Samosa Maker $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


Popped down to my local Kmart this evening and saw that these were on clearance. According to the website they're on clearance nationwide and half the price of the previous deal.

Possible uses including making Samosa's, passing time in lockdown or stuffing it at the back of the cupboard with your other cheap appliances. Though my Sunbeam Avalanche that cost $10 on clearance about 10 years ago is still going strong!

Make crispy and delicious samosas on your countertop with this samosa maker that features a non-stick cooking plate.

  • Makes 6 samosas
  • Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • Stands upright for easy storage
  • Cool touch housing
  • Skid resistant feet
  • Power on and ready lights
  • Overheat protection: Thermal fuse
  • Plate temperature: 150-180 deg. C

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    Thank you. Got one. Hope they will not cancel the order later

  • Good for WA people, still got a few hours until diwali ends

    • +4

      I think you mean Dusherra

  • +7

    Here's a recipe

    • -2

      I love that indiana jones movie.

    • I love Greenpeace

  • +3

    SCOMOsa's!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    • +10
      • That's the man, the legend! 🤣

  • +3

    I remember being able to pop into Kmart.. So many moons ago in Vic…

    • +2

      After like 18 months of being community COVID free we got a kid with COVID arrive and some bogan from NSW escape quarantine going around the community without a mask. Now comes a 3 day snap lockdown :(

      • -3

        What are you on about?

        • +3

          I'm certainly not talking about the weather am I? My state had 18 months of no COVID which meant the things like popping down to Kmart could be done, while people in VIC like pw2002au couldn't due to lockdowns.

          Now I get to experience what everyone else felt for a whole 3 days.

          Are you following now?

          • @Clear: QLD?

          • +8

            @Clear: Sorry, I thought this was a post about a samosa maker bargain. My mistake.

          • +2

            @Clear: With the amount of time Victorians have spent in lockdown over the last 18 months, you're going to try and relate to it and say you see how it feels by having a 3 day lockdown?

            • @Seahorse: They're both lockdowns. I'm not dismissing the fact that you had 18 months and this is going to be the same. No where did I ever say a single thing like that.

              Rather this is the start to how it went with Victoria and the delta variant. It took one arsewipe with COVID to enter and break all the rules for it to spread like wildfire. The one here ended up smuggling in drugs, escaped hotel, did drug deals in the park until 1:30am, then the following days visited a school, supermarkets and a number of other places. Hence the snap lockdown to try and contain it while contact tracing takes place.

              This guy. A real deadshit in society if you ask me.

              It's worth noting that I traveled to Melbourne this year as an essential worker. No one there was following any of the restrictions. Especially at the airport where it was no different to traveling pre-covid unlike Tassie airports. No wonder it got so bad there and this was after the major lockdowns.

              • @Clear: Not having a go, but you made it like the 3 day lock down was the biggest thing that has happened in Tassie and that (the mainlanders - as you guys call us) ruined it for you guys.
                you also do realise that there is folds more people living in both Melbourne and Sydney right? You mentioned how Tassie airport is so much better and people follow rules etc…but you aren’t comparing apples for apples.
                Oh, and define “bogan”…I thought Tassie was full of them?

                • @Baby Grogu: That's a fair comment. I'll address each of them.

                  A state that hasn't experienced a lockdown in over a year is getting a lockdown. That's a big deal for people locally to lose freedom they've had up until now. Is that the equivalent of a Victorian lockdown? No way. Walk in the park for a Victorian.

                  Tassie certainly has it better in terms of geography, population, competent government to better control COVID. On the topic of airports. When you arrive in Tassie you're off the plane and into quarantined areas from the main terminals for screening. There are police and security to ensure those who need to quarantine are taken and so forth.

                  Now at Melbourne airport when you got off the plane the ONLY difference to pre-covid was people had masks. No one there to check if you had a valid border pass or anything. On departure in Melbourne you don't wear your masks in the food areas so people just sit there before their flights. A day after I left that departure terminal there was a positive case in that same food area. Melb airport also own a major Tasmanian airport too and the rules are so different. Why? Government. A really big difference between how the 2 states are handling it.

                  Mainland is a genuine term used in Tassie. "Going to the mainland", "on the mainland", "mainlanders" etc. It's the slang for the greater part of Australia. It's not derogatory. If you want derogatory go make a 2 heads incest joke.

                  The person from NSW who entered Tasmania without a valid pass is the bogan and not all you 'mainlanders'. He was only released from gaol a few months ago for drug offences. So he came here, tested positive in quarantine, escaped quarantine, did a bit of a crime spree selling drugs and stealing a car, went to countless places potentially spreading COVID and when caught is refusing to say where he's been and wear a mask.

                  Do you still think it's fair for me to describe him as a bogan? There's a lot worse that could be said. I specifically said a bogan from NSW in my original comment without naming the entire state. Quite the difference.

                  • @Clear: Lol. I know “mainlanders” isn’t a derogatory. I’m trying to build rapport with you and use the same language you guys use.

                    • @Baby Grogu: Had OzBargainers think it is before. Pre-covid "going to the mainland" on the weekend was treated like the biggest deal and you told everyone.

                      • @Clear: Similar to going overseas?

                        • @Baby Grogu: Yes exactly like that it's kinda funny. Fly out Friday night and return Sunday night basically. Flight would only cost you $100 or so.

                • +1

                  @Baby Grogu:

                  was the biggest thing that has happened in Tassie

                  Well it is Tassie after all.

      • +6

        It's going to spread fast down there, with people having 2 heads & all.

        • +10

          The real question is do Tasmanians get 2 vaccines or 4?

        • +7

          That makes it awfully hard to social distance.

        • +11

          Also concerns about not knowing whether your sister gave you covid at the dinner table or in bed..

  • I thought it was a toilet bidet for $5

    • +7

      No that's what you need AFTER the samosa

      • +2

        actually not this one. read the description - it's skid resistant.

  • +1

    Straight to landfil :(

  • -1

    get it india.

  • +1

    I got excited and thought this was a real samosa maker

  • +1

    Got one!! Cool, great Christmas present

  • +1

    I didn’t think I would, but for $5 what could possibly go wrong!

  • +3

    Another thing to put in the cupboard.

  • +4

    Do not buy this shit. Indian heritage here. Samosas are deep fried slowly in a big wok full of oil.

    • +2

      Of course they are, WTF kind of cultural appropriation is this???

      Kinda no wonder they is $5

  • +1

    Not good for all mosas, only some mosas

  • What else can they be used to make?

    • cup cakes

    • Cook eggs in them, just spray oil the base and drop an egg in each slot. Pull lid down for a minute or two and done.

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