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[Switch] N64(OOS) / Sega Mega Drive Controller $69.95ea + Shipping ($0 with $80 Spend) @ My Nintendo Store (Membership Required)


These are now live on my Nintendo store. If you're after them, go get then.

Mod Update 26/10: Nintendo 64 Controller back in stock Out of stock again.

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    Damn, they are making me buy two for free shipping…

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    Hotter than hot cakes!
    Remember 4 Player N64 MarioKart.
    2 Player Sega Megadrive.

    Near expensive as the originals and these are wireless 😁

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    How much is shipping if you only buy one?

    Also keep in mind you have to be a NSO subscriber to purchase these.

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      NSO annual sub has increased 250% (USD). Nintendo have added on nine 25-year-old games (and some Sega and Animal Crossing DLC).

      Within a week of re-releasing the same 4-year-old hardware with an OLED screen for ~15% more $$.

      I'm a Ninty b*tch, but there are times I have to tell them to f**k off

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        Welcome to Nintendo. This has been the case since Day 1.

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          Eh they aren't always so anti-consumer.

          Remember how if one person owns a multiplayer DS game, their friends can still play it with them, even if they don't own the game?

          Just don't reward their bad behaviour.

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            @ItsMeAgro: Even then, the client share wasn't the best and rarely gave you full functionality. Often just a couple modes.

            Regardless, they've definitely started to slide/rest on their laurels. I can't even bother remembering everything but off the top of my head…
            Joy-con drift
            Switch Online
            Fan works/rom crackdowns.
            Anti-consumer practices like deliberate scarcity issues etc.

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              @TogTogTogTog: Fan ROMs for games they refuse to localise as well.

              Sony doesn't go chasing people down for 15 year old games because someone translated it to english and fixed some graphics issues.

            • @TogTogTogTog: Not to defend them as even I'm pissed off as a Nintendo fanboy with the new BS pricing, the joycon drift is something affecting all consoles atm as I believe all the joysticks are made by the one company and all are affected by drifting.

              • @Icyraindrops: That doesn't sound correct. I do know within recently they discovered a new fix for joycons. It's a piece of cardboard that fixes the tension/plastic warping.

                • @TogTogTogTog: Not sure about the fix mate, that's the first I've heard of it but it would be very welcome if the new joy-cons are not affected by drifting, but my less than 1 year old Xbox One controller had drifting issues too

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            @ItsMeAgro: You can still share games you own with others. It's just a bit of a PITA.

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        not to mention a 4k next gen Switch is around the corner

        Don't boo me I'm right. Bloomberg was right. 2023 March launching with BOTW sequel is likely IMO. 6 year release schedule is standard stuff. Devs do have 4k switch dev kits

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          I heard Bloomberg (Jason Schreier) confirm devs had 4K kits, and that the resulting OLED Switch sans hardware upgrade is another victim of semiconductor shortages.

          And so another cycle of "Switch Pro" rumours have began all over again. No one can predict Nintendo, but let's presume they continue to release iterative versions of the Switch (à la the DS), let's not expect another release for at least 12 months, maybe 18-24mo. What it is is anyone's guess…

          You'd expect the BOTW sequel to be a 2022 release.

          • @miracle: I'd be very surprised if Nintendo launches new hardware without Zelda. BOTW 2 could be delayed for all we know and 2022 is optimistic. Executives will want to replicate the Switch's launch. Also Switch Pro rumours died on the doorstep of the Switch OLED. There's not a chance in hell Nintendo will release a new system like the PS4 Pro at this point. Where all games are supported but better on the next Switch. Now there is only the successor's rumours.

            • +1

              @Hunterex: Yeah, agree, it's hard to see where they go from here. The next iteration will bring them to 5, maybe 6 years into the Switch and that's straddling the typical mid-cycle upgrade versus the next gen. With the great success of the Switch I would think the better business strat would be eventually producing the "Switch Pro," now a fair way out because of this OLED upgrade (at least 12-18mo) and prolonging the Switch well pass the typical 7-year generation cycle. Just gotta make sure it isn't a repeat of the Wii U…

              I don't subscribe to the BoTW sequel needing to launch on upgraded tech. I think it will use a lot of assets from the original BoTW, and the same engine (akin to a Majora's Mask, at least in development if not story/art). And Nintendo don't necessarily line-up their marquee releases with hardware releases. Just like the OLED Switch release - I'm a big fan of Metroid and think it's a great game (including visuals), but I don't think a 2D platformer is the ideal title to convince people to upgrade (when they could have done that with a 3D Mario or Zelda) but I think it was more timing. We're already seeing a decent amount of BoTW sequal gameplay for a title some where expecting as early as 2020, so I think most would expect this to be 2022, with the caveat that Nintendo would be happy to delay for development (quality) reasons rather than marketing.

        • I did remember reading somewhere that the new dock on the OLED model is capable of outputting at 4K (although the new switch doesnt output it). This implies they could be futureproofing the dock for later hardware revisions. All just speculation really.

          • @ruddiger7: It doesn't seem like the new dock has anything to do with being 4k. The reason they went with the HDMI 2.0 chip instead of 1.4 is because it was cheaper. Not speculation, just economics. It very likely won't be updated to support 4k.

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          You mean the Bloomberg report that Nintendo tweeted saying it was completely false so their investors don't get their hopes up? (as it's illegal for Nintendo to lie to investors).

          Bloomberg has made 4 fake reports on switch pro's (it shoulda been long out by now according to them) over the last 2 years, how many they gotta make before people stop believing their clickbait.

        • I’d agree March 2023 could be likely but I wouldn’t call that ‘around the corner’.

          • @mr_me450: A year and some change isn't far from the release of the OLED. That'd give plenty of people buyer remorse. Unless of course the rumours about no backwards compatibility are true. Then everyone would be pissed.

            • @Hunterex: Not really, that timeframe would be similar to the difference between when the ‘New 3DS’ and Switch launched, and when the DSi and 3DS launched. Not everyone feels the need to go out and buy a new console and every iteration day 1 at launch, and if you do, well that’s a choice; don’t blame Nintendo for it.

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        That price increase is only when including the expansion pass right?

        • +3

          Yeah it's only if ya want the expansion, personally I'm surprised ozbargainers aren't banding together to get 'family' memberships. $110 divided between 8 people is nothing, but gotta trust the 'admin' user I guess, as they can kick people off.

          Personally that's what I'll be doing with friends, even with 4 friends it brings it down to cheaper than the original was.

          • @Narull: I've been on family plans for NSO for 3 years all organized on ozbargain.

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        The price increase is optional.
        I bought a pair of N64 controllers for unofficial use just because it's so hard to find good quality third-party N64 controllers. Won't be getting the 'expansion pack' until there's hella more content, or the price drops.
        I agree with you on the OLED switch too. Ninty are greedier than usual at the moment…

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        I agree with you but it's 150%, not 250%.

      • They are the most inventive video Game company in the world. Nintendo is taking big risks with their products by thinking outside of the box (on a large scale, e.g. Wii U). Xbox and Sony have very little risks with their traditional consoles. We are paying for this, I hate them but I love em…

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      @reptilescorpio - $7.95 shipping.

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    $419.17 for 4x N64 and 2xSega Megadrive :O

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    Gee I wonder if these will be useable on a PC at some point…

    • +1

      If they’re anything like the NES and SNES controllers, they can be paired with a computer.

    • This is what I'd love to know too

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    Wwo, $70. Love me some n64, but can't justify that price…

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    Don't think the NES/SNES controllers ran out of stock, and in fact were recently on sale, so the whole "well you can't find a PS5 anywhere so I put it up as a deal despite it being RRP" argument doesn't really apply here.

    Edit: They are still on sale, at 40 and 20% off respectively. 70 bucks for the 3 button Mega Drive pad is particularly insulting when put next to a SNES pad with double the buttons (L&R + the 4 face buttons v 3), for less than half the price, which is still nothing to write home about.

    • +3

      I’m sure there will be plenty of stock because not everyone wants to be price gauged by Nintendo so much.

      • +1

        Damn. You guys are right.

        I'm usually a "Nintendo defender" but these prices are dumb. I'm in a family group of 8 people and we've decided (at this point) not to upgrade due to the cost. Only one member of the group that I know of plays Animal Crossing so the extra "value" of the new plan is immediately gone.

        Without the new plan the controllers are a waste. And like Duke said, they're unlikely to go entirely out of stock.

        • +3

          I’m keen to grab one of the n64 controllers without the expansion pass for emulation.

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      Welp the Nintendo 64 Controller are showing as 'Out of Stock'

      Just your typical Nintendo Artificial Shortages.

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    Is this purely for nostalgia? Does it do anything that the joycons can't?

    • +5

      Gives an original 'feel' to playing the online games. Same gimmick as the last 2 retro controller releases.

    • +1

      Its for modern cutting edge gaming!

  • Anyone know if N64 controllers are compatible with non N64 games (that don't require all buttons of original switche controller)? Like overcooked and other games with more basic control.

    • +1

      I'd imagine they would be (the NES and SNES controllers were, but didn't function in games that required analog sticks), but you'd have to know the control scheme will definitely work.

      The 64 controller doesn't have an X or Y button for example, so any games that require those may not work

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    Thank Op. was going to renew my membership just to buy these…but 70 bucks each? what a rip off. 🤬

    Even the SNES ones were expensive for 40 bucks and this is almost twice the price.

    • In all fairness, they were $50 IIRC back in the day when N64 launched so $20 in inflation is actually cheap vs what the RBA estimates it should be in 2020 money: https://www.rba.gov.au/calculator/annualDecimal.html

      (TL;DR $50 in 1999 is $84.84 in 2020's money according to the RBA)

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    i wish they have the original Sega Megadrive controller with XYZ… I used to enjoy playing fighting games using MS Sidewinder for the same reason

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      Makes no sense to release the 3 button Mega Drive controller and not the 6 in this day and age! 🤷‍♂️ I may have to cave in and buy the one made by 8BitDo.

      • Nintendo Japan got the 6 button version, which makes me think maybe Nintendo West has some kidna licencing deal with 8BitDo which stopped it being able to be the 6 button version.

        It is super weird that only Japan got it after all, has to be a reason.

        • You might be right as the Mega Drive Mini console suffered the same problem. Only the Japanese version got the 6 button controller.

      • It makes sense. This is all about nostalgia - and for 95% of people who played with a MD back in the day, the 3 button controller is gonna take them back.

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    Why on earth is the mega drive controller so expensive?

    • +2

      My bet is licensing fees

    • +3

      And why does Japan get the 6 button controller and everyone else just gets the 3 button one?

      • I have a theory that it's because of the 8BitDo licencing in the west for the Mega Drive controller version they have, not based off anything just a guess, but agreed it blows.

  • This remembers me of Contra! That game was wonderful.

  • NSO+ works out to be just $13.74 pp per year if you share a family account between 8 people. Actually fairly good value!

    • +7

      Lol, you make out like its easy to find 8 people to share an NSO+ account with.

      It's horrible value and people should voice their complaints like they did when Microsoft tried to increase the price of Xbox Live for no reason.

      • I found seven to sign up with today lol And that was before reaching out on forums, FB groups etc…

  • -1

    I love how people don't comprehend inflation. Look around. This is the norm. Supply and demand of consmer electronics will accelerate this rapidly.

    • So you s my $30 from 2018 now worth $60???
      Inflation is CRAZY

  • +1

    Been a while where do I go to find a ‘Family’ to join?

    • +1

      I did mine on Facebook.
      Some guy wanted $18.

      • You can buy a 30 day membership for ~$6 for NSO if you just want the controller.

  • +2

    How has RRP become being accepted as a deal now on Ozbargain? Regardless of stock supply issues, if something is RRP, it is not a deal. Maybe make a forum post for restocked items?

    • -1

      Try buy a ps5 for rrp…

      • +2

        My friend got one at JB last week. But that's not the point. Just because the PS5 is rarely available, if it does become available, that too shouldn't be posted as a deal either.

        • +1

          I’m on the fence about it. I give PS5 deals a pass purely because it helps notify people of the “deal”. But I agree. It’s not a deal per se.

          This on the other hand is just a glorified ad for new products. Not a deal in sight.

        • -1

          I'm guessing you have never bought a property. Prices always going up.

          • @Wizard: I own (bank owns) two, so you guessed wrong. But what exactly is the point you're making? Houses don't have RRPs. And RRPs don't always go up. I still don't get your point. Totally unrelated.

            • @NoApostrophePlurals: If items are in demand increased prices are justified. The N64 control has sold out worldwide. They could ask $90 and it would sell out.

              • -1

                @Wizard: Except they're not. That RRP is the price they're listing. It hasn't changed. If they upped the RRP and you could get if for a better DEAL than RRP, then that would be a deal. Except it's not. Availability of not is not the definition of a deal. That's not how the mechanics of Ozbargain should work, just because you feel it does, logically, it shouldn't. You really don't get the point, do you?

                • @NoApostrophePlurals: Reselling for $150.

                • @NoApostrophePlurals: Do you follow GPU RRP pricing???

                  • @Wizard: You're comparing a commodity that cannot be purchased for RRP even when in stock. These controllers and even PS5 can be purchased for RRP when they come into stock. Coming into stock and being available for RRP is not a deal. You don't understand this for some reason. I will concede you have a point with GPUs but we all know how f'ed up that market is. It is not normal but we somehow accept being price gauged.

  • Wow, was really looking forward to both the controller and the Expansion Pack… but it's all way too expensive.

  • -1

    Will wait for EB to stock them and also depends on whether I can use them on the PC and for other non-switch things which hasn't been that clear.

    • +3

      I don't think they will be stocked in physical store/EB Games. The NES and SNES controllers were never released outside the Nintendo Online Store.

    • +2

      EB won't be stocking them, they are only sold by Nintendo to people who have Nintendo Online subs (not even the free 7 day trial can buy them) to stop mass scalping.

      • Damn that sucks, purchased the monthly membership just to get a pair then. Server doesnt even realise yet im a member and still cant buy. :/

        • +2

          Open an incognito window and login and it should, or logout and clear cookies then back in

    • +1

      EB will never stock them.
      They're Bluetooth, so they will work with PC.

  • +1

    PS: Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Pack - Series 5 are also available for Pre-Purchase.

    So can add them to the controller to save on delivery cost.

  • N64 controller OOS now

    • Typical Nintendo Artificial Shortages.

  • Those Sega controllers bring back memories. Still got quite a few of them too in my collection

  • Lucky I got a few.

    • +1

      Yikes, $37

      • Yup, everything Nintendo is yikes…😆

        • +1

          Agreed, but I'm still a sucker myself…

  • I only want to rip out the wireless hardware and somehow connect it to my makopad64. Infinitely better than the first party shitefest that is the n64 controller.

    Anyone who hasn't tried the makopad can't realise how right i am. Even i thought the first party controller was fine until i tried the makopad. And the makopad doesn't develop analogue stick faults.

    • Never tried the Makopad was I always a big fan of the Hori Mini Pad. Mine's held up for over a decade of fairly regular play now

      • The hori mini is probably the most famous alternative. It's good. I feel like it went viral so nobody tried the mako.

  • +3

    I think I'm going to wait a bit longer for reviews of the N64 controller to see how well it works over bluetooth with PC/Android/etc. At $70 it seems like a bargain given the third party N64 controllers all seem to suffer some kind of flaw in the inputs/analogue stick/etc and cost more (unless you go for the cheapo generic options which cost less, but also suffer).

    I'm assuming you can't even order/add to cart yet until stock is replenished?

    • +2

      yep, I feel bad for anyone who paid to join nintendo online right when they went OOS

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