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Free Silver Status Extention till 31 March 2022 (Was $1500 Spend Every 6 Months) @ Crown


Free extension of silver status membership to 31 March 2022. Used to have to spend $1500 at the shops/restaraunts at crown every 6 months to keep the status. (Gaming deals not allowed so no going to mention other ways to maintain status).

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Crown Melbourne


  • can you join up as new member to silver status, free?

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    Does Silver Status make it easier to launder money?

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      Yes, you unlock access to the riverside room which gives you more options to play.

  • Can I use this deal on Switch?

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      Yes, you can use your membership at kingpin which you can accumulate points by spending money to play the games which get you tickets which you can trade for a switch at the prize counter.

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    Upvote for fun responses to comments.

  • Not WA by the looks

    • Think you had to get at least 4 status credits this time around, cause I have only been hitting 4 the last few changeovers.

  • This is not now only but happening for almost 2 years now… I got Gold tier membership by Jan 2020 and due to Covid it's extended until March 2022 now.

    • What’s the perks? And how much did you spend to get that status?

      Worth it?

      • Not sure about the spend exactly to be Frank, but yes you have to transact a lot.

        But it's worth it if you go regulations. It's free alcoholic drinks and other beverages unlimited.

  • Was it easy getting gold? I just want free parking.

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      If you want parking silver is enough, you just need to earn 1 point for free parking. I normally grab a curry puff on the way home.

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        Curry puff from food court? Isnt that like $7 rip off? I just get a $1 item from maccas.

        • When did spend at Maccas count towards the crown program? Vaguely remember the fast food stores and that section of the complex being excluded.

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            @Trance N Dance: Excluded when using crown gift cards. Included to gain points

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            @Trance N Dance: They have been part of the program for quite a while. Current food court earning places (a lot have closed down since lockdown):
            • Cucina Italian
            • KFC
            • McDonald’s
            • Rhumbas
            • Subway
            • Tandoor Indian
            • Ten Miles

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      $7500 shoping/restaraunts in a 6 month period gets you gold.

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    I remember the good old days of getting silver status as a byproduct of promo arbing at crownbet

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