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[Club Plus] Free $10 Credit (Activation Required) e.g. Free Redbull 4 Pack @ Supercheap Auto


🎊🎊🎊Happy Freedom Day 🎊🎊🎊

Got it on all my emails .
Activation required
Spend by 17th october

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  • +1

    Nothing here yet, but last time took a couple of hours before it arrived

  • Ahh time for more butane and batteries - cheers EC!

  • Received as well. Thank you

  • Got it 5 mins ago. Very on the money with these deal post. Just 1 minute after.

  • Got it. Thanks OP.

  • Just got mine. Thanks for the heads up.

  • +1

    Is this for NSW only?

    Will VIC receive as well for our freedom day in 2027?

    • I'm from Vic and got it.

    • -1

      LOL. "Freedom Day" is like allowing the prisoners out into the exercise yard and calling it "Parole Day".

  • Everyone in my family got one too, cheers

    • Ah thanks.. reminded me that I got many emails haha

      • +1

        I don’t have multiple accounts (despite having like a million emails). Do you use the same mobile for each one?

        • +1

          Yeah it worked no problems

  • I never get these and I buy stuff online multiple times a year. Do I need to tick a box or something?

    • Are you member? I too bought stuff online many times but wasn't until I joined this year that I started receiving freebies.

    • I think you may have to tick the box to receive promos. I got it on 2 out of 3 accounts last time and I just checked, one account didnt have the box ticked.

    • +4

      Go to https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/account/profile and tick the box for "Receive special offers, discounts and marketing."

      • I’ve got it ticked but last time targeted was in November

      • Yeah I have it ticked. I'm in SA maybe it's a promo for specific states?

        • Don't buy so often. (Or pay cash and don't scan your card when you do. That way they won't know it's you.) I rarely buy from SCA until I get reminded with a $10 email… and I get nearly every email voucher posted here. If they don't need to "remind" you to spend money, there's no need for them to send you discounts.

        • Oh and I forgot… A couple of times I forgot about using the voucher and noticed I didn't receive the next one or two vouchers. Then I bought something there and started receiving vouchers again. So it seems buying too much AND buying nothing means vouchers stop. So the pattern seems to be (to me at least)…

          If you're not receiving vouchers check you're ticked to receive promotions. If you already are but not receiving credit emails then buy something small, then don't buy again (or don't scan your card if you do, so they don't know it's you) until the next voucher comes out.

          If you don't get that one either, do it again. Buy something small/cheap for a few $ then wait again.

          When the vouchers do start again be sure to use it EVERY time. But spend somewhere between $3 to $9 above the $10 credit. Anything above that price buy it separately, get it another time, and/or don't scan your store card.

          I don't know if those dollar amounts are why, I just know that's what I do and I receive nearly every credit posted here.

      • Just did it how long till I Will get the $10?

  • Likely targeted to NSW. QLD here and I haven't received for any of my 4 different accounts.

    • +1

      Same here - QLD (but only one account)

    • Nope. Just checked mine and I have it. Qld here.

  • Could be targeted to NSW?

    • According to the alt text it was supposed to be for NSW, I'm not and still got it - thanks NSW!

  • Got mine in my email.
    I m inNSW

  • +1

    What’s good to buy ?

    • -1

      Red bull 4 pk

      • Pricehipster shows Red Bull 250mL 4x pack frequently goes on sale for $7 at Coles (and occasionally lower). That's wasting $3. ;-)

  • Got one in QLD.

    It is likely for customers who haven't spent at SCA for a while.

    • Just bought a couple of items from them for the past weeks via C&C and also got the credit. It may possibly be targeted but definitely not exclusive to those on hiatus.

  • Got mine. Thanks for the headsup.

  • Changing my email address seemed to help in the last round. Didn't receive, changed email and activated. Had a code in the next few days.

  • Thanks! I checked my e-mail and just found it.

  • Is this something about the Helix survey?????

    • +1

      I just got the email with the survey as well but none of the parts that should link to the survey are clickable.

    • Two different things.

  • I got mine in Vic but it says complete the survey but there is no link and then store credit will be given by 5th Nov

  • I got the email for the $10 credit and another email about the Helix Survey. I'm in VIC

  • +1

    I got the email saying "As a Thank you for completing the survey you will receive $10 credit"

    but there is no clickable link in the whole email that take me to the survey

    • Because

      "Look out for an email from our research partner, Blue Helix, inviting you to share your thoughts via the Supercheap Auto Club Members Insight Survey."

    • I got that email 2 hours ago but no other emails since :(

      • It's been 4 days and still no email from Blue Helix?

        • +1

          Got the survey today

          • @bamzero: Have you got the credit yet? I did the survey yesterday but nothing so far

            • @MeesusEff: Not yet.

              Eligible Members who complete this survey by 11.59pm AEST 29.10.21 will receive $10 credit from SCA.
              Credit will be applied by Friday 5.11.21 and will be valid for 30 days. Credit can be used in store or online.

  • Got it on 2 accounts :D

  • +1

    what is the email subject or content about this $10 credit please?
    i received a email with subject "Have your say + score SCA credit" and in the content said:

    "Look out for an email from our research partner, Blue Helix, inviting you to share your thoughts via the Supercheap Auto Club Members Insight Survey.

    Survey closes 11:59PM AEST Friday 29th October.
    Credit will be applied by Friday 5th November.

    • +1

      There's another email.. name activate $10 CREDIT to spend in store or online!

      You don't need to complete a survey…

  • Same here, survey but no link

  • Just got the email for the credit.
    First one for a long while….
    ….and ironically, just after picking up a heap of car cleaning gear (Bowden's/Chemical Guys) yesterday from local SCA

    • Catalogue finished yesterday anyway….

    • And today, a new catalogue starts…
      Care care gear, exactly what I spent the $10 on yesterday for the full price item

  • Got my $10 in NSW probably as I have not bought anything for a while.

  • Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Received email 5 minutes ago.

  • Yay, been a long time since I've been targeted for something.

  • +2

    Finally targeted lol

  • Got it bought some Chemical Guys stuff

  • I can't believe I actually got one, I missed out last time. Lucky I did a search $10 credit as it went to the clutter inbox.

  • In SA, got the email saying "Look out for an email from our research partner, Blue Helix, inviting you to share your thoughts via the Supercheap Auto Club Members Insight Survey".

    Yet to receive the Survey itself though, and yes, checked my spam/junk folders. :o/

    • You end up getting the offer? I didn't get any emails.

      • Nope. No other emails. I’m guessing I wasn’t meant to get the one I did!

        It’s cool. Got $10 credit just a few months ago.

        • I missed it last time as it got spam filtered :(

          • @tunzafun001: I actually got the survey yesterday and completed it, but haven't received any notification of the credit being added.

  • Anyone used this before?


    $2 after the $10 credit

  • Has anyone in Sydney tried price matching automotivesuperstore.com.au for Click and Collect?

    • +2

      You can use the credit instore as well.. 100% can do it in person.

      • Thanks. Might get Tridon wiper blades for less than half price.


      • Just an FYI for others.

        It was straightforward to price match with Automotive Superstore online.

        Using the chat, you send them the link to the product. Assuming everything checks out, they ask for your personal details and then send you an email with a voucher code, that you can then enter at checkout. Apparently it only works with the email provided. Strangely, the code shows as a generic discount (e.g. $14 off), but is perhaps specific to the product in question. Since the code lasts until the next day I suppose you could end up paying more or less the next day?

  • ahhh.. got it again. Not sure what to do with it? Probably Air Freshener again? :)

  • I bought a broom for half the price (was $20, but only paid $10)

    If unsure, you could always buy some 9v batteries or spare blades, or other tools.
    Clearance stuff is hit and miss most of the time.

    • I got a deck brush from the clearance stuff.

  • I have to pay $5 ahh thought it was free

  • Me no have… wHY???

    • Because we are in Vic

      • Scroll up, and you can see that some folks in VIC have received this offer.

    • It's probably your deodorant. (Ask a friend you trust who will be honest with you.)

  • didn't get it this round but got it the last couple of times so no big deal.

  • Happy freedom Day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think you spelled segregation wrong mate

  • Good timing, bought a wash mitt from Chemical Guys. $4 net + CR

  • +1

    FYI if you receive another email you can also activate
    now I have $20 credit

    • And it stacks too. Well done

    • I also got one from 6 Oct. Nice!

    • Sorry, what do you mean by "another email"? An older, expired one, for a previous $10 credit?

  • Has anyone just received the first survey email and nothing since?

  • -2

    Even when it's free you have to spend at least $5 on the delivery of whatever you've chosen. Still, that didn't stop me from buying that 150mm combination square last night.

    • +1

      I think I just read something about free shipping over $100 spend on their site. You can also choose to pickup. ($0 shipping.)

      • -1

        Yeah they do have some good stuff there for cheap and if you need something from there anyway and you reach $100 the $10 is a nice little touch. I thought it was really nice of them to send me a reminder email to use it too. It was just a pity that I didn't need that much. Just a combination square, which, including delivery, I still got for just over half-price. Can't complain really. But in full penny-pincher mode (what you tend to be surrounded by using this site daily), using the credit on just 4 red bulls is questionable.

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