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1kg Biltong $48.99/200g $10.99, 1kg Dry Wors (Sold Out) $38.99 + 5% off First Order, Shipping from $9.99 @ 4hunters


Dry Wors (Dried Sausage) SOLD OUT: https://www.4hunters.com.au/collections/drywors/products/original-dry-wors
I finished my 5kg of Taster Packs from last deal and sent Peter at 4 Hunters a message asking if he could do a discount on his bulk Biltong and Dry Wors(Dried Sausage)
Even though his prices were the best in Australia he was able to reduce them $1/kg for Ozbargain! As per last Ozbargain deal feedback he has added Nutritional information to the website! 200g Biltong is also on sale at $10.99 reduced by $3 as he got some Ozbargain feedback 1kg is too big for some people.

The quality and taste was exceptional especially for this cheap price. People from last deal can attest to the flavour and 5 stars on Google reviews and 4.9 on Facebook.
They make sure to keep track of stock levels so will always fulfil your order on time. I bought 5kg last time and it was delivered with tracking in a week!
I loved the Dry Wors(Dried Sausage) from last deal, even more than the Biltong. The right amount of fat and a nice chew overall I could could eat it for dinner!
Peri Peri and Chilli Garlic were my favourite Biltong Flavours out of the 6 flavours I tried.

Thanks to quarkz: Code JOINTHECLUB adds 5% discount

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    Use code JOINTHECLUB for a further discount at checkout

    • Thanks OP. Bought 1kg of each!

    • Thanks I have added that code it's 5% off for the first order

  • Thanks Levity… nom.

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    My wors has been dry for a long time

  • I haven't tried 4 Hunters yet. Which flavour is recommended?

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      I like Chilli Garlic and Peri Peri but their BBQ and others are award winning. You can check their Google and Facebook reviews to get an idea of what people like.

      • Was eyeing the Chilli Garlic and just ordered it!

      • Bushman's is my favourite

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    $12 shipping kills the deal

    • I ordered 10kg and it was $14.99 shipping. If shipping is $12 you can get up to 5kg of meat which means you are saving a significant amount at the lowest price in Australia. This is half the price of biltong.com.au at $91.99/kg for biltong or $70.99/kg for dry wors

      • +21

        what kind of mad man spends 500 bucks on jerky in one go

        • It's was $385.40 I found out I like the dry wors better I'm having a party for Halloween 🎃 but I'm getting double what I would get at biltong.com.au

  • Time to venture out of https://biltong.com.au/… Thanks :)

    • Ouch that website is double the price :(

      • Ikr. Excited to see your deal :D

  • Thx OP bought a kg to try

  • Usually get biltong from Springbok Delights in Northern Sydney but bought some jerky, stokkies and droewors to try. Thanks OP!

  • Is this better than doc proc?

    • It is a different. What didn't you like about Doctor Proctor? If it is saltiness, this will not better. If strange taste, this will be better.

      • Dr Proc was good untill you taken large volume of salt and not realising it.

    • I didnt realise what kind of jerky I liked until I tried it.

      If that salt can is REAL jerky, then I'm fine with fake moist jerky from Jack Links, apprently.

  • Why no pepper biltong?

  • it's like chewy tough horse

  • Bought a kg from the last deal was impressed, but eating a kg in 3 days was probably too much for me. This time ordered 5* 200g bags. Thanks Peter !

    • +5

      I took on board what people asked for some like 1kg some are loving the 200g.

      Better get back to work wasnt ready for this

      Here we go

      Ps , glad you enjoyed

  • +4

    Thanks to everyone ordering .

    We will keep a close eye on stock levels as we do not want any delays in getting orders out .

    When sold out on the Website thats it for this Deal.

    DRY WORS - Has sold Out

    Plenty 1kg and 200g Biltong Left

    • I am happy to wait, anyway of still ordering dry wors for when you make some more?

  • Dry Wors 1kg all sold out =( and yeh $12 shipping is somewhat of a deal killer unless you have the funds to buy multiple kg at a time. Time to dust off the ol' homemade Biltong dryer. My biltong brings all the boys to the yard.

    • +3

      Hi Andos86

      My biltong brings all the boys to the yard. Brilliant.

      Shipping isn't that bad especially after the JoinTHE CLUB you paying $37/Kg where other places are charging $65 + for a Kg

      • Oh true? Ok, yeh sounds worth it then. I'll keep an eye out for another deal when they have more Dry Wors. Admittedly, I haven't shopped around for Biltong / Dry Wors for a while and have forgotten average prices. I've also been spoiled with 'free delivery' so often that now anything over like ~$7 feels expensive (blame Amazon Prime).

  • These are good prices but unless you are ordering a load, shipping makes it not much cheaper than your local Saffa store

    • Thesaffa.shop is $67.99/kg for biltong which is still a lot more how much is your staffs shop?

      • $65 (although there's a place in Malaga that sells it for a bit less). So 1kg of this plus shipping is $59. 2kg is $110 - great price but a lot of dried meat!

        I guess if $48 is the genuine ongoing price going forward and you order multiple kgs, it's a pretty good deal.

        I really should start making it again.

  • I've seen other building suppliers offer different levels of moisture (eg: dry, average or wet). Any similar option here Peter?

    FWIW we prefer softer biltong.


    • building suppliers? Wrong post, my friend.

      • (I miss Swype)

        I've seen other building biltong suppliers offer different levels of moisture (eg: dry, average or wet). Any similar option here Peter?

        FWIW we prefer softer biltong.


        • +2

          Hi Ozbargain

          As our product is packaged we do not offer it as wet , More average if you want to put it like that. And not chewy either as we have to follow a certain water activity and dryness to package product . As per food safety requirements.

          I can tell you its soft and just the right dryness about it.

          • @PeterHunter123: Thanks, have ordered a few 200g packs to try.

            I'd also be interested in whole pieces if they're ever available. Might just be in my head but biltong seems tastier freshly sliced.

  • Ordered. Hopefully it's good

    • if you're looking for moist like Jack Links, you will be disappointed.

  • @PeterHunter123
    Your website's initial promo sign-up doesn't take a landline tel no!!

    • Using the promo code JOINTHECLUB will sign you up to the mailing list

    • Will look into this

  • -1

    Was going to order three packs of the 1kgs but ….

    How long does the biltong last? Online saids 4 to 6 days before mold starts growing? I assume that is for wet product though.

    No info about shelf life of products

    • The expiry date is one year sealed, one week opened my last batch in August 2021 was August 2022

    • +2

      As long as its sealed 1 year before opening , as soon as it opens 3 - 6 days to consume. we take it out of the packaging and it last even longer . If you keep it in the fridge in a air tight container then mould might start so not recommended .

      Brown bag can last well over a week

      • Thank you for the quick reply!

        Will try it :)

      • Hi mate I’m a little confused.

        I ordered 1kg just for myself, obviously gonna take awhile to consume it all. How is it packaged? I need to be able eat a little then keep the rest as long as I can haha.

        • I have successfully frozen biltong snap sticks in the past.

        • …as soon as it opens 3 - 6 days to consume

          I normally vac seal and freeze, have eaten it a year and a half later and it was fine. That was whole pieces, not sure how it will go sliced.

      • Don't put it in a airtight container in the fridge? I thought that would make it last longer?

        • I think the issue you get is moisture if it's a sealed container which causes mould hence the brown paper bag suggestion as it will hold onto the excess moisture is my understanding and help keep the product from spoiling in a damp environment..

          I'm also keen to know what people have found to extend the life one the bag is opened as I do think keeping it in the fridge will be better provided you can keep the moisture away so perhaps in a brown paper bag… add some roller town around the bag for good measure then pop it in a zip lock bag or container might work better???? (not too sure… need to play around… keen for other suggestions)

  • Question about Bushmans flavour: "Bushmans combines all of our wonderful flavours together." - as in, some pieces are BBQ flavoured, others are chilli&garlic flavoured, etc (like a mixed variety pack - perfect as I want to sample all the flavours!), or do you mean that every piece has the same flavour mix, being some hybrid of (original, bbq, all the other flavours spices)?

    • +1

      The tasting pack would be suitable for you included Bushman's, Chilli Garlic, Original and BBQ as well as Dry Wors. The 200g packs are also good to try several. It's more of a general spice mix for Bushman's. Bushman's was my favourite after Chilli Garlic and Peri Peri

      • Thanks! will try 5x200g packs rather than the 1x1kg and pay a little more.

  • Put in an order for a few KGs, hopefully as good or better than biltong.com.au

  • Thanks. Just ordered a few 200g packs

  • Restock on dry wors? Sounds great, just missed out.

    • It's sold out for now Peter has told he he's willing to run another flash sale in 2 weeks as batches have 1 week turnaround

      • Oh yeah, thanks!

  • +2

    Just ordered 4kg, $200.16 delivered

    • Why the negs?

  • Thanks, ordered!

    Didn't know what biltong was until this post.

  • $9.99 delivery for 200gms no thanks :(

  • Haven't had good jerky in Australia since Savage Jerky from the US were no longer allowed to ship here, anyone have any recommendations?

    • -1

      Personally, I'm not a jerky fan but I really enjoy Biltong, can eat the stuff all day long really… If you've not tried Biltong before I would highly recommend it but it all depends on what flavours you like in your Jerky… Eg, if you like the sweet and smoky Jerky you might find Bilgong very different but I'm sure you will like it as well if you are a meat lover… Give it a go…

      • -2

        I've tried biltong, it's mildly flavoured cardboard imo

        • You must have got a really bad product or the person making it has no idea… I've never heard anyone describe biltong as you have above… I think you need to give it another go… good luck!

    • -1

      Haven't had good jerky in Australia since Savage Jerky from the US were no longer allowed to ship here, anyone have any recommendations?

      • Savage Jerky, really good stuff, sheesh learn to read

  • Thanks, joined the club while waiting for my own to dry. Works out about the same as when I buy silverside at $15/kg, however I tend to make it much dryer.

  • +5

    Hi Everyone

    Please note we have completely SOLD OUT and will not continue to sell when we have no stock . To insure everyone gets there orders in a timely manner.

    Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more deals

    • Any idea on when these orders will be sent out? I ordered on the Monday and nothing since then

      • +2

        Hi Knobbs ,

        Obviously we had a huge amount of orders with this promo. What I can tell you is that 60% of the orders left last week and the rest will be sent out tomorrow. If you would like to PM me your order number, i will be able to check up on it for you. We thank you guys for your understanding and patience with this. Last orders will all leave tomorrow.

        Many Thanks,


        • Hi Peter,

          No need to check my specific order. Just wanted to know an ETA since it was a week and I didn't have any indication of shipping from my order.
          Thanks for the info, look forward to getting my order next week :)

          • @knobbs: No Worries , you should get a tracking ref as soon as its packed and scan

            Thanks for your support

  • +1

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick update with everyones orders, we shipped out 60% last week, and the remainder will be shipped tomorrow. We have obviously experienced high volumes, but are still maintaining our shipping time frame which is as follow (Found on our website shipping policy)

    Please allow 3 - 7 business days of processing and production time for your order to ship out.

    Again, another HUGE thank you for your support, we appreciate every single order that has come through, and we hope that you enjoy our products,

    Kind regards,

    4 Hunters Team

    • Thanks Peter, I just received notification from Auspost.

    • Yeah just got my shipping notification too. Peter's the man

  • Received my order today, tasted, 5/5.

    Thanks Peter.

  • +1

    All Orders Completed and Shipped ……Everyone should have a tracking #

    Enjoy and Thanks

  • Received and eating. Pretty good! Thx.

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