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Free Regular Coffee with Fuel Purchase @ 7-Eleven


Received an email, not sure if it's targeted. I can't see it in the 7-11 app.

Free Regular Coffee with any fuel purchase.

*Free Coffee Terms & Conditions

Ends Sunday 17 Oct. Offer limited to one free regular-sized coffee per customer per day. While stocks last.

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  • "Uh oh, we are currently unable to retrieve offers. Please check back later".

    Well that's a great start.

    • It's working for me.

      However, at $1.819 for 90 RON ULP at my local 7-11, their inflated profit margin will easily cover the cost of the freebie coffee.

      Since Coles Express rolled out their own $1 coffee, I've been visiting 7-11 much less frequently.

      • Since Coles Express rolled out their own $1 coffee, I've been visiting 7-11 much less frequently.

        Coles Express always used to have 80c small coffee (and imho Coles Express is more expensive than 7/11 for fuel). When I started getting Coles Express more is when they started using locally sourced beans from a reputable Melbourne roaster instead of generic trash, difference is night and day.

  • I saw the ad in my email yesterday. When I asked them with my purchase of the 33L fuel locked P95, they said I cannot get free coffee with already discounted price! (Fuel locked price 153.9 cents vs 155.7 cents for P95) Speechless!

    • I had fuel lock too, ($136.9c vs $148.9 U91)They told me that upon payment, however I argued it didn't state in the T&Cs. So they didn't charge me for it.

  • free is free, but this a $1 coffee.
    this really should just be free if you get a full tank of petrol. lol
    they would make more on fuel. spend $70 on petrol then get a free coffee.
    instead of me going to costco for fuel, and occasionally going to 7-11 and spending $1 for coffee.
    so they would make $70 instead of me get fuel somewhere else and only going there to buy a coffee for $1. it will also pump up there books and make for happy investors.

    it's a win win for both seller and buyer. lose $1 to gain $70 vs only get $1 and me going somewhere else to get petrol.

  • "Fuel purchase required" in title please.

    • Tried to report this and mods ignored, maybe you'll fare better

      • +1

        Done, thanks for the advice

  • I heard this on the radio so not sure why it’s targeted?

    • +1

      The radio ads are also targeted now.

  • What a bargain when fuel is $1.80.

  • Negging for product quality . I stopped getting coffee, sushi , donut from 7 eleven as the quality are getting worst . the milk in the coffee often taste so off ( could be old milk or cleanliness in the pipe ) and the sushi still like a rock , donut is always not fresh . I still get fuel ( love the booster switch for the diesel) and sandwich or wrap from them .

  • So I tried to purchase fuel and then get a free coffee. The Indian lady almost had a heart attack at the payment when I asked for a free coffee. She looked at the manager and he said ok. She still struggled to accept it. My brother went to fill up and he was told that they didn't accept the offer as it didn't come in the app. He has reported that 7 eleven. I suggest if that happens, please report the station and they may add a few free coffees to your account as a gesture of goodwill. I have had good response with their online support for the guys not accepting the fuel lock due to "system not working ".

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