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[Switch] Torchlight II $9.00 (was $30) @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price ever. Great little game in handheld mode. Now you can level up on the loo!

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  • +1

    If only it had cross-save!!

  • +3

    shame you can't play 2p on one system Children of Morta style.

  • +4

    I actually don't recommend it on switch.

    Auto targetting for ranged characters was terrible and at higher difficulty levels there are only really 2-3 viable builds.

    • I play shocking orb embermage, no need to target lol.

  • -2

    Since diablo 2 is here, Torchlight will lose its attraction more now.

    • +4

      For $9 though? Even if you only played it a little bit, definitely good value still.

    • +2

      Played both versions, prefer the original.

    • Except D2 is online practically every day at the moment.

  • -3

    As a Diablo fan, didn’t enjoy this. Very repetitive and easy even at harder difficulties

    • +3

      You clearly didn't play it much if you thought it was easy at the harder difficulty levels.

      • Admittedly no, played a couple hours and got bored

      • When it got to hard, I just went to a zone that was above my level, grinded for 2mins and went back.
        That was pc version around launch, maybe it's fixed now but was way to easy to become OP.

      • Even as a veteran of several ARPG with hardcore modes there are bosses in this version like the Ice cave Yeti, that can one-hit kill you off-screen.

        It's just not really fun with mechanics like that.

  • +2

    Torchlight III also on sale for $15 (Normally $60)

    • Yeah, but II is the better game and it's cheaper.

    • III should be skipped.

    • I know the review wasn't good but $15 is almost a no brainer in this platform.

      • I'm on the fence. Think I just want to play more Torchlight II

        • Lots of mods available for the torchlight ii PC version but switch version gives offline experience to tl iii (unstable server)… I agree ii is better than iii, but for switch version iii is worthy.

    • Wow I forgot that game existed. I remember reading mediocre first round reviews and went back to tl2. Might give it a go since my switch is just collecting dust

  • Also on sale on Steam this weekend at 80% off (2.99 USD, not sure about AUD) - if you somehow missed all the previous sales over the years

    • Torchlight is 80% off but Torchlight II is 70% off (about $8.70 AU)

      Torchlight is currently $3 AU on Gamersgate ($2.70 with Code ISTHEREANYDEAL)

  • of course the Nintendo 64 controller is gone……

    • Torchlight 2, however, is still available!

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