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Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL Duo Bluetooth $582 Delivered @ Chromeburner


This isn’t the cheapest deal, but still a good bargain if you want to split the units between a mate or family etc. $582 and with free delivery over $475 @ chromeburner Netherlands. Lowest price I seen was $543 from Chromeburner as well but this was Nov 2020. So the $39 price difference is fairly negligible. This is meant to be rated still one of the best communication devices to date, only being beaten by the Cardo Packtalk Bold black edition which is currently $400 + $70 shipping (40mm vs 45mm drivers, and blacked out aesthetics, 2yr vs 3yr warranty)

Hope I can help a few fellow ozbargainers out!


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    "The leading motorcycle Bluetooth intercom system" for those (like me) wondering.

    • I had absolutely no idea either.

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        cmon everyone knows card packtalk. Yo catch me on paktak m8.

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    • motorcycle Bluetooth intercom system
  • What are their returns policy like? I’m hesitant to order from overseas again and not from Amazon; my pactalk slim died on me and it was seamless too return to Amazon. Edit: $618 at Amazon

    • Amazon are usually great with their return policies. I had my item stolen and the empty bag was left in my mailbox, the refunded no questions asked. But I have not purchased through chromeburner but have had several friends say they were easy to deal with. Their communication speed is super responsive

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    FYI they tend to have Black Friday deals which wouldn't be far off. I got my packtalk twin pack from them a couple years back for $380 USD delivered.

    Have bought a number of things from them. Had to exchange a leather jacket once and their customer service was great - PayPal's shipping refund came to the rescue too.

    • I know. Hence why my comment mentioned one of their cheaper prices. Of which it's arguably not that much less than the current price. If I was buying a $100 item and it was $20 compared to $60 it would be a different story but $580 compared to $540 starts to show minimal % discount

  • I was going to go for this one. However all my riding friends are using Sena so I have now my eyes on the Sena 50S. Makes it easier to use the mesh comms when using same brand units. ( it’s Android vs iOS all over again ). No mesh compatibility between Sena and Cardo😒

    • Do a few google searches, but from what I've seen cardos allow to pair to other mesh systems like sena. I'd be checking it out before knocking it back. These units are also ip67 waterproof whereas sena needs to be taken off I the rain

  • Bought my Scorpion ExoR1 helmet from them. Great to deal with and fast shipping considering the delays.

  • I have several. Only issue is. Cant use voice activation as i do not have an american voice. And also when in mesh the highest volume for music is reduced until unmesh and then the music increases in volume. Both annoying points. Feels free if any rider have experienced this or have a way to address this issue. Cheers

    • It was a weird moment realising to activate the voice stuff I had to put on an accent. After that it worked like a charm hahaha

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    These things are so good. I've had mine for 3 years now, I ride pretty much every day and it's still going strong

  • 100% recommend for Riders who like great bass/sound quality & the ability to easily communicate. Cardo just missing a bt 5.0 & Mesh 2.0 - open chat is pre awesome feature - eg see another biker at the lights, u can jst start talking if he also has a Sena 5s or he will just hear u belting to your playing music 😂

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      I ordered for my daily commute to work. For gps, music, and the odd phone call. I never planned on group ride comms as that doesn't interest me

  • I’m looking to purchase this. Has anyone purchased anything from Chromeburner recently? Roughly how long should I expect delivery?

    • I've just bought on 14th Oct, and it's been shipped on 15th.last update was 16th being sent to aus. I'll keep you updated but the postage speed can be like 2 weeks or longer

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        Thanks, yeah it would be great if you can keep me posted. Cheers

    • My helmet took 4 weeks to arrive thanks to Covid. But that was back in June, wouldn't be surprised if things are taking a bit longer.

      • That seems about right. It took 6 weeks when I ordered my kriega backpack from motardinn. It got stuck somewhere then all of a sudden arrived in syd sorting facility and was delivered like 2 days later

  • It appears that they’ve increased the price to $622.40!

    • Did you not buy when I posted this? it landed in Aus as of today. So should receive this week/next week

      • Yeah I made the purchase luckily @ 582. Thought I’d make mention of the price increase that’s all.

        Last update on my order was on the 25/10 being shipped to Aus.

        • Great to hear

          And you will receive an update soon. I'm still waiting for another uodate
          Haven't had one since Tuesday saying it had arrived in aus

          • @Discoaus: You can also enter the tracking number in the AusPost tracker. Should come up with the tracking info.

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              @layziebone: On board for delivery today!

              • @Discoaus: Yessss 🎉🥳

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                  @layziebone: Great news is I have received it undamaged and looks the goods. I have sent my 2nd unit to a friend as we went halves. 2 weeks since ordering was impressive seeing as it takes this long to go state to state in Aus!

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