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[eBay Plus] $10 off Your Purchase of $30 or More with eBay Plus @ eBay


Check your email or My eBay page for this targeted offer.

Terms & conditions

  • Acceptance. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • Offer Period. This offer is available until the expiry date set out in your My eBay ("Offer Period"). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
  • Conditions. The offer entitles Eligible Customers to $10 off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items listed on ebay.com.au except the Excluded Items, with a minimum spend of $30 during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in one (1) transaction per person (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  • "Eligible Customers" means eBay Plus members who receive coupon APLUS in their My eBay while logged into their eBay account or otherwise through channels such as SMS, email or push notification.
  • "Excluded items" means
    all items listed in the following categories:
    Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs
    Other Tickets, Travel
    Cars, Bikes, Boats
    Real Estate
    Gift Cards & Vouchers
    all items sold by the following Sellers:
  • Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code APLUS into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You may use the redemption code once during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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    • +14

      Irrelevant bolding not there…

      • Jv must have had account hacked.

  • +1

    Thanks, got it

  • +41

    Jeeez, even ebay plus members need to be targeted to be eligible

    • +14

      Good way to piss off eBay plus members that are not targeted

      • +7


        I closed my plus account on Friday because it was set to renew soon. I got it a month ago to save 5% on a Dreame vacuum (which still hasn’t arrived). I tried to figure out how I can get any value from it by reading through the TnCs but literally can’t. I’m in a regional area so the express shipping is N/A. It really is a pretty pathetic membership system. It pales in comparison to Prime, which gives me free shipping and Amazon Music, Video, books.

        Any this targeted rubbish, that’s just insults members.

      • Problem is that ebay know nothing about this offer

    • Yeah, once again I got squat. Some $60 voucher for summer patio crap.

      • Same. I won't be renewing my eBay plus

  • +2

    No luck

  • Thanks, got it on my rarely used eBay plus account.

    • +4

      Really goes to show how useful eBay Plus is. 🙃

      • Exactly. It's a smoke and mirrors trick. $60 for nothing except the odd lottery (ie earpods).

        All the sellers get is a $4 refund if they use express post.

        • +1

          And then buy from the Good Guys EBay and receive your parcel 2 weeks later because it’s being sent with the slowest/cheapest service available, even though EbayPlus members are to get express delivery

          • @Discounted: I've gotten a few $5 vouchers for delayed delivery, which is a almost a given these days…

  • +2

    Awesome, time to look and buy Squid Game mask - Triangle.

  • +2

    I got a $5 off $50 spend voucher

    • Same

    • +1

      That would be one of the membership monthly "benefits". Occasionally handy.

    • You get it every month as per your eBay Plus subscription.

  • +2

    Lucky ebay pretty much give ebay plus away, would be kind of pissed off if i paid for it. got nothing but a $5 of $50 coupon

    • +4

      I signed up to ebayplus two weeks through their '$40 voucher' banner….in the hope of getting the membership for basically nothing (I wouldn't pay for this average service). After a week of not receiving the coupon, jumped on chat - was told they couldn't do anything but they would 'escalate' the matter so I would receive an email the next day. No word. Was then told the same thing two more times. (Apparently it is difficult for the customer service reps to issue a voucher).

      Final time I contacted them I requested to cancel my membership and get a refund as it was pretty clear I was never getting the promo in the first place. The rep said "we don't issue refunds on memberships….and I wouldn't cancel otherwise you may never get your refund".

      As if I should be grateful for even having a chance at the promotion.

      Shocking service for a membership where you get the occasional minor reward….that may be targeted anyway.

      • +3

        Very strange that u didn't get the $40 credit. Keep trying with their Cs team.

        • +2

          Yeah, but how much is your time worth? Could go for a walk in a park and get fresh air for that $40 and you’d end up happier.

          • @GeneralSkunk: This was my thinking too. They passed the buck 3 or 4 times by pulling out the "I will escalate this to next level of urgency. You will receive an email shortly (or 'next day' was also pulled out)." Here I am am two weeks later without any sign of the voucher. I also requested to talk to anyone higher up or those who can assist with the issue and they said I will just have to wait for the email.

            I've always been a big fan of the helpful customer service reps from Amazon AU, BlueHost etc - you can always jump on and get some help - but this has been deplorable.

            I see the option to report an issue with a buyer or seller - but haven't found a location for reporting customer service or ebay practices?

            • +1

              @Dealr: Yeah, sounds crap really. I guess you want to follow it up for the principle, otherwise they win.

              • +1

                @GeneralSkunk: Update: Told them I would take it to ACCC and they magically found the voucher details. Surprise, surprise. When I asked why this wasn't done a week or two earlier, their response was to apologise for the delay. Gotta love eBay.

      • That’s definitely weird, also renewed through that promotion but they displayed the voucher code immediately after going through the steps for sign up, and then also in my ebay as well

        • very strange, glad you were able to have some success.

  • +1

    I have the $5 one which I’ll only use if it stacks so th something else soon

  • +1

    I only joined Ebay plus a month or so ago . Got the voucher on joining and have recovered my membership via savings on Boozebud deals.. off lately 1L Bombay Sapphire & 1.75L Wild Turkey so it has worked for me so far…

    • Join the club 😀

  • I buy heaps of stuff and got the $10 off $30.

    • Sweet, looks like they're targeting frequent users too for once.

    • +1

      same here, about time they started sending to frequent customers

  • Are you able to see this on the ebay app?

  • +1

    Went to ebay.com.au and was shown this on entry: https://i.ibb.co/RHYZyqx/Screenshot-2021-10-17-091328.png

    Thanks OP.

  • +3

    eBay Plus is a joke these days. Express Post means nothing anymore.. sellers are forced to use that Sendle delivery system and it's min 1 week for metro to metro deliveries when Aus Post Express is still managing 2-3 days. So as most have said here.. where is the value anymore?

  • Thanks OP. Thanks for reminding us to waste at least another $20 on things we don't need :X

  • Is there a way to see your vouchers in the app?

    • I was wondering the same, haven't found a way yet

    • +3

      Desktop mode my ebay on your browser the only I’ve managed to on the phone

  • Got this thanks - now to find a good deal

  • Finally got one of these targeted deals. Been eyeing off that Michelin tyre pressure checker and a caramel/eraser wheel.

    Thanks OP, wouldn't have seen this otherwise.

  • Nothing good to buy. Pass

  • Not targeted so save $20 ($30-$10) buying another toy I don't need.

  • Damn, not targeted this time. Was hoping to grab this caliper cheaper. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/iGaging-ABSOLUTE-ORIGIN-Digital-...

  • +2

    Wasn’t targeted. Will not be renewing my eBay plus membership at end of this month

  • +4

    eBay plus is literally the most useless membership. I signed up because it was basically free with the coupon but I've already cancelled the renewal purely on how little it offers

  • I contacted Ebay to find out why i never received the same offer as others claim that they have received on here?

    Ebay told me that there is no such offer using a code ''APLUS'' and they know nothing about this alleged offer and that they will be investigating this link

    • That's weird… It's not like I did something weird to get this code.

      I checked that I had the code on My eBay page, and when I was at the checkout with a $40 item, eBay prompted me that I can save $10 with the order which used the code shown.

      • Well ebay told me that they know nothing about this offer or code ''APLUS'' and thanked me for bringing it to their attention,

        Maybe they will offer it to all of us now? to keep their disappointed members happy with this alleged link or code that was never going to work to begin with, just saying

        • +2

          Hopefully. I do find the whole targeted offer to be stupid for a paid service like eBay Plus.

          Everyone is elligible but some are more elligible than others, kinda thing.

          • @iridiumstem: they told me that every member is treated the exact same with all offers and promotions

  • I didn’t get the offer

  • I might be blind, but is there a way to search only for ebay plus items?

    *I assume it's only good for limited items? Is that correct?

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