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[Latitude Pay] DJI Mavic Mini SE Flymore Combo $569 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Been looking at an entry level drone for a Christmas present. This looks to be a good price when combined with the current Latitude Pay offer.

Same price at HN if you don't mind dealing with the fraudsters.

Original $50 off $150 Spend with LatitudePay

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Does this have the "Follow Me" feature, and if not, what drone is recommended which does have that?

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      Not sure what that feature is. But i was checking out some reviews and there is a feature where you can lock in a person or moving object and it'll follow that locked person/object.

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      The lowest model drone from DJI is the Mavic Air 2. Both minis (SE and 2) do not support active track, however they have quick shots.

      Once DJI release the SDK for the mini then potential active track may be available in third party solutions such as Litchi. But that is yet to happen.

      • Thanks guys.

        Just researched some more and it seems the lack of tracking is due to the Mini not having obstacle avoidance?

        Will check out the Mavic Air 2.

  • I was going to get this but managed to get the Good Guys to match this https://australianwarehouses.com.au/product/dji-mini-2-fly-m... (Well almost, best he would do is $881)

    The Occusync 2 seemed to be worth it from all reports, even though $260 more is almost 50% more expensive.

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      In future you should try using Anaconda, they price beat by 10% also.

      • Oh thanks, that would have been better than the $50 off latitude pay

  • What the difference between this and mini 2? Also DJI is coming out with their keynote next week I think

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      2.7K video vs 4K video on the Mini 2
      Occusync on the Mini 2 (improves the reliability and range of the transmission system)
      Increased wind resistance

      I personally think both the Mini/SE and Mini 2 are worth it at their respective price points.
      Even though Occusync is a significant improvement in theory, if you are flying within CASA's visual line of sight rules, plus staying away from built up areas, the Mini1/SE Enhanced wifi should work perfectly.

      If you're mixing the footage with other DSLR 4K video, it may be worth getting the Mini 2 just so you can stay with a consistent resolution for all your source clips.

    • Mini 2 can shoot photos in RAW format. Mini SE limited to jpeg only. Big difference in my opinion. I wouldn't even consider the SE. Images are noisy, with lower dynamic range and baked-in colours.

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    Anyone looking to purchase a Mini 2, consider buying official DJI refurbished. I purchased my unit off Kogan for more than $200 cheaper than non-refurb/brand new. Not a single mark on the the drone or the controller. Batteries all brand new too, all on 0 cycles. Only difference being the box it came in does not have any graphics, just plain white. I suspect that any units purchased off DJI and returned back to them within the change of mind window are then sold as "refurb". Save yourself 200 bucks and buy refurb

    • Thanks for the info. I often wonder how buyers of refurbished DJI drone rate their purchases.

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