New avatars with masks.

We are online take the masks off.
People online at home don't want to be reminded about lockdown, masks and restrictions.
Plus it looks plain silly.


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    You should know how you can apply your own avatar pic.

    • 8 comments in 7 years, they may not know how to use the site. Then again it could be their back-up account…

      • Why do people complain more than compliment?
        People naturally tend to complain more than they compliment or tip someone on a job well done. Why? Simply because they're too busy. If it doesn't solve some of their problems it's unconsciously seen as a waste of time.

        This could be why we see this behaviour pattern “everywhere”.

        Namely, positive feedback resulted from a desire to reward the brand, whereas negative feedback resulted from a desire to vent personal frustration.

        Same pattern.

        8 comments in 7 years

        Hence, this outcome.

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    The masked avatars aren’t new. They’ve been that way for a long time.

    • You also have the factory avatar, how are you finding it? :)


    Oh the irony, or did I get sucked into a troll post?

    BTW, these mask avatars have been around for over a year now.

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    Wow, someone got so triggered that they felt compelled to make their first post in seven years about it …

    Plus it looks plain silly.

    Let me guess. You don't believe in wearing masks in real life either.

  • Someone got out on the wrong side of their bed this morning.

    Plenty of other forums around if you don't like the way this one is run OP.

  • In a month's time, lockdowns will be a distant memory here in Sydney.

    Forget about it and move on.

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      You're dreaming mate.

      • Yep, opening international borders this close to Christmas??? FFS

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          I don;t think I'll even get to see my dying mother in a different state let alone overseas. :(

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    No poll? Colour me disappointed.

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    Wont someone PLLLEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE think of the children

  • Move along, nothing to see here

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      You’re wearing it too high — it’s supposed to cover your nose and mouth

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    We are online take the masks off.

    You first

  • Those avatars can't really hurt you, why so fragile?

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            @tharlow: This is a make-believe standard that even epidemiologists don't prescribe to. What do you seriously expect? A randomised control trial where you directly compare covid transmission rates among 1000 masked people in one room vs 1000 unmasked in another? Excluding the obvious (ethics approval, inherent difficulty in quantifying the efficacy of a preventative, cannot blind selection), there are a million variables such as environment, mask design, and behaviour, which can confound and undermine results. In these situations, you rely entirely on retrospective evidence from previous airborne disease outbreaks or smaller in vitro experiments like the above. If you're waiting on a unicorn paper, you won't get it. So just put on your mask and stop complaining 'b-but there's no hard evidence!'

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              So just put on your mask and stop complaining 'b-but there's no hard evidence!'

              Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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            @tharlow: If you mean the only evidence masks work you will accept is a population wide randomised, controlled trial, then you need to examine many, many areas of your life.
            The conclusion you list says there is extremely strong evidence masks work in clinical settings, and in non-clinical settings where compliance can be observed, but reduced evidence in non-clinical settings where compliance was low.

            In other words, masks work when they are used, but we don’t have evidence on if they work in the general public if they aren’t used properly.

            Do you understand? The hard evidence shows masks work. The inconclusive part is if they are effective at population scale where some might not wear them right or at all.

            Is it your position that the hard evidence is wrong, and masks don’t work when used properly? Or do you think they aren’t worth trying because there is only limited evidence they are used properly at a population scale?

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              Do you understand? The hard evidence shows masks work.

              Well, I’m not convinced. On a similar vein, I kind of laugh when I hear the term “deep clean” — there’s no good evidence that fragile RNA viruses spread meaningfully via surfaces. Or washing one’s hands… hygiene isn’t such a bad thing but it’s largely pointless in terms of prevention. But I get it — people psychologically want to get some feeling that they’re taking action.

              If masks do “work,” then they’re several orders of magnitude less effective than, say, getting an obviously sick and infected person to isolate. And therefore largely pointless, and in my opinion, clearly detrimental (by giving people a false sense of protection, and also — on the flip side — giving alarmists a visual signal to amplify fear).

              Thank you for taking the time to reply.

              • @tharlow: Good news for your view, with a literature review published in America a couple of days ago.
                It takes the perspective that masks are only useful as one part of a response, presumably because they are so contentious in America.
                It did tip me over into deciding I would wear a respirator on my occasional long train ride, rather than a medical mask.
                It has a graphic comparing type of mask effectiveness, and generally concludes cloth masks don't do much, and surgical masks not a heap better.

                • @mskeggs: Thanks for the update. If you have N95… all the better I guess.

                  It’s a shame Novavax couldn’t scale their protein subunit vax, but nevertheless the (other) vaccine(s) is making this thing evaporate… as if by magic! NSW numbers are getting crushed.

  • We are online take the masks off.

    Someone set us up the bomb.

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    I noticed when they were first brought in and I've not even noticed since.

    Thanks for reminding me, OP! Now I'm offended! lol

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      How dare they make us wear masks on the default pic, without users’ permission.


  • Wow is it a mask?

    I thought it was a bit strange the default Icon had a giant teeth bared grin/grimace but no eyes.

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    LOL… i thought it was a guy wearing a cricket helmet hahaha

  • Make sure you cover your mouth and nose😜

  • Then get yourself a good avatar like mine

  • Yes OP, my evening alcohol use has also skyrocketed in lockdown and I sometimes find myself writing stroppy emails while I'm quite likely still over the limit as work begins the next day.

    Wearing a mask at home will stop us drinking as heavily. That's my suggestion

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