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Dog Nail Grinder for Pet $23.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Ottertooth Direct via Amazon AU


Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmers for Large Medium Small Dogs Cats Paw Grooming Trimming Tool

Grind your pet's nail effectively
Bluripp Pet Nail Grinder is specially designed to grom, trim, shape, and smooth the paws for dogs,cats and small animals.
The speed is neither too fast nor too slow so it can both efficiently grind the paws and not to hurt your pets.

Diamond Grinding Wheel
The diamond grinding wheel is durable and efficient. The cover has 2 ports for small and medium animal. You will never hurt your pets. You can also use it without the cover.

Low Noise Motor
The motor is super quite. The vibration and noise is very low. Even the smallest pet will love it. The one button operation makes it's very easy to use. The speed is just right.

How to use the dog nail grinder?
1. First accustom your dog to the sound of the grinder. Do this by turning on the grinder and offering him some irresistible treats. This way, he can begin associating the sound with a pleasant reward.
2. Make sure dog is in a comfortable position. Carefully place the grinder onto the nail, choosing the appropriately sized port when using a nail guard. And please start with the low speed.
3. Only grind a small amount at a time. Grind across the bottom and then carefully in from the tip of the nail, smoothing rough edges as you go. Rewarding your dog every single time you do one of the steps.

1. The grinder kit includes an USB cable but WITHOUT AN ADAPTER to fit different country's voltage. Easy to charge with your phone adapter/power bank/laptop.
2. To avoid tangling of hair on long-haired breed dogs, push hair away from pe's paw before applying the grinder.
3. Trim dog nail at right angle. Put the electric nail grinder around the 45 oblique, move the grinder to trim the nail around.
4. Remember, only hold the grinder against the nail

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  • +3

    Anyone else's dog go all psycho at nail clipping time? Mine goes from derp to going-maul-your-face at the sight of the nail clipper

    • +2

      Yep. This tool would trigger something massive as well

      • +1

        Plenty sold, none used. No dog would put up w the sensation of this. It's just another untested tool designed to sell online to 'western consumers', lol.

        • Actually I follow a Facebook group for dog nail care (lol I know), but lots of people using these grinders on dogs who hate clipping with a bit of familiarisation first. Have been tempted but my guy has the hairest feet ever, it would be a mission to avoid tangling event with a stocking.
          I have read the grinder goes blunt quickly too with no replacement?

          • @Helenn: Phew. I guess my pooches must be hyper-sensitive (they do hate any kind of foot-fiddle).

            However many dogs hate the sound of motors, let alone any such claw-sensation. Am sure they aren't the only ones that would run a mile away from their food bowls the moment their trusted master decides to produce one of these, let alone begin lifting a paw.

            • +1

              @resisting the urge: I use a nail grinder on my husky. We weren't comfortable with nail clippers. A nail grinder gives us better control and we don't cut off too much.

              It took us daily touching/lifting his paws and desensitising to the nail grinder(1 month). Now he accepts it with lots of rubs and treats. Some days we get 1 paw, some days 2 and sometimes all 4 paws.

              • @vitawheat: Great contribution. There is a way!

                It does sound more of an effort to clippers (I use a more expensive set though, the cheap metal ones that loop through the claw don't worry the dog the moment they pull before you having a chance to chop). With the clippers I can even do it on my own (always much easier when someone else is there to distract and restrain the animal)

    • +3

      Yeah I've a 4 month old pup and its a struggle, I'm covered in scrapes :D Tempted to try this but some of the reviews are saying the grinding head is worn after 5 uses

    • +4

      My Pug would break his own leg before I clip his nails. Even the Vets refuse…

      The best solution I've found so far is sandpaper on some wood at an incline. Give him treats when he scratches it.

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