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Panasonic 5-Cup Rice Cooker, White (SR-DF101WST) $89.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Simple and Easy to use; Features one-touch operation allowing you to access the 4 main programmes simply by pushing one button on the front panel; 5 Cups uncooked
Advanced Fuzzy logic technology allows the rice cooker to make adjustments based on each set of ingredients and the cooking environment; the same way a human would; so you don't have to monitor
One touch easy operation with 4 categories
Non-Stick pan for easy washing and cleaning and a 5 hour keep warm feature to make this the perfect addition to any benchtop
Australian plug and Australian manufacturer's warranty included

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  • this or Xiaomi IH Rice Cooker?

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      I will not buy Xiaomi products in the future.

      They appeared to be reasonably priced and value for money. But their life span is short, it may last for two or three years.

      They decided not to support their older products.
      -Xiaomi camera stopped working when they updated their firmware
      -Xiaomi Smart gateway V1 no longer had a firmware support
      -Xiaomi Bidet mysteriously stopped working after 2 years of use (replaced filter but stopped working)
      -Mi drone 4k stopped working and FIMI no longer supports their older drones.

      Wasted around $1K in total.

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        My robot vacuum is still going strong after 2 years.

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        Relevant comment as many of the functions of the Xiaomi IH model require the usage of the phone app.

        • i can’t get the phone app to work so for me it’s not a smart cooker, just a normal rice cooker.

  • Amazing, was looking to get one for a present

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    We have this one. It’s great value at this price, I’d grab this one for $89

  • Thanks I’ve bought one.

  • Can anyone comment if the Tiger or Korean rice makers are that much better than this ?

    • Some reviewers say this one has some problems handling moisture, but really, how much better could they be?

    • My roomate has the bigger (10L I think) version and havent had any issues

    • +1

      I've had my Tiger for 11 years, still going strong.

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      I think the Korean ones are better.
      I especially like the Buffalo brand one - really high quality and the best bit: stainless steel bowl so no flaky Teflon gassing off or getting in to the rice.
      Yes they are dearer but they are worth it IMHO

      • +1

        never heard of buffalo, it looks a lot like the xiaomi ones

        Do you know how it compares to the Tiger JAXS10A ?

        I'm using my Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker, and the results are barely passable… not great

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          I have never done a direct comparison but I have used Tiger and I think they are excellent too but I think they have a Teflon inner coating.
          Great for cleaning, bad for your health

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          Buffalo is a korean brand, on par with Tiger. We've been using one also for many years

          • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: The link that King Tightarse had, when I looked at the company's history, it looks more like it's either a Taiwanese or a Malaysian brand. It doesn't mean they are bad or anything like that, I was just curious because I've never heard of this brand before.

            Cuckoo probably is the most popular Korean rice cooker brand in Korea (my brief googling says 70%+ of market share).

        • +1

          The JAXS10A model is an overseas-only model and it's not worth the money if you're buying a Tiger IMHO. If you're looking at high-end rice cookers, might as well go for IH ones. From Tiger the latest Tacook model uses claypot coating (https://www.binglee.com.au/products/tiger-multi-functional-r...). Panasonic is fine if you're not looking at high-end rice cookers. My 5-cup one (older model of this one) lasted 10+ years so far, twice-thrice weekly use. Fluffy rice and no issue. Can't compare with a high-end rice cookers though in terms of versatility, but if you're going to get a high-end one might as well go for what makes them really different.

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    I’ve never understood rice cookers. Rice is the least bothersome thing to cook. What am I missing?

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      yes, half of your life cooking rice properly

    • -5

      This!! I guess some people have no cooking skills and expect the rice cooker to fix it. Lol

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        Have you ever tried rice from a rice cooker? Have you tried coordinating a kitchen with a rice cooker doing the rice? Based on your comment, I'd assume not. It's not about whether you have the "skills" to cook the rice, it's about the quality of cooking (fluffy, perfectly cooked rice) and the consistency (perfect every time) as well as the ease of use (set it on, have it do all the cooking, can keep the rice warm for many hours when done).

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          Cook rice daily for my entire family. No issues with getting the same fluffy and well cooked rice consistency irrespective of if I use a pot or a rice cooker. Not sure what this fuss is about cooking rice of all things. It comes with experience I guess :)

          • @Bluberry: I am still not convinced that the standard sunbeam $20 ones vs a tiger or this.

            isn't still using the same magnetic tech?

    • It's mainly convenience, same reason people buys airfryer. I've cooked rice in rice cooker (most often), cooked rice on stovetop (occassionally, nowadays only for basmati/making pulao) and cooked rice in a steamer (not in the last 20+ years). With a rice cooker all you do is wash rice, measure water, pop in, press a button and leave it. Cooking rice on stovetop or in a steamer requires more work, you need to stir it occassionally, keep an eye on the water, then turn off the stovetop when it's cooked. Rice cookers have timers nowadays, so you can even pop the rice in and it'll be ready for the time you want it to be ready.

      If you cook rice twice or three times a week, you're saving a lot of time.

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    I wouldn't buy this, for around $30-40 more, the SR-CN108WST on special is a much better product and represents significantly better value. Biggest difference is that this one will dry out the rice on the keep-warm setting whereas the CN108 will actually hold the rice for hours without loss of quality

    • +1

      how does it do that?

      • I think on the DF101 the seal between the pot and the lid doesn't fit as securely, and it has a direct vent opening whereas the vent on the CN108 is a bit more complex (has a few bits that separate for cleaning) and the gasket that seals against the pot is much better fitted (and also removes for cleaning). Whatever the difference, after a few hours in the DF101 the rice becomes hard and dry so I typically wouldn't just keep rice in it, whereas once I updated to the CN108 I'm now able to make rice for lunch, and leave it on keep-warm until dinner with negligible loss in quality.

        • For this reason I've started using a pressure cooker to cook my brown rice. It comes out fantastic, the only thing is you need to be quite precise with the ratio or water to rice. I've been using equal parts 2 cups rice and 2 cups water

          • @Jackson: Do you rinse the brown rice as well?

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              @kiitos: I have when I am not in a hurry, and I have tried soaking also which helps, but I usually in a hurry

    • Is it on special now? Or do you mean wait for it to come up on special later?

      • +1

        It periodically goes on special, IMO it's worth waiting for

    • I own this rice cooker and I haven't had any issues with it drying out rice on the keep-warm setting. Is this a common issue?

      • Yes, it is. I can't let it warm for the whole night without being dry. But I usually pack my rice then put it in the fridge for the next day.

        • the whole night?! Who does that really?

          • @Jackson: My parents do that. I think they have this SR-CN108WST rice cooker.
            The one is this OP, constantly drawing water from the rice in warm mode, and it also does not have a water reservoir so every time I open my just cooked rice cooker, water drops into the pot and on the kitchen bench.

  • Pretty good rice cooker - I got one from PB Tech for $68 one year ago and it's still going strong with fairly regular use.

    Note that it doesn't have a beep when the rice is cooked but does switch it to "keep warm".

    ETA: I was happy to pay $68 for this but connoisseurs might want to look at the CN108 based on the price listed here.

  • We have this rice cooker and it's brilliant. Perfect results every time.

  • The only problem i noticed is that is very expensive to get the replacement inner pots.

  • @papagoose. Where is the SR-CN108WST that’s only $30-40 more? Thanks….

  • +1

    Going off the 1st review w on the Amazon link itself, I think I'll pass on this one tbh.

    Amazon review:
    I researched through Choice and chose this recommended rice cooker. I was replacing my previous excellent Panasonic rice cooker. I thought I’d done something wrong when after 90 minutes the brown rice was still not cooked. But alas when researching this forum I see I’m not alone. Even white rice is taking an hour. No beep to announce end of cooking is annoying too. I could not be more disappointed.

    • Same here. My friend who also has it has the same issue. Sometimes rice does not cook properly.

  • I have this one (10 cup) and my friend also bought it seeing me having one. We both regret as it does not cook evenly and sometimes even undercook for some reasons. The rice are not fluffy to its full potential and I do use really good rice. My old Breville rice cooker was better.

  • What's the difference between this and the kmart cheapo rice cooker?? My kmart one is going strong for 7+ years now.

    and who the hell 'adjusts' rice cookers anyway?? Just put the rice, fill with water and press the button!! Only amatures adjust rice cookers :)

  • I have a few rice booker - Breville Multi-chef, Target basic version and also Tefal Classic Rice cooker, all of them release a lot of steams, is this normal?
    I cook brown rice and sometimes mix with some jasmie.

    • +4

      Yes - that's generally what happens when you heat up water.

      • Oddly, i only encounter this in Australia. When I'm in Singapore or India, I don't see the same amount of steam. This is why I'm wondering whether a tight lid like this Panasonic would make a difference

        • There's a reason your breath fogs up only in cold climates. Has to do with how much water the air can hold before it condenses. Warmer air holds more water so you see less steam. Singapore and India both sound like pretty warm places to me.

  • big thing for me is cleaning, and can i remove the disc in the lid for cleaning or do i need to clean with the disc stick in the lid ….

    • Take the little inner disc out and rinse it after use.

      Wipe the top after use, get in the cracks etc.

    • The little disk come out for cleaning but the gasket and the rest of the top does not. The CN108 is much easier to clean because the whole top gasket can be removed

  • +1

    I like it but it's annoying to clean the water out of the lid. Not very well designed in terms of trapping water.

    Works very well though, price is good.

  • I've used a kambook one simlar to this


    for over 10 years, the only thing i could complain that the enamel coating has wore away and been replaced. But we're never had issues with cooking, as long as the correct water is added.

    Is using a better brand going to give better results? i thought it really depended on the rice you buy?

    • It's both. You can use really good rice but if the cooker doesn't cook it to its full potential. It will still just taste average.
      There's a good reason Tiger rice cooker (Japan made) is 3x times the price of normal brand and really popular amongst Asian community.

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