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Logitech G512 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with GX Brown Switches $95.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon is now also price matching with Jb Hifi. If you don't want to go to do c&c from jb or don't want to spend the delivery fee, here is another option to choose from.

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  • +1

    Quiet enough for an office?

    Just put o rings and foam in my Kogan brown switch. But no way will it be okay in an office.

    • -3

      Yes the Brown switches are pretty much silent

      • +1

        not sure where the downvotes for you came from, but it would be nice to get valid criticism of why you guys think he's wrong rather just downvotes.

        Maybe it was the entirety of r/mechanicalkeyboards who just screamed lol

        • It doesn’t bother me they are obviously internet hero’s that hide behind a keyboard. But in regards to the switches in my opinion they are pretty quiet compared to other switches Logitech provides. But as stated below it would always depend on the setting that you are in. Thank you

          • @Ghosts: Frankly don't understand why people neg to be honest.

            I think I talked about what kind of switches I consider quiet down faaaaaaar below.

            You are still hitting plastic on plastic with tactiles and linears and that's one of the main source of noise. Unless you remove that, it's hard to have "a quiet keyboard". This will obviously depend on how you type though (since if you start to press with less pressure when you bottom out, that'd reduce the sound the switches make).

            i.e. My wife was told that her keyboard is too loud (she left her work keyboard at work, which had a Cherry MX Silent Black). She was using my full sized MX Black board. She had to use her old TKL MX Silent Red board, because her co-workers told her off about how loud her keyboard was (and all of them are linears).

            • +1

              @iridiumstem: Hey, yeah I don’t understand it.

              But yes you have a valid point. Depending on the typing style they could potentially make some noise, there are ways to Eliminate this but adding a piece of foam but that defeats the purpose I guess.

              Thank you for your reply I did miss the response your quoting.

              • +1

                @Ghosts: Eh, foam can reduce the reverb from the casing, but the noise of the switch actually comes from the bottoming out noise which then gets amplified with the keycap and the case.

                Personally speaking, if someone wants a quiet keyboard, I'd go with a silent switch and then go with reducing the reverb.
                Since there is so much you can do with the noise coming from the switch, better to address the switch directly.

                Or just go with different options altogether like a Topre or a Topre clone or just a good rubber dome keyboard.

                • @iridiumstem: I totally agree, I’m no expert in keyboards lol. You seem to know a fair bit.

                  • +1

                    @Ghosts: Sorry, I think I overly got excited with the keyboard stuff again. I do enjoy playing with keyboards and looking at mechanisms in which they work by.

    • Depends how aggressively you type. Normal typing, should be fine, but if you bottom out hard, might be an issue.

      • lol, if you bottom out anything it will be loud unless you have foam between the switch and pcb.

        • You always add o rings and get something like halo true switches, make it harder to bottom out haha

    • +3

      I have this one. My colleague s complainted about the loud typing. For an office environment, it could be still too loud.

      • +1

        blue is the annoying one. its fine if your by yourself, but with others around use brown to give you a silent blue switch. you will have that tactile bump, but no click. not a fan of the brown switches, they aren't smooth, feels like sand, and the tactile bump isn't sharp like the blues. red would be the most silent and they are linear.

        • +5

          Brown switches might be considered quiet by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts but they are far from silent.

          • @eecan: what you want is a mushy membrane keyboard then if you want quiet, lol.

            • @Rickrone: I've actually got brown switches! Been using them for years and probably going to stick with them for my next one too.

              • @eecan: If you want to try a silent tactile switches there are bunch that are available. I think Gateron makes Silent Browns? GMMK makes a hot swappable board and there are bunch of Chinese keyboards that are hot swappable as well.

                If you want bigger tactile bumps in a silent switch, there are options like Gazzew U4, Zilent V2 and probably other options as well?

                I should've said this earlier, I agree that most mechanical switches are loud. I do feel bit miffed when manufacturers say it's quiet because it's a linear.

            • @Rickrone: Or a scissor switch. They're the best office keyboards.

    • If they complain I'm just going to type louder or buy them cheap bluetooth headphones.

      • +2

        Buy an mx blue board if they complain 😂

        • +1

          Yeah I should. Goddamn everyone else has their phones on loudspeaker or not on vibrate/silent for calls and walks around like they have a megaphone.

        • +1

          And if they complain about that, buy some box jades

      • BOSE 35 ii for everyone in your office lol

        • Not for 60 people crikey! $5 lightning deals.

    • +4

      i had a mx brown switch. I got awarded the Noisy Typer Award 'for letting everyone know I are working on all the important thingz' at the Christmas party.

      • Haha sure beats a severance package.

    • +1

      Probably not?

      My wife uses switches that have silicone dampenders inside (i.e. Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Silent Black). They reduce the noise because you are no longer hitting plastic on plastic. It helps with both noise going down and hitting the bottom and noise of the keys coming back up. It would allow you to hit the bottom and create less noise from hitting the bottom.

      If you have a keyboard and want to reduce the noise, try having a towel underneath the keyboard. That should reduce a lot of the reverb from the table. You could get a thick deskpad instead (but a towel is reversible and it's probably something you could do right now to see how it goes).

      You can also try to type softer. You don't have to press the keys all the way to the bottom, so you can type softer, hit the bottom softer and the keys would still register. Some people can type without bottoming out even, but I think just reducing how hard you bottom out helps with the noise a lot.

      There are other things you could do, but they'd be more tedious, harder to reverse, and would require tools. So at that point, I think it'd be better to get a board with silent switches and go from there if your only concern is noise.

    • How is the feedback on the G915? Is it really worthy of the pricing?

      • If it's anything like the G910, then yes. Really good feedback, perfect for the office

      • Not what I'd buy for that amount of money because of quality, software and "latency" (if you must have that).

        I'd probably look at Wooting.

    • I personally hate the macro keys on the side, easy to make typing mistakes.

  • -1

    Brown is silent clicky or clicky clicky

    • +2

      lol what

      Edit: I just understood what you meant - Browns are 'tactile' switches, which means that whilst they do not have the audible click of something like Blue ('clicky') switches, they still retain a tactile bump upon keypress.

      In short, they're mostly silent.

    • Not silent clicky, but maybe "quieter clicky".

  • Gx Brown vs cherry Brown?
    Any opinions?

    • +3

      For the most part, they're about the same - they're just rebranded Kailhs.

    • I've preferred Cherry over Logi's previous switches but it's subjective.

      • +2

        If you mean Romer-G's, that's pretty understandable - they were mushy as hell.

  • +1

    Nobody interested in blue? I am quite like that noise and feel, only use it at home.

    • Bad if you work from home and do lots of Zoom. Annoying to others when you talk and type.

      • I don't work at home at all. Purely for general use, I don't even gaming on pc. I tried different switches at JB, find myself like the blue feel( prefer the low profile blue which is not available for g512) Just want to grab a mechanical RGB keyboard. This is going to be my first mechanical keyboard.

        I can see why brown is more popular, but if noise is not a problem to people around you, will people consider blue?

        • I personally don't like how MX Blues sound but, I prefer how they feel over MX Brown at least. I do enjoy using clicky, not just how Cherry implimented it. Something closer to what you felt in the low profile switches probably is more to my taste.

          Many clicky switches are tactile switches as well (since tactility is just a change in force as you press it). MX Blue is more tactile than MX Brown and its clones. So this might've been why you liked Blues more? I dunno :P

          One thing I will mention is that, MX Blue design has what they call "hysteresis". Basically, the key has to come up slightly before it can recognise a key press after it's been pressed. It stops unwanted (and possibly wanted) double clicks. I am mentioning this it could be annoying when you play something like Osu or something, because you cannot "tease" the switch for multiple presses.

        • Putting aside an enthusiast perspective, I did try to like clicky switches before but not only were they obnoxiously loud but I found they were also much more fatiguing to my fingers.

          At the end of the day, it's all personal preference - you like what you like :)

          • @jjsu: Thanks. learnt that both gx brown and GX blue have 60g "tactile point" I don't do a lot of typing anyway lol

      • If you have an nvidia GPU you can use RTX voice and eliminate the sound of your keyboard

    • i like blues, too. my first mech kb was a red switch. upgrade in feel over mushy membrane for sure, but once i tried a blue switch, that's when it really clicked [and clacked!] for me

      • Exactly lol.

  • Thank you!

  • Are there wrist wrests for these? (seems like none included but bought separately)

    • Yeah I am looking for a wrist rest to pair with this as well

    • I heard g513 is the version that comes with the wrist rest

    • Logitech has one MX palm rest

  • Currently have a G613, anyone comment how this compares in terms of typing? I'd be going for the GX Browns (have the Romer-G atm)

  • +2

    Can't recommend this keyboard at all.

    I've had mine for a little under a year, and paint on the key caps has started wearing off already on my most used keys, WASD, C & V. Along with the paint coming off on the edges of most of the letter keys. Already planning to buy a new set of caps for it.. pretty disappointed.

    edit: here's a photo. https://i.imgur.com/cjYYAUX.jpg

    • Word of caution, Logitech keyboards normally have a non-standard bottom row - meaning that third-party keycap sets won't fit on the bottom row and/or other special keys (e.g. caps lock, shift).

      Can't speak about this particular keyboard, but this was the case for my past Logitech boards.

      • Ah cheers. If that's the case, I'll probably just buy a new keyboard.. and definitely not Logitech again.

        • You can kinda tell whether it is following the standard bottom row.


          The 2nd one is the standard bottom row
          "2) 6.25x unit spacebar bottom row (mostly used on standard mechanical keyboards)"

          They use the size of the keys of the small keys (such as Q, W, E, R so on and so forth) as 1 unit length. So 1.25 unit is it could fit 1.25 of the keys.

          if you do go down the route of replacing the keys, check whether the LED is. If your keyboard has LED on the "north" end of the switch, you have to check the profile of the keycap before you buy them. Profile just refers to the height and the shape of the keycaps, you cannot get Cherry Profile keycaps if the switches have "north facing LED" because it causes interference. You have to get keycaps that have OEM profile or something else.

          OEM profiles are basically what the most gaming keyboards keycap shape and height are.


    • I have a G610 at work, I admit I do a lot of typing with it over the past few years but I also find the black paint wore out very quickly.
      At home I am using a Corsair Strafe RGB since 2016 and none of the paint is worn at all.

    • That looks horrible and I'm sorry that's happened to you but you've gotten something faulty there. I've had this for a year as well and mine is in perfect condition, extremely heavy duty use.

      • What Logitech has uses is the worst method of having see through keycaps, though.

        Laser etched keycaps don't last, compared to double shot keycaps. How long they last would vary, but i think it's almost inevitable.

        A lot of other manufacturers do use the method as well (a lot of gaming brands).

  • Just crap. Save a bit more for a cherry brown Ducky

    • +1

      lol, cherry brown is crap too. ducky is a good company though. i would get boba's if you want tactile. just get a hot swap keyboard.

  • +1

    I've had this for a couple of years, would definitely recommend at this price. No issues so far.

  • Had 2 in two years, Both had multiple LEDs die within 6 months.
    Would not recommend.

  • +1

    I'd suggest buying from JB. Cos they are currently have a promo with Norton, you can get $30 JB giftcard back. Better deal than Amazon.

    • How do you get a $30 giftcard? I thought I read it is just a Norton free trial?

      • +1

        I was interested with it as well, so I check the JB website… Interesting, check the T&C pages, it says "BONUS $30 JB HIFI E-GIFTCARD*

        Claim a $30 e-Giftcard to spend on your next purchase at JB Hifi after activating the trial subscription of Norton 360 for Gamers.

        See full Terms and Conditions and submit your gift card claim HERE"


        • Did you manage to claim successfully at Norton site? For some reason they don't accept 10 digit receipt number from JB hi-fi tax invoice… Waiting for their response via email.

      • Nowadays even JB won't consider a 90 day trail by itself as a bonus deal. You gonna click to see the full t&c

  • Wait hold off, if you get it tomorrow from JB, wouldn't you have $95.20 + $30 from Norton and if you use Zip, you get $9 back?

    • Correct,should be 9.5 back from zip.or you can use 10+% jb gift card if you happen to have some left.

      • Did you try to claim $30 JB HiFi gift card? For some reason the form at Norton web site doesn't accept receipt number.
        I've sent them an email asking for help.
        A bit disappointing.

        • Interesting, I haven't pickup mine yet. Keep us updated.

        • +1

          i pickup mine, and realize i don't even get a receipt. there is nothing on the tax invoice apart from order number which can be download online. maybe i have to go instore and ask for a copy of receipt to get the receipt number.

          • @ce5himm: Thanks mate.
            I've contacted Norton via chat support and they told me that I should contact JB HiFi and check if they made the right receipt number on tax invoice. Sounds like BS to me. I believe there is an issue in exchange of information between jb and norton …

            • @Michael1983: I reached JB, ask for a receipt the store told me they don't have access to online order, can only print pickup slip. And I emailed JB, they passed the case to the store I picked up. ………want a mess. I should just ask them to refund and re purchase in store that I will have a receipt.
              But again even I have have the receipt like you. There may still have issue with this promo. For $30. It's not worth this much energy. I will still try , but who knows.

            • @Michael1983: hey mate, i got my receipt number from JB which was the 10 digitals as Norton mentioned, BUT you know it does not work.
              what works is the ORDER NUMBER, start with JB-xxxxxxx. I am not sure whether i will receive the gift card in the end, but it did went through. just so you know and you may want to give it a go. Let's see.

              • @ce5himm: Thanks for that info! Actually I've paid in store just walked in so I don't have an order number at all. Just a receipt. But what is happening at the moment is I've got a response over email from [email protected] address. They've acknowedged that there is an issue and processing my claim manually. So it must be the only way if you have paper receipt when pay straight in shop without pre-order. Will keep you posted how it will end up. Cheers, mate!

                • @Michael1983: Wow, JB' s system is so annoying. Walk-in purchase no order number. Online order no receipt number. Anyway, let's see how it goes.

  • This or Keychron Q1

    • Keychron probably is better and you can definitely mod it more, but you'd be paying over $300 easy (barebone without keycaps and switches is $229 + shipping from PCCG).

      • Fully assembled is ~US$200 (incl. shipping) direct from Keychron.

        Can't really comment on how good it actually is, but I definitely agree that the freedom of modding is quite a strong advantage.

        • Hmmm, that's not a bad price if you are not planning on doing having your switches or your own keycaps. Buying it directly comes out better if you are going to use the whole thing as is (plus I checked and it looked like that's DHL express, so probably going to be comparable to getting it shipped from Australia).

          Actually let me scrap that, PCCG has a shit shipping rates, so I think unless you care about having the warranty process done in Australia, the different would be less than 30 dollars ish and you'd have spare switches and keycaps even if you BYO.

          It'd still be around $270 out of your pocket.

          • @iridiumstem: pccg always seems to have the most outrageous shipping costs, never in a million years would I buy anything more than the smallest things because the moment you buy a case or anything of bulk, the shipping becomes half the cost.

            the last time I brought something was a pack of 70 Glorious switches because they seem to be the only major AUS retailer who is starting to stock them.

            Can't wait for Scorptec, PLE and the like to start taking mechanical keyboard modding seriously.

            • @dbmitch: There is also SwitchKeys who is taking preorders for Q1 as well. They have cheaper options for delivery (Sendle $11.03, AusPost Parcel Post $12.18, Auspost Express $16.17) which is shocking since I doubt SwitchKeys would have the volume that PCCG would have.

              I will give PC Case Gear credit in that their express option is 17 c cheaper (though PCCG uses StarTrack Express wheras SwitchKey uses AusPost Express Post, dunno what the difference is). AusPost Express Post on PCCG is 30 dollars so, I am not sure what's going on there.

              Though, good luck with PCCG's express shipping since they'd take more than few days before it's processed on their end before they send the parcel out.

  • Bought the brown, although I really like the blue when I test in store, I figured out it might to too loud during the night when environment is very quiet. Maybe I will try blue next time.

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