Buy Two Aperols and Get One Reimbursed by Aperol Spritz Australia


Pretty decent campaign from Aperol Spritz Australia. This is how it works as per their website:

  1. Register your details & create a Celebrating Togetherness profile.
  2. Reconnect with a friend over a Spritz – Buy 2 Aperol Spritzes or 2 Aperol Spritz Ready To Serve packs.
  3. Redeem the cost of 1 Spritz up to the value of $20 or the cost of 1 Ready To Serve pack up to $24!

In short, buy two Aperol Spritz, don't forget to grab your itemised receipt from the bar and submit online to get up to $20 back on an Aperol Spritz or up to $24 back on a Aperol Spritz Ready to Serve Pack.

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  • Thanks OP, as a recent consumer of their ready to serve pack, I'd suggest avoiding even at this discount (buy 2 get 3). Get one/two/three/etc at a bar by all means :)

  • BOGOF cocktails at a bar is a bit meh. You'd need to find somewhere that does them for a good price already then mess around with getting a receipt.

    BOGOF 4 pack premix seems pretty good though! It would make 8 for $22

    • First choice is $20 a pack, there is also a $200 get $20 off to combo?

  • +2

    3 working days for approval plus 7-10 working days to process payment 😳 I hope it goes through… Spending a beer carton worth to get 8 fizzy lolly wine drinks will be pretty sad.

  • so it's some kind of beverage?

  • +4

    I'm virtually an alcoholic.
    Trying one of these almost cured me.

  • Just picked up my Aperol Spritz 4 packs. They taste like Aperol Spritz! Sweeter than I would make them though. They could be mixed with some more dry sparkling.

    If you know you like an Aperol Spritz, this is a good deal.

  • anyone tried to redeem, keeps on coming up as session expired at the last stop, tried 2 browsers.

  • My claim was approved. $1.54 cash rewards too.

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