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Portable Espresso Machine $49 C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


I was browsing the Anaconda sale items and noticed this portable espresso machine on sale for $99 (RRP $169.99) and thought it could be handy for not only camping but at work, on trips, etc. It has positive reviews and seems it can take either ground coffee or Nespresso pods. I thought I'd do a quick search before purchasing and found SCA have it on clearance, $49. Even better, I have $10 club credit (expires 17/10/21 - check your email for activation) which isn't supposed to work for clearance items, but it did, which brought it down to $39. Then I remembered I can get 8% off SCA gift cards through Suncorp rewards, so I purchased that way so ended up paying $35.88. Not bad even if this machine isn't the greatest. Most of the reviews state "better than expected".

From the website - Features:

  • One button operation displays battery and runs extraction
  • Use cold water for convenience or hot water for battery life
  • Rechargeable lithium battery prepares 3-100 cups
  • USB Type-C connection for convenient charging
  • Use pre-ground coffee or Nespresso compatible pods

There seems to be quite a few stores in Sydney with stock. I picked mine up today.

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    No stock in SA by the looks :(

  • +2

    Oh nice find! I have a manual one (wacaco minipresso) for camping, so this is a nice affordable upgrade!
    Seems to be in stock at a lot of Western Sydney stores.
    Cheers OP!

    • so you are not pleased with the wacaco? I was thinking to get one.

      • +4

        Oh the Wacaco is fine for what it is. Used it on several camping trips. Makes a great coffee.
        I just like techy things… And a bargain 😅

        I would say to choose this over the wacaco since they're at around the same price point. Just due to the ease of use, because manual pumping can be annoying if you are making several coffees. I'd usually end up making coffee for friends that camped with us. Depends on your use case I guess.
        But in saying that, I haven't used this one yet. So don't take my word on it lol.

        • +1

          Cheers. I also like using my aeropress but when 4 ppl looking to eyes for coffee.. it become frustrating haha. thanks for your comment.

  • +1

    Thanks. Used my converted Flybuys points via the giftcards, should make camp a bit better :)

  • SCA gift cards are back at Suncorp? They (and BCF) were taken off. Checked last Sunday when I bought some car wash gear and still weren't there.

    • Yeah last time I could only get a $50 card (in August), seems it is back now and you can specify the exact amount you want

  • +1

    damn no stock in canberra and no delivery :(
    would have loved to get one for work as we will likely be back in the office in November.
    oh well.

    good deal regardless op.

  • Sorry that there’s no love for SA or ACT

  • +2

    I've got mine charging. Was about 50% charged in the box. Came with a QC 3.0 12V/car cigarette lighter charger, and a USB-C to USB-A cable. I'm charging from a phone/240V QC 3 charger.
    Some other useful info: 60ml max water capacity; 18 bar pump pressure; extraction time 25-30sec; 2,500mAh lithium ion battery (does 3 extractions with cold water or 100 using hot/boiled water), weighs 780g
    I'll report back after I've used it.

  • +2

    Didn’t take long to charge. Worked out which parts are for Nespresso pods and which are for ground. Easy to do a clean through with hot water. Followed the instructions for ground coffee (8g), used 60ml (max) of hot water. Decent crema. Extraction was good, nice taste and not bitter. Photo after extraction

    • +1

      Got mine this arvo too. Same experience as you with similar results. Haven't tried pods yet.
      Good lil piece of kit.
      Thanks again OP 👍

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    Would have totally got this for camping later this year if I hadn’t a Wacaco already. Amazed that this one actually heats up the water and has USB-C! A while ago, I looked for a battery/powerbank operated milk heater, I read that people said it can’t really be done because anything with a heating element uses a lot of power. However, if it can be done with water, why not with milk?

  • +1

    Build quality is pretty good. Yet to test it. But basing water passing thru is pretty good!

    Thanks so much OP for the deal and recommendation!

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    Thanks OP! Got one from my local SCA! similar thing is selling at $100 at Anaconda!

    Now hope that my Christmas trip won't be cancelled this year due to more lockdowns!

    • Yep "on sale" at Anaconda $100 and RRP $170. I was glad I discovered SCA had it on clearance for a lot less! Enjoy and good luck with your Christmas trip.

  • Another report: I used this on Sunday at a picnic (seeing my parents for the first time since June). I did 3 shots with it, having brought a thermos of hot water and the ground coffee. Also brought steamed milk in another thermos. Everyone was impressed with the results.

  • Used it 3 times, one from cold. Just been woken by it turning itself on and running over and over again in a loop. Couldn't turn it off without pulling the battery out, takes a bit of effort to remove it.

    As soon as it has power back it starts running again so obviously that's knackered. It was the last one in the shop. Didn't even get to try it out camping :(

    • +1

      SCA found me another one and swapping it out. Yeah.

      • Bummer about the issue, but awesome to hear they're sorting it out for you!

  • $39 now

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