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50% off Protein + $7.99 Delivery ($0 with $99+ Spend) @ Myprotein


Gyms are open and time to jump on the juice 💪💪💪

Expires midnight

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    Damn.. Bought few stuffs when it was 45% off

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    Wait is it really 50% off?
    I'm checking the prices and it seems like it's 46% off.

    They are applying the 10% off after the 40% off.
    Not 40% + 10%.

    5kg wpc $175 -> $94.5

    • +1

      Yeah looks to be $18.8kg if you buy in bulk. Which is quite expensive still for MP. I am used to getting ~$13-14/kg on a good sale

  • +1

    Wow prices have gone up a LOT lately.
    When I ordered in May 2.5kg of Impact Whey Vanilla was $39.99 before discount. That same bag is now $99.99 before discount!

  • +1

    Still not worth it, I just don't enjoy MyProtein.

    • What would you suggest instead of MP

      • +1

        I'm not going to look at any Oz prices right now but Venom or Bulk Nutrients are better IMO. I just mean there is no point of difference with MP- if you want bottom dollar, then just compare the numbers around the place. The flavours and mixability are below average, no chance I would buy from them again regardless of the price, I wasn't wanting for more.

  • My normal smoothie addition blend is $5.60 / 100G
    This works out to be $4.20 / 100G with the current promo.
    Going to give these 3 a try ( damn I'm a sucker for free shipping limits)

    Vegan Protein & Greens Powder - Banana and Cinnamon
    Vegan Protein & Greens Powder - Coconut and Lime
    Whole Fuel Blend - 1kg - Natural Vanilla

  • wen UK pricing again :(

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