[Pre Order] Microsoft Windows 11 Home OEM DVD $169 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


WINDOWS 11 on DVD if you don't want to download.

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    Or buy a cheap windows 10 key and do a free upgrade. The days of using DVDs for PC are well and truly over except for very select uses. Why spend more than you need to?

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      Or just use your Win7 key.

      • That is one legit way of getting it for cheap. Use Win7 key, upgrade.

        But yea, I recommend all my friends to stay away from dodgy sites saying "Pay $10 for a Windows 10 Key".

    • If you do a research on how websites are able to sell you "cheap" windows 10 keys, you will realize that most of them aren't entirely legitimate. And can be broadly classified as piracy even if you paid for it. However they do come from unauthorized sources (not official Microsoft and not following their EULAs).

      • I have purchased multiple and never had an issue, so I have no qualms about it. Have also used old win 7 keys with no issue. Up to the individual whether they think buying a cheap key of these so called questionable sources is immoral or not.

        • You can just get it for free, what's the point to pay for something that is as legal as just pirating it.

          • @jellical: Only pay for them for systems I've built and sold. Otherwise I just use old Win 7 keys I've accumulated over the years.

    • I did exactly that. There is a website softwarereg.com.au that sells windows 10 pro keys for about 12AUD. it is a digital license and gets checked out by Microsoft. I Than upgraded my win 10 to 11 developer preview.

  • Also at the moment windows 11's performance on AMD Ryzen CPU's is down by 15% .. Microsoft tried to fix it with a patch but its made things run even slower.

    Microsoft worked with intel to optimize the windows 11 cpu scheduler to work well on their new upcoming CPU's that comes with big and little cores but for some reason this has made windows 11 suck for AMD Ryzen with only Big cores…. i guess intel is back at it again…

    15% lower FPS in games from upgrading to windows 11 … i'll pass for now until they fix that

    • Microsoft tried to fix it with a patch but its made things run even slower.

      It's a vicious cycle.

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    How is this a bargain?

    • It's not, it's a joke post…

      • I don’t hear laughing

        • a bad joke…

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    Do we still use dvd hey? I dont see any dvd on desktop or laptop lmao

  • Don't rush into upgrade unless you don't have any games/ software etc running on your PC. Most developers are still working on updates for Windows 11.

    • It is compatible with win10 versions, no problems whatsoever. Unless you run something really specific.

  • (pretends to mix with the younger generation) What's a DVD?

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    If this is a bargain, I'm the Pope. Far cheaper literally anywhere else.

  • Cheaper to buy a DVD burner and burn your own copy if you must have on DVD.
    Not a bargain.

  • This is RRP. Not really a bargain.

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    Microsoft Windows 11 Home OEM DVD

    I might wait until it's on Netflix

  • The price of this obviously isn't for the DVD itself, it is the usual cost of buying a Windows license.
    So if you are using older Windows and never took advantage of their free upgrade promotion and moving direct to windows 11. Or you are building a completely new PC which needs a license then you'd get one of these.

    Somebody mentioned "cheap" windows keys, usually these are usually called "grey keys", and could come from various sources often illegitimate sources (according to EULAs) such as Visual Studio (MSDN), "Volume License", Stolen Credit Cards etc.

    Buyer beware that they may work for the lifetime of your machine, but sometimes gets invalidated by Microsoft and the activation will no longer be valid after a few months or years.

  • Not only will most people need to purchase a DVD reader to utilise this, but also PC Case Gear's shipping costs are always absurd.

    • I stopped buying from PC Case Gear because of their shipping costs and they do not allow pickups anymore (they are only 10min drive away from me!)

      I am not paying >$10 for shipping of a small $5 item lol.
      My go-to store nowadays is Scorptec as their "product" range is very similar to PC Case Gear and they allow pickups and don't shaft you with Shipping.
      Or MSY which has competitive prices but a much limited range of items / brands.

    • PC Case Gear's shipping costs are always absurd.

      Yep, they are a rip off.

      I've stopped buying from them.

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    I was hoping to have it on a 💾

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    It's only $137 to buy a DVD copy of Win10 Home 64bit from MSY, then create a Win11 ISO either on disk or on USB yourself once you have the license. You don't even have to insert the Windows 10 disk into your machine — all you need is the prod key code.


    Q: Can I use a Windows 10 product key to activate Windows 11?

    A: Yes, users can activate Windows 11 using a Windows 10 product key. If your system already has an assigned digital license for Windows 10, it should automatically activate.

  • None of my computers can even run Win 11 because of their stupid TPM 2.0 requirement

  • They'll be struggling to give it away…buggy, slow (especially on AMD), unnecessary hardware restrictions. Never trust an odd numbered MS product.
    A fool & his money…..

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