[Macosx] Need Suggestion for Email Client That Show Emails in The Conversation Mode by Sender

Hi All,

I'm after a MacOSX email client software that can group inbound emails based on its sender (in the conversation style); so that it is easy for me to delete/archive/put tag in one go.

I have found two so far:

  • UniBox
    This is good app, unfortunately, after looking their twitter account, looks like they have stopped the development in 2017

  • SpikeNow
    Unfortunately, for this one, it requires communications to their server; and after looking at their privacy policy; rather worrying:

Spike may securely access or store your email address and password, your emails and other conversations and your contact list (including any public images attached to contacts in the list)

Thanks in advance


  • This one link

    • Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, they don't do a 'conversation-style/thread' inbox.

  • This one as well link

    • Thanks for the link, I've downloaded the macosx version, unfortunately, it does not create a 'conversation-style/thread' inbox; although looks like a good software (looking at its privacy policy page)

  • Spark Mail

    • Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately, they don't create a 'conversation style/thread' style inbox based on the sender, similar to unibox/spikenow

      • +1

        Ok. They do it on the iPhone app, thought it would have carried over on the mac app.

  • Newton👍👍

    • Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately, they don't create a 'conversation style/thread' style inbox based on the sender, similar to unibox/spikenow

  • What about mail.app itself? Has a conversation view but not sure if it fits your ask


    • Thanks, I looked at it too, unfortunately, the common thread conversation method by the email subject, not by the sender.

        • Thanks for your reply, looking at the KB, they seems only able to group by subject too?

          • @BigLeviathan: From the KB:

            Thread by message ID

            By default, Postbox will only thread messages together in a conversation if they contain proper Reference or In-Reply-To headers. This ensures that only messages we know are part of the conversation get threaded together without any false positives.

            If you wish to disable all threading by subject and only place messages into the same conversation if they have Reference or In-Reply-To headers. then turn off Threading by message subject and Thread by subject without Re: described below.

            • @soan papdi: Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate your help so far in trying to resolve my issue!

              I downloaded and tried the app and updated its configuration page here
              Unfortunately, still not what I after; the message is still not group by the sender, only by message-id/subject.

              I've reached out their support team, hopefully they can provide a clear answer whether it can be done or not.

              • @BigLeviathan: Not sure why you want to group by sender. Threading should use the headers mentioned in the Kb, so that when new people join a thread, the grouping will continue working. Grouping by subject is a bad idea anyway.

                • @soan papdi: Reason is mentioned in the original thread, to be able to classify/delete/archive/put tag in one go.

                  I got a response from PostBox support, unfortunately, this is something they don't have and they have suggested to use 'favourite contact' and 'focus pane' instead; going back to the drawing board now…

                  • @BigLeviathan: Grouping messages by subject is better done with a filter. If your email is in gmail, then this easy enough to do. I feel threading should be by the specific headers, not sender or subject. Hope you find a tool that works for you

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