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[QLD] $75 Air Fares - Brisbane ↔ Cairns/Hamilton Island/Townsville/Whitsunday @ Virgin Australia


Virgin Australia has partnered with the Queensland Government by offering $75 flights to encourage Queenslanders to take a ‘Great Queensland Getaway’

From 18 October until 31 October, Queenslanders can book flights between Brisbane and Cairns, Townsville, Hamilton Island and Whitsunday Coast for travel until 12 December 2021, unless sold our prior

At $8 million, The ‘Great Queensland Getaway’ is one of the Queensland Government’s biggest-ever tourism campaigns

In addition to cheap flights, Queenslanders can enjoy big discounts on accommodation and tourism experiences

Virgin Australia continues to offer free booking flexibility to change or cancel to travel credit with no fees, available for travel up to 30 April 2022**.
1. Sale fares are available to be booked using travel credits and Future Flight Credits at virginaustralia.com
2. All Virgin Australia fares include Velocity Frequent Flyer Points and up to double Status Credits^.

Monday 18 October 2021: Virgin Australia is giving more Queensland families the chance to enjoy a holiday in their home state, by partnering with the Queensland Government to offer one-way Economy fares for just $75 on the following services:

Brisbane – Cairns // Cairns – Brisbane 
Brisbane – Whitsunday Coast // Whitsunday Coast – Brisbane 
Brisbane – Hamilton Island // Hamilton Island – Brisbane 
Brisbane – Townsville // Townsville - Brisbane

The sale is part of the ‘Great Queensland Getaway,’ which is one the Queensland Government’s biggest ever tourism campaigns and will run from 18 October until 31 October, for air travel until 12 December 2021, unless sold out prior.

In addition to discounted fares, Queenslanders will also be offered reduced accommodation rates and up to 50 per cent off tourism experiences as part of the $8 million campaign designed to incentivise travel in the Sunshine State.

For more information and to book, visit virginaustralia.com.


“Virgin Australia is proud to be partnering with the Queensland Government on the ‘Great Queensland Getaway’ to do our bit to help Queensland families take off on a well-deserved holiday,” said Mr Hartley.

“From today we’re dropping fares on certain Queensland services to as low as $75 until 31 October, unless sold out prior at virginaustralia.com.

“This is a great opportunity for Queenslanders to see parts of this beautiful state that they might not have had the chance to visit in a while.

“Our award-winning cabin crew look forward to doing what they do best and welcoming Queenslanders on board and back into our skies.

“Virgin Australia wants to assure passengers that they can book with confidence. We have waived all applicable change fees and now allow unlimited changes for bookings for travel between now and 30 April 2022.

“And for a period of six months commending from 1 October 2021, all Velocity Frequent Flyer members will receive up to 100 per cent bonus Status Credits when they fly on eligible bookings, so they’ll be able to snag a bargain airfare and be rewarded for their loyalty with up to twice as many Status Credits when they fly,^” he said.


*Fares are on sale from 12.30am 18 October 2021 to 11.59pm 31 October AEST, unless sold out prior. For travel on selected dates between 18 October 2021 and 31 October 2021 (inclusive). Travel periods and conditions apply. $75 price point based on a one-way Economy Choice fare booked at virginaustralia.com. Subject to availability. Payment surcharge may apply. Full T&Cs at www.virginaustralia.com

**Changes must be made prior to travel date. Fare differences may apply. Cancellations with refund to other forms of payment as per fare rules. See virginaustralia.com for terms and conditions.

^Bonus Status Credits Promotion is valid between 12:01am AEST 01 October 2021 to 11:59pm AEDT 31 March 2022 (inclusive). For more information on Status Credits and bonus earn rates, click here Terms and conditions and exclusions apply, visit here.

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    • +4

      NsWelsh are more covid ridden right now ? ;)

    • +4

      "why not"….

      It's a QLD Govt subsidised campaign for Queenslanders.
      Do NSW give out $25 restaurant vouchers to people from QLD?? No!

      And Border won't be fully open during promotion period - for flights until 12/12.

      Qld Govt announced their Roadmap today.
      Border planned to open without quarantine to fully vaccinated by 17/12 (80% fully vaccinated).
      Partly open (with quarantine) to fully vaccinated after 17/11 (70% fully vaccinated).

  • 6am departure from Townsville. Eesh

    • +1

      Also 2pm $75 flight
      11:30am is $205!
      Depends on day chosen.

      • Oh nice!

        • Was on Magnetic Island / Townsville recently - limited flight times were discussed by travellers.

                • +1

                  @the INFIDEL: We have annual passes to the Village Roadshow theme parks. We've already discussed that we need to go lots of times before December.

                  • @macrocephalic: Yes. Get in quick before the border opens to the vaccinated (17/12 or possibly earlier)!

                    • +1

                      @the INFIDEL: Wouldn't say jealous, well maybe a little … I love Queensland and love holidaying there !

                      I'm just saying that on Hotel Quarantine, QLD was happy to let NSW be it's sin pig ! You can call it good management or possibly shirking …


                      And also stating for a state that has nearly 6% of it's jobs at least partially derived from tourism, your premier could have tried to be a little less divisive.

                      • @ZeeFlyingMonkey: To be fair, Sydney is the largest, busiest airport in Australia with the most international connections. NSW also has a population 60% larger than Queensland.

                        NSW certainly did more than their share, but Queensland seems to have done more than any other state in terms of population.

                        I don't know, but I suspect that Queensland's tourism and hospitality has probably done better by locking off and being in a covid-zero state than by having large outbreaks which cause lockdowns. Hospitality and tourism industries have been doing it tough here, but people are still out and about within the state.

                      • +2

                        @ZeeFlyingMonkey: your premier could have tried to be a little less divisive
                        the behavior and rhetoric or the QLD premier has been wretched

                        I think you missed the class on the basics of politics, or at least the one on the strangeness of politics in Qld…

                        Those are the qualities that get politicians noticed. And that's the first step towards their main objective - getting elected. Being charming & agreeable doesn't work well for politicians.

                        (Through my consultancy business, I helped a Qld Government Minister develop. We had the best off the record discussions! He taught me a lot! I grew up with politics, with political leaders ringing my home.)

                        Like everywhere, there are different approaches for different constituencies. The wording & attitude changes. You obviously aren't used to the Qld approach! Divisive is the norm!

                        The statements that annoy you are meant to be heard by those in Qld, where they are popular. You weren't the target audience - you don't vote in Qld!!

                        Most Qlders like the approach & gave landslide support to the Premier last year. Few had even heard of her when she was elected Premier in 2015. Announcers struggled with her name - it was an unexpected win for her.

                        Qld's few very short lockdowns were mainly due to deliberate breaches of the border closure.

                        Seems we made another good choice dodging the major stuff ups of the hotel quarantine system. Qlders should be happy about that.

                        Qld did have minor breaches. Hotel quarantine was a failed temporary approach to a major problem, which led to the worst COVID outbreaks in Australia.

                        A fair chunk of the money from tourism in Qld (in normal times) is from overseas tourists.
                        But the Federal Government has closed the borders…
                        "Tourism is the state’s second largest export"
                        "the year ended March 2019, with 2.7 million overseas travellers spending a record $6 billion, up 8.6 per cent on the previous year."

                        So loss of a few disgruntled potential tourists is a small price in politics, or in tourism. Once the borders open before Christmas, the accommodation fills, few will be bothered with what bothers you now.

                        It's your choice to stay away. Qld isn't likely to notice, as it'll be too busy.
                        I like people who express their opinion.

                        • +1

                          @the INFIDEL: Thanks that was very detailed and definitely adds in extra context, NSW politics is effectively just two piles of equally unappetising swill. I appreciate the robust discussion and hope that you're right about the inbound tourist overflow it's good for everyone ! I also hope all my favorite places in Surfers and Broadbeach can stay afloat long enough to flourish again.

                          I do fundamentally think that statements and actions that divide a country especially for cheap political points are just not worth it in the long run for the population in general, but at the end of the day whatever I can bitch about in relation to the QLD premier, at least she hasn't been taken down by a corruption scandal …

                          • @ZeeFlyingMonkey: Oh I totally agree.

                            As one Federal Opposition Leader from Sydney once put it "The job of the Opposition is to OPPOSE!"
                            But it doesn't need to be that way. In reality they mainly agree on the substance of matters, but usually not on how its done. They need to establish a difference between themselves & the other political parties - just so they are noticed & hopefully elected. Poor desperate fools!

                            I used to get upset by the Pollies (organised political rallies opposing governments) - now I realise it just a "game" they play & ignore most of it.

                            Enjoy your new Premier. And his desire to add 2M immigrants to make his vision of "Big Sydney". Everyone knows Sydney is under-populated :-)

  • how much is withsunday normally?

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