Who’s Your Favourite Backstreet Boy?

Who’s your favourite? I mean we all know how good Brian is vocally, and Nick is also pretty popular in general, but Howie and Kevin help gel everyone together being the harmonisers in the group. Then there’s AJ doing whatever he does.

For me I think I like Kevin the best. Probably because he hardly gets any solos so he’s somewhat of an underdog.

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    Say what?

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      What you listening to these days, Mr warrick?

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        I really only listen to the same music over and over, I have very narrow tastes - I'm possibly autistic, currently saving up for the test.

        Julio Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Green Day. I sometimes listen to ABC Classics.

        What music are you into?

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          Haha if you find something good then stick to it :)
          I remember hearing somewhere that you determine a lot of your tastes by your mid 30's. So if you don't listen to certain music genre or eat certain foods by mid 30's its unlikely you will get into it in later life. (i think it was freakanomics podcast)
          I actually listen to fair bit of ABC Classic FM. I like film,anime and game music. Joe Hisaishi is my favourite composer. Used to listen to a fair bit of u2, Taylor Swift and Kina Grannis but not that much recently.

          But I do like my occasional BTS/Ariana and even bieber. (Quite like the new song by Kid Laroi and Beiber)

          I don't really listen to music on the radio apart from classic FM. So only come across new songs every now and then on youtube.

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    Heard of the band but don't know any of the names .
    Hasbeens ?

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      I heard they are back.

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        Oh my god they're back again!

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    I like the fat one.

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      I agree my favourite backstreet boys member is Joey Fat One

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    I don't know these names but I know 911.

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    My favourite is Baby Spice.

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      Yep. Especially when she sang her part in two become one.

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      My fave is Ginger before she got skinny

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    I mean we all know how good Brian is vocally

    Apparently not.

  • Token bad boy

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    Tell me why?

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      Ain't nothin' but a heartache

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        Now number five!

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    Are they still alive?

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    ghost47 you’ll always be my fav, matey

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    Taylor Hanson

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      Mmm bop!

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    Which one is the one who wants to make me breakfast, etc? I choose him.

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    Donnie Walhberg for sure! Can't believe you forgot to add him to the poll!

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    Wierd Al Yankovich

    • Was going to say the same thing.
      Gotta love the eBay song

    • You must have been the guy that mislabelled all those MP3s on Napster.

  • Robbie Williams but not a poll option???

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      I'd rather Robin Williams, personally

      • He be dead :(

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          And still better than the backyard boys.

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    slow forum day….

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      I've been watching a lot of clips of them on Youtube the past few days, here's a good one. Wanted to see who else on OzBargain shared some love for BSB.

      • Love a good BSB.

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        I love going back in history on YouTube, music was so good once. Not really into backstreet boys but get where you're coming from. Most music today makes my ears bleed.

      • They were underrated as singers. I remember coming across some acapella versions of their songs on Kazaa and they sounded just as good as any other vocal group ala Boyz II Men.

      • Drowning FTW!

        It was the 20th anniversary of the release yesterday too :)

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    That's the most unexpected poll I'd expect to see here… I had no idea what they look like. After googling, just because I had nothing to do for 90 seconds, I'd say the guy at the bottom here: https://www.alamy.com/the-world-famous-backstreet-boys-edito...

    Brian, I suppose. He's 46 now… What else can I say?

    • because I had nothing to do for 90

      I misinterpreted your comment as I had nothing to do with the '90s.

  • Jungkook

    • Omg, loved this, subscribed 🙂

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    Should've asked this question 25 years ago?

  • I think I threw up in my mouth a little…

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    Nick was a wannabe player. Kevin was too religious. AJ a try hard. That just leaves Brian and Howie, both are acceptable.

    I have no idea whether there are any skeletons that have come out after 20 years. My opinion is based on what I remember from 20 years ago. Because I want it that way.

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    Benny Elias

  • Howie

  • The guy in the trenchcoat who sells me watches.

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  • AJ!

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    I hope this thread turns into an all out war, I've got a backstreet boys tshirt with them all on it, so literally they are all close to my heart. it's like picking your favourite child, I love them all but if I had to play favourites, Nick.

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      It seems as though many OzBargainers are not educated in the ways of the Backstreet Boys… shame.

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    Mines biscuit he's so cute

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    Kevin for sure. Eye brows were so dreamy.

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    Slow bargain day

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    On this slow bargain day, can someone start a similar thread on Boyzone?

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    Geez. I thinks it's time to move on fanning over non essential millionares

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      Its almost summer. It warming up. Not everyone can afford AC so we need fanning

  • Scomo

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    I think my favourite is Brian. He seemed the most handsome and the coolest without having his gimmick being 'the cool one' aka AJ. I think AJ is a close second though because I tend to like that kind of austentatious/ridiculous cool.

  • Dave Grohl

  • Anyone like kid laroi


  • You incomplete me.

  • Dan Andrew

  • Marky Mark.

    • -1

      Another racist white supremacist in disguise now living as actor Mark Wahlberg face of ….F45 gyms.

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    Jake Peralta.

  • Justin timberlake

    Oh wait… That was nsync

  • Shannon Nole

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    I can't decide between the one with the walking stick and the one with the portable oxygen tank

  • Kevin-stan

  • Jeeze. Reminds me of the pisstake from the Snack Street boys and laughing my ass of as a teenager.


  • The dead one is all time favourite.

  • F4 > BSB > N'Sync

    • whats F4? The chinese band?

      • Hi5?

  • -2

    Sorry interested in girl not boy. And no one live behind my back street 😭

  • What is this the 90s? I hadn't thought about them at all since then….

  • Anzen Chitai AC IV
    Chage & Aska Say Yes

  • All rise and agree with me 😁
    BLUE ftw !!

  • -1


    All the boyband and girlband have evolution to kpop.

    It will be interesting to see anything in the near future to top that…..where looks, dancing and singing skills are packaged as one.

    The Kpop industry might as well just launched with caucasian/foreign boys and girls group which I believe might be a better recipe…..that is the band dont fallout before they launch.

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    Corey Taylor

  • Wow, they're still active

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    Quit playing games with my heart… before you tear us apart ♩
    Why are you making us choose?! Haha

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    I don't care, as long as he loves me.

  • My favourite is Juggy Brodleteen

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