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NBA League Pass 2021/22 - Annual US$42.99 (Approx A$61) via South Africa @ (VPN Required)


Hi guys,

Please go easy on me as this is my first post.

I was looking through OZB for a cheap NBA League Pass option for the upcoming season and noticed that there are no recent active posts.

For signup you'll need to use a VPN and sign up via South Africa.
Works perfectly inconjunction with the current free KeepSolid VPN deal.

  1. Follow the instructions in the post for the KeepSolid VPN deal to create your free 6 month VPN subscription.
  2. Open VPN; select South Africa
  3. Go to Choose an option that suits you (the annual package works out to be the best for all teams). Make sure you have selected South African Rand US Dollar for the payment option (drop down list with red arrow on the right)
  4. Sign up with a valid Credit Card; preferbally one with no international transaction fees - you can select Australia in the Country/Region.
  5. Done!

Once you have signed up, you should be able to stream and watch NBA games without the need of a VPN.


edit: As mentioned in the comments, it's actually cheaper to pay for the subscription in USD as opposed to Rand.

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  • Just wondering if anyone has tried and can confirm this works?

    • yes it works can confirm. Brother in Philippines is using it at the moment.

      • thanks

    • +3

      I've done this via SA for the past two seasons now.

    • Been doing it for 5+ years.

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    If you want to save a bit more pay using US currency with 28 Degrees card. It shows $58.08 on my account but still pending though so not sure if it's going to change.

    • +1

      Thank you! Paid with a Macquarie card and got it for AU$58.08 as well.
      It took me a moment to find it so for those who don't know, the currency selector is located on the right hand side of the page above the plans. Select and click "US DOLLAR" to have the league pass price show USD$42.99.

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    I singed up this way about two years ago. I've got it on auto renewal. It went through in September for less than $65

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      Yeh same, think that last deal was Honduras for $55~ish.

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    Oo if this is the cheapest I'll be on the next flight - think I went to Argentina last season

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      india is the cheapest but you need indian VPN while streaming games

      • +1

        True you do need a VPN to log in but once you are in you can turn it off and watch games without it.

        • Yes, I can confirm this to be true. Cost for LP this year was about $18, so I believe this is by far the cheapest option. You just need to turn on VPN, log in, start a game, then turn off VPN and then stream whatever games you want (as long as you don't close your browser). Last year (all season) I used the free version of TunnelBear; this year I am using the free (after Shopback) version of PIA. It has worked on all of the preseason games.

          • @dibdob: Not really an option for TV/box apps.

            • @Skinnerr: I have PIA installed on my phone, connect that way to log in/start the game, then Chromecast it to my 65" plasma screen.

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    I did this a few years ago with a Indian account and VPN and it was great until last year. They really cracked down on VPN's last season though and I couldn't watch a single game.

    • spend more on NordVPN. so far so good.

    • +2

      Indian is the only one where you have to use a VPN to watch games. I've been using Brazil/Argentina for years and never had an issue.

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    This works. My league pass has been based in Argentina for the last couple of years and I think I pay around $90 a year.

    • Same. Just had mine renewed 2 weeks ago for around AUD82. Good find OP.

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    I've done this for years but ended up only watching 10 minute YouTube highlights anyway.. so I don't even bother now. Good deal though.

    • +1

      MLG Highlights FTW.

    • Don't forget that this includes playoffs, All Star events, full game replays of epic performances and NBA Finals. For those times when 10 min replays just won't cut the mustard 😊

  • Any other VPN's people recommend and would you always sign up to a VPN with an alternative email address and not your main one? Always thought about doing this but was too afraid to give it try

    • +2

      Works fine with TunnelBear

      • Cheers also just want to know can I just pay for a month and then sign up for NBA then cancel the VPN without any issues?

        • TunnelBear comes with 500mb free which is more than enough to pay for the pass.

        • If you're really stingy, you can sign up to a VPN that offers a 30-day no-questions-asked refund and sign up to NBA League pass using that. After you've signed up, request for a refund from the VPN provider

      • Yep, I first tried with Nord and Surfshark and it still gave me the standard USD prices.

        Switched to tunnel bear and works fine. I found the tunnel bear connection to be notoriously slow, so what I did was when on the price page switched back to surfshark VPN (RSA server) refreshed the price page and works completely fine with the same prices intact.

  • Do you need the VPN to stream?

    • +3

      nope. only india

  • Already auto renewed at this price

  • everyone, please try Vietnam.

    • Just tried now, got 1165000 VND -> 69.463481 AUD (using

  • +1

    Algeria is $58

    • what vpn for Algeria?

      • Expressvpn

  • +2

    This deal is great. I got on it 3 years ago and it auto renews each year at the same discounted price. NBA new season I am ready!

  • +1

    Anyone know of deals for streaming F1?

    • +2

      Getting in on a shared family plan of kayo would have to be the easiest I'd imagine

  • +1

    Dang! My nba sub autorenewed already for $86….

    Do you need vpn to watch with this one? That was my main gripe with india last year

    • Nope, Indian is the only one that requires a VPN to watch.

  • +3

    I renewed in Mexico for double that price. Annoying. And the emails I get are in Spanish.

  • league pass in turkey i saw the premium pass (extra perks) at 759L == $118 aud.

    looks like this is cheaper if sharing it with another person.

    might do it next year.

    I also found out that you can stream from desktop and phone at the same time with the regular leaguepass

  • Fantastic - I have always used South American countries and I think paid around $120-130aud (and allowed to auto-renew already for this season). Next season I'll make the switch to South Africa!

  • Don't forget one really important thing. If paying via paypal you need to wait a couple of minutes for the option to show up on the payment screen. It's ridiculous that this is the case but I spent days trying to figure it out.

    Also I auto renewed through Argentina at $62 AUD.

    • +1

      Haha I literally just wrote this! I wasn’t sure if it was Argentina but this confirms it!

    • Its not showing up for me? Ive been waiting for over 5 minutes

  • +2

    I don't watch basketball but this is a good deal.

    Now if only there was a way to watch football without requiring 27 different bloody apps……

  • Good stuff, Argentina auto renewed for me at $76. Happy with that

  • Cheers OP, managed to sign up for $68.44.

  • +5

    Don't pay in Rand, swap over to USD while on South Africa and it'll be 42.99USD ≅ 58.08 AUD
    I put together this pricing table last year. Can't guarantee the prices have stayed the same (or that taxes haven't suddenly jacked up the price of Argentina).

    • Nice… do you do this every year? I always struggle to find any info about pricing prior to the auto-renew kicking in.

      • Not really, I do the charts around the start of the season to get the pricing and refer back to it when I get my renewal email to see if the price has drastically risen or not.

  • +1

    get $5 in a sportsbet account, watch free forever

    • on your phone screen though…

      • +2

        best time to watch sports is at work

        • +2

          I live in Melbourne, whats an office

    • +2

      In 240p definition

  • +1

    Does the NBA league pass streams have commercials?

    (I just recently thought about watching NBA basketball and used a free Kayo sub, but the games(preseason) have so much commercials and it's not watchable for me.)

    • +2

      No commercials during games, it just switches to in arena cameras

      • +1

        Cool I'll go for this one then thank you!

    • That's the best thing about a league pass- no ads

  • Cancelled my Canadian auto-renew this season because they kept cutting off my account last year (never said it was because of the country difference, and they'd connect it again after I contacted support). Also quality is pretty garbage for streaming in 2021…

    Might sign back up at this price, I know I'll get sucked into having hope for my Timberwolves again…

  • +2

    Anything for the NFL?

    • +1

      I use Argentina for NFL Game Pass. Think it comes to $160 for the season. It autorenews and I forget exactly how much.

  • Cheers OP. Got a team-pass for the Warriors for $36 NZD.

    • +1

      Our bench looks strong this season!

      • Good eh! Good to have some veterans on the team this time around. Defence will be the question mark.

  • Thanks OP. Wasn’t having any success on my phone but managed to sign up on a desktop (with VPN unlimited). Can confirm I am able to watch ‘condensed games’ which is normally only able to be viewed with a subscription.

  • Ive had a league pass through Argentina VPN over the past 3 years or so and its good value but i feel i dont use it as much as i should. The problem is that i have a Kayo login and almost all the big games are on Kayo, i dont watch enough games so im not going to renew this year.

    • +1

      But do you get the ads on the replay with NBA League Pass like you do with Kayo? I don't on the NFL Gamepass.

  • Thanks OP!! Got it to work with Cyberghost VPN.

  • been waiting for this, Ive found a better deal comes thru about a week into the season

    look for the Bulls to improve a lot this year

    • I thought its usually much later an a week in - i thought they usually offer the cut price deal around halfway into the season or closer to playoffs

  • I forgot to cancel auto renewal but got charged $62.01

    I can’t remember which country I used but I think it’s Argentina.

  • +1

    Damn didn't work for me, it charged me $199 US….

    edit: it let me cancel it at least, was charged $270AU on my card

  • Signed up to one of these a few years ago, the auto renewals are even cheaper than this, but this year i am cancelling because the streaming quality is horrendous. I always end up having 'buffering' in many games.

    And no, 'my internet' is not the problem, Kayo and NFL work just fine.

    • If the preseason is anything to go by then it looks like they've finally made the jump from 720p to 1080p. How that effects regular season buffering is anyone's guess. Week 1 is usually a mess due to the free trial.

    • +1

      To share an alternate view, I use League Pass mostly because I never get buffering or quality issues using it, and I do with other "sources". It's almost always been perfect for me.

    • I mean, it has to be user end. What are you watching it on? Xbox app? Desktop?

  • Guys I signed up to this and realised it's one license ie one device at a time

    On the Australian page I know there is a premium around multi devices etc.

    Anybody else know of another country outside of Aus and US that has this service but a decent price.


    • +2


  • Probably a dumb question, recently they introduced these blackout games, I assume this isn't affected by that and you can watch the live games and not just the full game replays? I was using the VPN from India before, but canceled because of this blackout thing. 🥲

    • +1

      Blackouts are only for US and Canada markets due to local TV rights etc. all games are available for Australians.

  • Have League Pass updated their horrible UI yet? Like having a different amount for a skip interval, shortcut keys for skipping. I wish they would edit games that would cut out the free throws (just do an overlay that says 0/2, 1/2 etc.)

  • +2

    Being a Rockets fan.. they'd have to be paying me to watch them this season :-D

    I'll stick to watching highlights, maybe we'll win a couple during the season.

  • +2

    SBS brodcasts/streams many NBA matches now, if you want NBA as a freebie:

    Disclosure: I am associated with SBS, but not the NBA coverage (there's only a box for associated with NBA).

    • +1

      Ooo this is great! Is it possible to watch replays that you missed on SBS? I know with channel 7 you can watch replays of any shows.

      • I asked someone today and yes, SBS On Demand will have catch-up available after each game.

        (Again ticking the imaginary checkbox: I am associated with SBS, but not the NBA coverage)

        • +1

          Just rang SBS and asked for Morven. They said no one works at the office by that name. Nice try, Morven, if that is your real name.

          • @Pootie Tang: Ha! We don't work at the office anyway (thanks to covid, since March 13, 2020).

            • +1

              @Morven: SBS was at its peak imo when The World Game went for about 6 hours on a Sunday. Now you got the train.

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