ShopBack 15% Cashback Amazon Flash Sale 21/06/21 Rejection Thread

Surprise, surprise! All of my large Shopback cashbacks from the Amazon Flash Sale 21/6/21 have been rejected.

Here is the original post:

Starting a thread because I know I won't be the only one.

Why do we keep using these cashback companies who are effectively STEALING commissions from us?

Post how much they've ripped you off. I'll start: $40.

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  • Not sure you want to hear this, but just had my three approved - bit under $20 worth.

    • Was that as three separate amazon orders or a single one? It seems many people are only getting one item from any order approved.

      • Two separate orders

  • +1

    I got an email that 1 was confirmed $7.53. Checked after reading this post and 3 others were rejected totalling $20. Wouldn't have known otherwise, thanks. Surprise factor 0.

  • -3

    They’re not stealing your commissions, Amazon have rejected the claim.

    Not sure what specifically went wrong with your purchases, but between CR and SB, Amazon and eBay account for 95% of all of the rejections I have had.

    With the Amazon rejections that I have queried, the majority focus around categorisation of the product. Even when you think it’s clearly in a category, Amazon will say otherwise.

    • +3

      This Amazon flash sale was for all categories though. Should only be rejected if order was returned/cancelled

      • +4

        Exactly. They can't pull the "invalid category" card here. The offer was for ALL categories. Cashback tracked, item NOT returned, and was rejected regardless. Something in the water ain't clean.

      • In that case OP should take hit up with SB. There must be a reason!

    • +1

      I reckon they click through on Ozbargain posts with the affiliate tag. Puts a cookie on the product for 24hrs and interferes with the Shopback link.

      Not sure why Ozb even allows affiliate links on main posts unless a unique coupon is offered by the seller to buy through the link.

  • Yea, mine were hit and miss too. My large one confirmed and two small ones rejected.

    I should add Cashrewards amazon flash sale were confirmed a month ago.

    • Same here. No issue with cash rewards and it was paid last month.

  • One item was confirmed for $3.08, and three were rejected, all from the same order = a loss of $5.57.
    Rejection reason was that the order was refunded. It wasn't. I've emailed them since there is no button to appeal on the actual cashback list.

    • Yes, they have removed the appeal link that used to exist within the rejection text. Which amounted to nothing anyway. You just got a copy/paste reply along the lines of too bad/so sad.

    • Same. What's funny is even Amazon says "We aren't finding any cancelled orders (for orders placed in the last 6 months)".

    • +1

      Yay, my three rejected cashbacks just got un-rejected!
      Would love to know if the issue was unique to this flash offer, and hasn't been the cause of widespread Amazon rejections on other occasions. I've found ShopBack to reject Amazon cashbacks a lot more frequently than CashRewards does, which suggests the problem lies with ShopBack and not Amazon.

  • i got one pending and one rejected, which i checked and it was paid with gift card,

    • Hey @Adz12, please refer to this comment.

      • ah, i would have thought the cashback was rejected because it was paid with gift card

        • Not with Amazon, they allow Cashback to stack with official Amazon Gift Cards :)

  • 1 paid
    3 rejected

  • -1

    Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    Leave it with me and I'll get our team to investigate asap.

    I'll provide an update as soon as I have one.


    • -1

      Damage control, which will likely amount to nothing.

      Cashback companies are advertising on TV now. This repeated occurrence really needs to be raised with the ACCC. I might just do it, on behalf of everyone getting jibbed on a regular basis. It's trickery. If it tracks, it should be paid.

      I don't feel like you "have our back", but I didn't neg you BTW.

      • +2

        Mate I don't know what else to tell you, these things happen from time to time.

        We work with over 2,000 companies and depend on each of them to track and report your orders accurately so we can provide you with Cashback.
        Sometimes there are tech issues on our end or the merchant's end, and it is frustrating.
        But we'll always do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.

        To say I haven't got your back when you haven't messaged me directly in over 2 years is uncalled for.
        I already have our team investigating this.
        Please just give us a little time & patience to sort it out for everyone.

        I will provide you with an update as soon as I have one.


        • +2

          Cool. Forgive my frustration, but I've lost faith in this process. It feels like we are being played for fools, over and over. It shouldn't be this hard.

          ETA: The vast majority of people sucked into cashback schemes via celebrity fronted TV ads aren't on OzBargain with direct access to you. There is a bigger picture that needs to be addressed. The cashback system seems broken and is working against the average punter, and straight to big corporate advantage.

          • -1

            @sparkles: It's all good. Our team are working on a few cool features behind the scenes that will effectively reduce the hassle of Missing Cashback.
            We'll provide more info on that when the time comes :)

            I have an update regarding the Amazon situation:
            * Our team have identified the issue and just pushed out a fix.
            * This will be updated in everyone's account by tomorrow morning (once our system refreshes)

            If you don't see the cashback in your account by the morning, please send me a DM.


            • +1

              @gotyourback: Since I started this, I'll follow through. It does look like the fix has worked. I'm very glad that people will now receive their hard-earned dollarydoos back as promised.

              As an end user with a (small) vested interest and an increasingly low tolerance threshold for having to chase things up, it would be good to know why data fixes seem to be a regular thing. A 50% rejection rate on such a major front-page promo should in theory raise a red flag at some stage in the process. Maybe high rejection ratios can be analysed for legitimacy before data files are pushed through the system. I dunno, I just know I don't want to be doing this chasing cashback anymore.

              Cheers, GYB. It's good you are on the ball. :)

              • @sparkles: Thanks for confirming this with me :)

                I agree that there is more we can do to help identify large quantities of rejected cashback before our system sends out a rejection notice.
                I actually quite like your suggestion, let me bring this up with the bosses to see if there's anything we could do to implement something of that nature (I can't promise it will happen, but I'll try).

                If you ever have an issue with Cashback, just send me a DM.
                I'm more than happy to help out.

                Have a good one!

  • Have you reached out to Shopback support chat? I've found them pretty reasonable and helpful in approving a previously rejected claim

    • No avenue that I could see to pursue this via chat.
      The bot on chat directed me to click a link on the Cashback overview page which did not exist for my orders.

  • 1 accepted ($17.45)

    1 rejected ($20.00)

  • Have just been notified today that cashback has been confirmed on 1 order only ($4 cashback) - while the other orders have had their cashback rejected. ($15 + $16 cashback SURPRISE SUPRISE?)

  • $25 confirmed and $14 rejected. 5 transactions, 2 approved and 3 rejected🙄🤔

  • Both of my cash back were rejected. ~$20 won’t be using these (profanity) again.

  • 1 confirmed, 3 rejected…says that they were refunded

  • my $7 was rejected due to being refunded, which it wasnt.

    would be good if email notifications were sent for both successful and unsuccesful cashbacks which were tracked

  • +2

    Hi all,

    I have an update regarding the Amazon situation:
    * Our team have identified the issue and just pushed out a fix.
    * This will be updated in everyone's account by tomorrow morning (once our system refreshes)

    If you don't see the cashback in your account by the morning, please send me a DM.


    • Thanks GYB for a quick response

      • All good :)

    • Thanks for the quick response. Mine is all fixed now. People are quick to hate on you guys when something goes wrong so I will just say I appreciate that you fixed it promptly and no complaints here 😁

      • +2

        Because it's been publicised. If you have an untracked order on your account and ask email support 100% you ll be knocked back AND blamed for things going wrong. Gotyourback does help but what about the people who don't use Ozbargain? I went back and forth with email about a transaction that I screen recorded and I still got the same generic responses and I could see they didn't even bother clicking the video.

  • +2

    It's ridiculous that it takes 4 months for cashback to be approved/rejected.
    The entire process should be automated and cashback approved once item has been delivered?

    • I think the process is automated, but automation does not guarantee error free.

    • @bongom
      What @nfr says is correct.

      I'll also add that we (ShopBack) don't determine the length of time Cashback takes to be "Approved".
      This is set by the merchant, which we must follow.

      This is done by the brand so customers may exchange/refund their order and have their Cashback updated/rejected if needed.

    • It takes some time given some items can be returned, so makes sense that it takes time as the refund window closes the cash back should be confirmed. So it’s understandable it takes time.

  • All my cashbacks are fixed.


    • Sweet! Thanks for confirming :)

  • thanks OP.

  • 4 transactions $18-20… all approved for me

  • +1

    That’s why I stopped using shopback. They usually advertised pretty good cashback % but it usually gets rejected or I have to chase them for it. I don’t have the same issues with Cashrewards but shopback customer svc still have the cheek to tell me that they use the same system. Cashrewards emailed me right after my purchase to tell me that my purchase is tracked, shopback don’t. Cashrewards pays me, shopback don’t.

  • Can confirm the small amounts of rejection is now all confirmed.

  • In general - once I get screwed once on these deals (due to tricky or complicated rules) I don't bother with them anymore.

    The best company for honouring deals in my experience is Coles. Simply spend the amount, get the bonus flybuys.

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