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[NSW] Double Vaccinated Customers Receive A Free $20 Table 2164 Voucher @ Smithfield RSL


How to get it: *must show ID, Medicare Card and Vaccination certificate to receive a Free Meal Voucher
Table 2164 is also ready to accept your dine and discover vouchers – 7DAYS a week Lunch and Dinner!

Smithfield RSL is giving away
$30,000 worth of vouchers

Receive A Free $20

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Smithfield RSL
Smithfield RSL


    • +26

      but short dated biscuits were worthy of your bargain approval?

      If you live in this area, its essentially a free meal for the first 1500 people.

  • +30

    love how anti vaxxers swarm posts like these

    • +4

      The discrimination against troglodyte's never ends :(

      • I am more worried about the deal getting expired or ozbargained by the time I get there.

    • It's their evangelical zeal.

    • -6

      Or how sheep swarm to neg vote them?

      • oh i am confused, i thought sheep was the source of credible evidence (as that is usually the reply when asked for it).. i can not confirm or deny that sheep are indeed the source until NZ and AU opens their borders,

    • +10

      Vocal minority that like to feel smart (because they ain't).

  • +2

    The lovely receptionist let my mum and i grab another voucher.

  • This reminds me of when I was anti AMEX deals and the admin/mods suspended me for a few days except the anti-vaxxers will be allowed to run wild over this thread while we watch the daily covid death count creep up.

    • +3

      Simple solution, comments should be turned off on such deals. Stop the spread of misinformation by tin hatters in its roots.

      • What if we allowed comments only to vaccinated users by checking their passport. That way the pages won't be cluttered with nonsense.

      • +8

        What exactly is your point?

        You're trying to correlate public health measures for a highly infectious, high mortality virus, to a pre-existing illness that is … relatively controlled with yearly vaccination, hand hygiene and staying home when sick? The death rate for influenza would diminish if people followed these measures pre-COVID anyway - we've had less than 20% of influenza cases this year because of the above measures.

        So if you're trying to say that a pre-existing virus causes death and severe illness, you're right. If you're trying to correlate public health measures as not working, to a pre-existing virus that does in fact get controlled with those measures, you have no idea what you're talking about.

        • If you're trying to correlate public health measures as not working

          School closures?
          Business closures?

          All were enforced when Victoria had < 10 cases. How’d those measures help?

          I’ll assume your next comment would be because people didnt follow the rules or if we didn’t ha e those measures, infections would be even higher

          • +4

            @Danstar: I mean your initial comment was regarding how we shouldn't take COVID-19 seriously because we already had a yearly Influenza problem. Clearly my discussion on that was sufficient for you to shift your goalposts to the (apparent) lack of efficacy of strict public health law.

            I absolutely will say that further spread was due to people's movement, and without strict public health measures infections would have rocketed. Look at our colleagues in America, the UK, Germany, at the peak of their pandemics. Presumably you follow sources of news that continue to feed your narrative, rather than publications from internationally-based State-wide adult and paediatric ICU services where daily bed allocations are exhausted, ECMO/life support is turned off at day 14 regardless of pre-existing health, due to the overwhelming number of cases and requirement for limited resources, equipment, and staffing.

  • +3

    What is table 2164?

    • +1

      Name of Smithfield RSL Restuarant

      This fresh eating establishment will tantalize your tastebuds with all your bistro favorites and more. The menu is full and varied and offers everything from sumptuous steaks and succulent schnitzels to perfect pizzas and brilliant burgers. Don’t miss our weekly club specials that start at just $15 for members. Menu items include our classic roasts of the day, Crispy Fish & Chips, Pizzas, Steak and much more. Weekly club meals are available Monday to Friday lunch and dinner.

      Our breakfast menu is equally delicious and features the ever popular smashed avo, poached eggs and bacon. Or why not try a slice of toasted banana bread with a hot cup of coffee.

      There’s something for all the family and kids are looked after with an exciting menu as well as our Krazy Kids Playland that is right next door.

      Table is the perfect restaurant for family and friend’s gatherings. Table 2164 is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner seven days a week.

    • +8

      I assume 2164 is the postcode.
      Either that or the year they hope to have perfected the food.

      • +2

        Yes good pickup it is the postcode

      • +2

        Thought it was a dig at the number of covid cases in Vic ;)

  • +2

    I'm sure the voucher is to bring people back for pokies. I hate RSL clubs

    • +2

      The pokies subsidise the cheap food and entertainment and sports programs

      • Sport programs at clubs?

        • +3

          Yes they sponsor the local soccer, footy, chess, hockey sports teams etc The richer clubs even have fields and sportsgrounds

          • +2

            @Levity: Yeah, 100%.

            I used to work in a club doing some bookkeeping and banking (uni job) and frankly the pokies made plenty..but it was all money in and money out. The money out was to wages, invoices for local suppliers, footy expenses etc.

          • @Levity: Ah, so generous to take from gamblers and give it all to community. Did I say all? I'm sure it's like 1% of the poke revenue.

            • @orangetrain: You do know that all licensed club are not for profit, right?

              Where do you think the other supposed 99% of "poke revenue" goes?

              • @UncleRico: Consultancy fees of directors? https://www.emilford.com.au/charity-notforprofits/charity-no...


                Are you saying they spend all their donations on charitable activities? They obviously need to maintain the club. I wonder how much the salaries are. Is this public?

                • @orangetrain: You think one case of fraud worth $200k is equal to - and evidence of the recipients of - 99% of gaming revenue? The average honorarium for directors of clubs is less than $50 a week. I can assure you that the average gaming clearance yields a little more than that…

                  And not withstanding the "new research" from 2012, every single cent of profit earned by licensed clubs is returned to members and communities - including the mandatory 2% of revenue which goes to funding the ClubGrants program.

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