafe: Champion! I'll give them a crack. Thanks mate

  • managed to get price match from this to a local store in Australia for aus warranty

    • Which store plz

      • i used ebay. unfortunately they had to add the delivery cost to match (even though i have prime)

        came to $113 but it will be aussie tax invoice (i used shallothead store), express post. Used 3% ebay gift cards and also can get shopback 1%.

        amazon warranty is 1 year i think before u need to deal with manufacturer.

        • I tried them and got turned away lol.

  • Yeah I paid 118 or something a week or two ago also. love getting greifed like this

  • Would this work on an i7 6th gen system with 16 GB of RAM from a different manufacturer?

    • They always say to get the same type to ensure compatibility and reach the advertised speeds.

  • Is it OK if I buy 2 set to make it 32gb?
    I have Ryzen 3700x and msi b550 pro vdh wifi. Thanks

    • should be alright, im using 4x8gb on my 5900x

    • +1

      That's what I did.

      All 4 sticks picked up by BIOS.
      Running fine so far at 3600, CL16, etc, etc.

      Will do testing etc after i get some sleep.
      (5800x, MAG B550 TOMAHAWK.)

      Shows up on the compatible list for your board (Memory by RX-3X00) as 4 DIMM, look for BL8G36C16U4B.M8FE1

  • I can resist anything but temptation… LOL

  • Will this ram really make any difference in speed to what I am using 16gb Kingston Hyper X 2133Mhz O.C'd to 2666 Mhz with i5 9600k cpu?

    • Surely you can get more out of those sticks? I've never seen DDR4 that can't do at least 3200.

      • I will try my best mate :)

  • 2 sticks are always preferred over 4 sticks yea? i need ma 32gb (2 x 16gb) T.T

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      2x16 of dual rank is generally preferred over 4x8 yes, but 2x16 of ballistix is rarely dual rank nowadays.

      and 4x8 isnt bad on micron ic's as they arent very temp sensitive

      • Yeah Crucial changed thier 2 x16 kit to single rank back in Feb…without changing the part number! Cheeky.

    • +1

      Dual channel, dual rank is preferred. So if the 2 X 16 is only single rank, you'd need to go 4x8 to get 32 gigs of RAM that's dual rank, dual channel. Usually people get 2 sticks for 'future upgradibility. But to be honest you can do 4x8 to get 32 gigs if all you do is work (excluding video editing etc) and gaming.

  • Shows $129 for me

    • +1

      Same. You have to select Amazon US as the seller to get it at this price.

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