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Panasonic LUMIX GH5 (Body Only) $1149.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Touch Control 4k Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Unrivalled Video And Photo Hybrid Camera, Body Only, Black (DC-GH5GN-K)

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  • Does the body only cost twice this price, or Amazon inflated the price before the "discount"? Have been eyeing this camera a couple of years ago but not sure if it's still good now. Also, I probably won't have time to use it so….. don't know.

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      The best camera is the one you have on you

      Sold my old DSLR for mirrorless as it's more compact and most of my photos are taken from phone 🤷🏽

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        True that. Unless you have that eye for professional photos. For everyday user, viewing, sharing is much easier on phone and people dont have much time to do all the tricks with physical camera in quick time

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        sold my old DSLR for mirrorless m43

        then sold m43 for aps-c mirrorless

        then sold aps-c and got full frame mirrorless

        I take lots of pictures with my FF and nothing can really replace a FF sensor

        but I do take a lot of wide angle shots with my phone as phone cameras are good enough for that, my FF body has 100-400 lens attached and I don't want to switch lenses when I see a wide angle opportunity, neither want to carry 2 bodies

      • Indeed. My past impulse purchases, thanks to OzBargain, taught me the great lesson of thinking hundred times before pulling the trigger again. Too many regrets as it's.

        • I haven't learned that lesson yet …lol

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      $2,399 is Panasonic's RRP. Other retailers have it at $1,528-1,999.

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    OMG, just when I finally get my credit card under control, you post this! Awesome post!

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      The G9 is the deal. Unless you 'know' you need the GH5 for a specific feature then there's not much to split the two after the firmware update that gifted it many of the GH5's capabilities. For a lot of people it's going to be the same camera but with updated CPU, better IBIS and a slightly improved sensor, while also sporting much better photography features: high res shot, pre-burst (similar to Oly's pro capture), improved AF, 60fps raw burst, etc. It's also getting the linear focus firmware update on 5 Nov.

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        Happy with my $399 Gx9 from a few months back Digidirect

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        G9 is really good and quite tempted to get it. However, one of the reasons I am tempted to get G9 or GH5 is 4K/60fps recording. From the Web, G9 has the 10 minute recording limit, has the new firmware increased it to 30 minutes by any chance?

        • 4K 50/60 is still 10 min. Something to be aware of for sure.

          • @DisabledUser214288: Is there any way around it? Really prefer G9…

            • @netsurfer: A quick google gave this technique mentioned in a forum. Apparently putting it into 'permanent service mode' ups the limit to 1h49m — not sure if it still works or has other consequences though

              • @snep: Apparently, someone reported new firmware blocked it. If so, it may be an issue given that we would like to use the new firmware for the added features.

      • The GH5 is sold out yesterday, while the G9 is still available. Looks the GH5 was the real steal.

  • Appears to be for the Mk1

  • Great price, if it could do raw video output over HDMI I would definitely get it :)

  • For a camera that was released in 2017, is this still worth it?

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      If you shoot a lot of video, or plan to, it’s definitely worth it. Nothing in this price range has comparable video capability. But for stills, I’d look for something better.

      • And if you plan to shoot video with manual focus, these are not known for having very smooth auto focus or very good auto focus - Canon and Sony have much better autofocus but do not have the video features or quality especially in this price range.

      • What would people suggest for stills in this price range?

        • LUMIX G9. Lenses are cheap too.

        • Depends on what you're using it for and personal preference, but I would take a look at Fujifilm's offerings. Excellent image quality, good physical controls, high quality lenses (including their kit lenses, which are abnormally good).

          Dpreview has some nice roundups by price point as well as more detailed reviews, its worth taking a look at those to get the lay of the land.

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      It depends entirely on what you're shooting. I had a quick look and the GH5 II has a few improvements including live streaming and increased bit depth. This is body only so you'll have to get one or more lenses. I'd say this is a potential bargain for someone who wanted but couldn't afford one of these when it came out or who already has a Panasonic body and wants a backup or 2nd body.

      I don't think it's a great buy for most people though. A camera system is usually something that either goes mostly unused (which is then a complete waste of money) or people get right into it and buy a bunch of accessories (lenses, flash etc.) that are specific to the manufacturer and that line of cameras. So looking at a bargain on a single camera body could end up costing you in the long run and isn't something you should lock yourself into a manufacturer for. Switching to or adding another manufacturer is usually a money pit.

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      I had it for a year or so. Great video with caveats
      Dynamic range is not great, and the highlights are ugly so you have to control the lighting or expose for the highlights. Having said that there is a lot of shadow noise even at low isos. You can shoot in a log or flat profile but this takes skill in shooting, exposure is critical. I used to shoot cinelike as it was easier to grade, but I still found grading a PITA. I now shoot Nikon, the video is not as highly specced but for what I do, soooo much easier to handle.

      This is insanely cheap, but I still wouldn't buy it again. Nikon z5 or second hand z6 will give you vastly better stills, better af, and better video* (not technically better, but still:better!)

  • I have been following the G7, but i think the G85 would br a better fix. Any advice?

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      What do you want it for?

      • Safari… wild life mostly.

        Photographying sports as well.

        But i wanted to try astrophotography too.

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      I bought a Nikon Z50 yesterday in kit form from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/Nikon-Remote-Additional-EN-EL25-Ba... Got it for $1579 yesterday, now back up to $2099. The two kit lens without the extra battery and remote is still a great deal at $1571 especially with additional $100 cashback from Nikon via redemption so $1471 in the end.

      The G7 and G85 were both options I considered but the Z50 ticked enough boxes as well as having two lenses in the bundle.

      • Typical Amazon, end of promotion definitely push price up so that those who bought feel they've got a bargain in time.

        Give a few weeks, I'm very confident price will come down again. Black Friday anyone?

        • Still cheaper for the twin lens pack than most other stores including the grey import sites. You could even get the cost down lower by getting OW to price match the Amazon price although not sure if OW are included in the redemption.

          No doubt the price will be similar again for Black Friday but right now stock levels are all over the place, I wanted to lock it in and ensure I had it for Christmas for the daughter.

  • great price for a still very capable camera. I paid full price (pre-ordered) a few years back and it is still going strong.
    Vlog, 10bit 422, all-i codedc, mall these pro features means this unit is still capable to even been deployed in a professional environment.

    The only downside is the mediocre AF. Pretty much everyone else has phase detect AF (PDAF) now, apart from Panasonic which only does contrast detection AF (CDAF).

    The M43 system as a whole is dying, but never the less a great price.

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    Probably a good step up for a frequent youtuber wanting to upgrade from FHD to 4k. Seems to be a frequently used main camera.

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    But you really need the Viltrox EF-M2 speed booster.

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    I am very tempted, I am using Olympus (E-M5 MKIII) for photography and have a mix of Olympus and Panasonic lenses. Interested to do a bit of video stuff and also using it with my Panasonic lens that supports the stabilizing (100mm-400mm).

  • Good for video mainly in my opinion. In saying that, the biggest drawback is the video autofocus. Unless you know how to manually focus then don’t bother… it will only frustrate you.

  • It may be sold out by the look of it

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