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Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Mouse $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The MX Anywhere 3 doesn’t often go on special and usually sells for $129.95.

MX Anywhere 3 looks, and feels, better than ever. The elegant design features a scroll wheel made of machined steel and grippy silicone side grips for ultimate tactility. Seamlessly control multiple computers with your Flow-enabled MX Anywhere 3 by simply moving your cursor to the edge of the screen. This mouse flows with you, even between Windows and macOS operating systems. The professional-looking design will fit right in with your workspace or home office.

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  • +5

    Fast enough to scroll 1,000 lines in a second

    wow, i read too slow for this mouse. i will stick to my slow scrolling mouse.

    • +3

      I think the intent is to quickly skip sections on the page, etc.

      • You got Rickroned :)

    • +3

      Ideal for coding

      • +6

        and for reading OzBargain forum posts.

    • +14

      The MX Master 3 is a completely different product and pretty much irrelevant to the conversation.

      • -1

        Disagree, I have owned a MX Anywhere and wouldn't recommend it at all, really didn't like it.

        • +7

          Well i would recommend it so your feedback is noted but the deal itself is still good, prob the best work mouse i have ever used is my MX 2s

          • -3

            @brent3000: Each to their own, it's just my opinion, I picked up an MX Anywhere for a less than this when I owned it and didn't keep it.

        • +5

          I have an MX Anywhere 2 and love it for work productivity, especially laptop portability use. Been using them since they were called VX Nano.

          MX Master is a different product and daily drive it for desktop PC. I wouldn't use that for work though.

          • @Hybroid: @Hybroid… There you go! At last someone who knows that these products have entirely different purposes… different market targets even. Well done.

        • +3

          I have owned a MX Anywhere and wouldn't recommend it at all, really didn't like it.

          I own one too, the MX Anywhere 2, and I really like it…

        • -2

          Same, it's an awful mouse.

          The amount of space and weight that you save by using it instead of an MX Master is no way worth it.

          The only time I would ever recommend the Anywhere is if you prefer it ergonomically. Which isn't a lot of people I suspect. You must have small hands.

        • @eggaz… Not really much of a non-recommendation "really didn't like it." … different strokes for different folks…

          @Dijit1 "The only time I would ever recommend the Anywhere is if you prefer it ergonomically. Which isn't a lot of people I suspect. You must have small hands."

          Since both you guys love generalisations … Not everyone is a 40 year old man-child whose life depends on a mouse for gaming ;)

          I have found this mouse ideal. I have chronic osteoarthritis and find the small size of this mouse fits my purposes (my hand is arthritic, and NOT small) and is comfortable for long sessions at the pc. Added bonus is that the re-charge holds for about 10 days and you are not worrying about changing batteries.

          I have never seen Logitech advertise this as a 'Gaming' mouse yet people frequently compare and whinge about this…For me, a gaming mouse is the mouse equivalent of driving a monster truck….

          Peace out ;)

        • Each to their own, I really like mine(anywhere 2s) but being left handed my options for symmetrical mice are shit regardless.

        • Own a MX Anywhere 2 and it's one of the best i've ever owned.

        • I’ve used both, and 100% recommend the Anywhere. Personally I prefer it over the Master as my daily work mouse, but then again I prefer more agile mice so I can flick it around easier. Just suits my ergonomics better.

          But objectively, for anyone chasing something portable, the Anywhere is a solid buy, and this is a decent deal.

      • +1

        Totally different products, that's a stretch when they're both a mouse.

        • +9

          they're both a mouse.

          So let's compare a Toyota Corolla to a Ferrari…

          • +1

            @jv: Let's do that, as they're both cars…one is much more expensive, faster than the other, but they both have 4 wheels and are able to drive places, quoting the post above, "completely different product" is a stretch.

        • +2

          Totally different products, that's a stretch when they're both a mouse.

          That's like saying a 1kg Ultrabook is the same as a 2kg 16" laptop. They're both laptops but have very different use cases.

          I have the MX Master 3 for home and work use and the MX Anywhere 2 in my bag for on-the-go use with my laptop. That's the "Anywhere" in the model name.

          I don't use a mouse with my laptop all the time so the MX Master is too bulky to be worth carrying around.

      • +1

        As everyone said, it is a different product, I have the original mx master and the mx anywhere 3 for my wife, while mx anywhere 3 is usable it ain't great in my hand because it is on the smaller size where my fingers feel cramped on the buttons, which incidentally is perfect for my wife since she always complaint that the mouse is too big/heavy and getting forearm cramps from using bigger mouse all day, ideally try before you buy, or use the Amazon return policy.

  • +2

    I feel that the previous generation MX Anywhere 2S is hard to go past when it's half the price of this ($48 in recent deals): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/logitech-mx-anywhere-2s

    Timed right with Good Guys Concierge credit and some other promo code at the time, I managed to get it for about $30 back in January 2020… but honestly, even at $50 it's a good mouse.

    • +4

      And the MX Anywhere 2S had the left-right mouse tilt, which they removed in the MX Anywhere 3. Not that everyone needs it, but I map that to previous/next tab and it's hard to go without that now.

      • +2

        I map that to previous/next tab and it's hard to go without that now.

        <mind blown>

        Never thought to use that for previous/next tab. I mapped it now and I can see where you're coming from.

        • Is this within the logitech app? I can't find the previous/next tab options..only a 'new browser tab' option for me :/

          • @leeroyG: Map to custom keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl+Shift+Tab] and [Ctrl+Tab].

  • I had the mx anywhere 2 from the recent deal. Terrible mouse, the wheel was impossible to get used to for me so I returned it and purchase an apple Magic Mouse which is great except it’s too small for any hand size so it becomes uncomfortable to use after a while. My old $10 Logitech mouse is better than both of those

    • +2

      why was it impossible to get used to? needs a bit more info buddy.

      • -2

        The middle button of the wheel serves only one purpose: make the wheel flow normally or super fast. The super fast one is useless. No use case, no point in using it for me. The normal one doesn’t scroll right on my Mac m1, it’s not fluid at all and scrolls in “blocks” if you know what I mean? Very chunky feeling
        I knew it didn’t have the middle button on the wheel but I decided to try it anyway and was in fact disappointed

        • I changed the function button on the top to be a middle button

        • +3

          The middle button of the wheel serves only one purpose: make the wheel flow normally or super fast. The super fast one is useless. No use case, no point in using it for me.

          OTOH, the only reason why I'm considering upgrading from the MX Anywhere 2 to the 3 is the auto-switching scroll wheel. I love the freewheeling super-fast scrolling mode for quickly scrolling through long webpages, PDFs, documents, or Premiere timelines. I've used that feature since around 2007 with the MX Revolution and now get frustrated with a normal mouse.

          Different strokes for different folks! At least this mouse can function like a normal mouse. A normal mouse can't function like this mouse. You pay for it of course. :)

        • +5

          LOL. The super fast scroll is not useless.

          How can you say there is no use case? It quickly scrolls up or down on a web page or a document or whatever you've got open. That's pretty handy at times.

        • I had a 2. And upgraded to the 3. For me, was a massive difference due to fixing this one particular trait of the 2.
          The 2 got relegated to my once in a blue moon WFH mouse lol

        •  "'super fast one is useless. ""

          I assume this is free scrolling .. this is an essential feature for me .. used 100% of the time ..

    • As someone who alternates between a Magic Mouse and MX Anywhere 2S on my MacBook, I'm really surprised by your comments as the Magic Mouse, other than the cool feeling of swiping to scroll on it, feels somewhat inferior to the MX Anywhere 2S in terms of functionality/usability/comfort.

      As for the scroll wheel with infinite scroll (or whatever it's called), I actually find that feature really useful as I often scroll through really long documents for work so it's good being able to switch between precise scrolling and free spinning.

  • Recommend Logitech M720 Triathlon over Anywhere 3 for small to normal hands, and office use.
    Much more ergonomic and comfortable.

    • The M720 Triathlon has an option for a free-spinning mouse wheel … so I can accept this recommendation for consideration in your purchase decision.

    • Second this

    • -1

      Get with the converation !!! This is another mouse with different use senario's…
      No FLOW and flip between 3 system's and not as portable…

      I have the MX Anywhere 2 and MX Anywhere 2S and they are great.
      My son use's them on his PC and I occationally use them to switch between my and 2 kid's systems.
      I have my SteelSeries Rival 700 Professional Optical Gaming Mouse for my main system :)

      My MX Anywhere 2 battey just died but repacement seem's easy to install.

      • +1

        No FLOW and flip between 3 system's

        The M720 Triathlon does have Flow and it can switch between 3 devices. That’s why it’s called Triathlon.

    • +1

      The M720 is a great form factor but is killed by its sensor not being centred. This isn't an issue if you keep the mouse oriented perfectly the same when you move left and right, but if you tend to keep you arm still and mouse with your wrist you'll be wondering why you can't keep the thing in a straight line. Took me ages to figure out why the tracking felt off on it but and I've never had this issue with mice with the sensor in the exact centre of the device.

  • The MX Anywhere 3 has a free spinning mouse wheel option .. so this is a decent mouse.

  • +1

    My name may not be commander Shepherd, but this is my favourite mouse on the citadel

  • -1

    think this presents less value compared to anywhere 2S at $49.
    though this one has type-C charge port. other upgrades should not double its price…

    • +5

      Unless a time machine is invented, I don't think you can't get that deal anymore.

  • I held off on getting the MX Anywhere 2S to wait for this and bought one on launch for full price. For me, it was worth paying the premium because I wanted the new magnetic scroll wheel that the MX Master 3 had and I really wanted scroll wheel click, which was the dealbreaker missing from the 2S. The magnetic scroll wheel definitely felt better than my coworker's 2S but that was by no means a bad scroll wheel. I do miss the scroll wheel tilt but you can still side scroll by holding down one of the side-buttons and scrolling with the wheel, which I got used to pretty quickly.
    Also, as someone with small hands, I actually prefer smaller travel-sized mice; the MX Master definitely feels too big. For most people looking for an everyday mouse, I would recommend the Master or the Triathlon

  • I have both my anywhere and myx master think they are both great. As the name suggests the anywhere is a great travel mouse great sensor that works well on anything. The my master was good until I upgraded to a gaming mouse only recently - only downside is no bt connectivity. All have pros and cons but none are terrible.

  • Still waiting for the $89 price again! Good for people that need a mouse now though, as we start heading back into offices maybe you will need a mouse you can use anywhere??

  • Bought one. Happy with it.
    I previously had a basic small sized Logitech mouse with less functions.
    What I noticed with the MX Anywhere 3 is that it is unusually flat - so it might take some adjusting to the lack of body curve.

  • I love this mouse because of the size and its lightweight (I am a backpacker by the way) and also the ability to use it on various surfaces - e.g. I use it on a glass table without a mousepad. :)

  • Dropped to $93 now and I just bought one, thanks OP!

  • I tried to talk myself into Anywhere but found out these aren't left & right buttons on scroll roll?? (currently using M590, enjoy the left/right buttons and flow between PC and MAC

    I'm more tempted to M720 now.

    Don't understand why M720 seems to have all features Anywhere can provide (except free-scrolling?), but sells at a cheap price.

    Any comments on these?

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