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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $99 ($89 with Coupon Code in The MyDeal App) Delivered @ MyDeal


Both colours available.

Has been cheaper but I believe this is the best current price.

Use code SHOPAPP in their app for another $10 off (first time user only)

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  • OW or Bunnings Price Match.

    • Do you know how to do price match during lockdown? I'd like to try it.

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        Call them

    • I just tried an OW price match in store, and they told me because there's no product ID on the website that they can't price match it?

      • Go and try again, that's a load of rubbish.

        Their policy is very clear:

        The details of the product in OPs link clearly indicate what it is so they can confirm it's an identical item. It's in stock. It fits all their criteria.

        Multiple times OW staff have tried to give me an excuse and each time I bring up their policy on my phone and politely tell them that it meets all their criteria. Every single time they've backed down and applied their policy. I think they're quietly trained to try and refuse initially just to see if they can get away with it.

        • They told me they couldn't identify that it was an 'identical item' without the product id code.
          Look you're probably right and I agree with you. They always seem to try to slither out of price beating. Even tried to tell me that they don't match places like Kogan and Dick Smith (which I recall reading that they actually do price beat grey import stock). I wonder why…
          But honestly it wasn't worth the back and forth. It costed more at Officeworks in the end, as coupons don't count. So I just ordered from MyDeal.

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    My order with this company is still pending after three weeks..

    Communication is terribly slow. You will get the responses for your email only after 2-3 days.

    MyDeal.com just put everything on their sellers.. you will have to deal with the sellers directly.

    Just my 2 cents if it helps anyone..

    • This particular item says 24 - 48 hour dispatch, if that helps anyone.

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        The item I ordered also said the same thing..

        • all you need is luck when you do business with MyDeal

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    Always wanted one, but no idea why I would even need it. Other than using it to control my nano leaves. Must resist!

    • I was in the same boat but I watched this video earlier and it convinced me of the usefulness.


      You can watch Netflix and Youtube on it, stream music, monitor webcams, use it as a digital photo frame and of course all the usual "Hey Google" stuff.

      This will replace my aging original Google Home speaker.

      • -4

        The functions you mentioned above can also be done by other brands/models.

        One main function with the Google Nest Hub G2 is sleep monitoring, ie. this is a function you are paying for when you buy this. So if you are using this in the kitchen, you are essentially wasting money on a major product feature you are paying for. Might as well buy another cheaper brand/model which doesn’t have and don’t require you to pay for the sleep monitoring tech.

      • Pretty poor resolution to be doing video watching though… The youtube is probably best for some recipe instructions.

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      They make good photo frames using Google photos

    • I got one in the bundle with my Nest Doorbell, also a bit skeptical about it.

      However I've found it pretty handy. I can set timers and check my doorbell feed, as well as asking it to show me some recipes and whatnot.

      It's a pretty nifty device imo.

      • Can you cast websites to it yet? I use a diet plan which I doubt is set up for the Google recipe format

        • I don't think so, bit I searched for a recipe through Google assistant on my phone, bookmarked it in the app and it saved to my "cookbook". Then I can ask the hub to show me the cookbook and it's there, so try adding that way?

          EDIT: The more I think about it the more I realise you might be using some custom recipe site? Mind linking it so I can try test it on mine?

  • Bargain! Need to sell off my 1st Gens to upgrade to these

    • I'm interested.

  • Bought through the app. Hopefully it will be without any issues.

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    Google deprecates stuff so much I can't trust this to be around in 5 years.

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      You don't reckon you'll get 40c worth of value out of it per week over that time, and enjoy whatever new tech is available in 5 years?

      • The time is setting stuff up only for me to redo it in 5 years is worth more to me.

  • As per my comment above, mine has been despatched (within 24 hours) and I have received tracking info.

    • mine not yet, still showing pending dispatch. ordered just before midday yest.

      • dispatched with tracking number now.

  • look like it's out of stock

  • Thanks OP, deal is back on for $5 more. unfortunately no other deals on the hub atm. so this is by far the best deal at $95 delivered.

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