Google Pixel 6 Availability

Wondering if anybody has any information on whether the Pixel 6 will be available immediately upon launch early tomorrow morning from JB and other retailers?

Leaning towards waking up super early to try and ensure I don't miss out as I am in need of a phone and decided to wait out on this, but if people with previous pixel launch experience suggest not to bother with the early wake up call then I'd much prefer that option. Bots are also an issue I assume?

On a side note, I haven't received a voucher yet from the online Google BDAY sale which is a shame unless they send today. Otherwise JB will get my order given postage challenges.


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    Crazy idea, but, have you thought about just calling JB hifi?

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      @ brendanm That is crazy, why ask a store who would know what's going on when you can start a new thread on OzBargain and ask people who would probably be guessing?

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        Should probably shut down all the forums then, given pretty much everything in them could be sourced elsewhere?

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          Some things are opinion, or need discussion. This could be solved in an under 1 minute phone call, and op would have a solid answer.

      • Stores do not pick up calls quick enough.

    • Thanks mate

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    Pixel 3XL owner here, phones were announced in October but weren't available to pick up until November.

    I suspect it'll be the same but we'll know in a day.

    • Thanks - good to have some idea of what to expect then

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    Internet says October 28

  • I think finder accidentally published before embargo

    According to this 28th. Also Aust pricing there too. Pretty competitive

  • My guess base pixel 6 $999 with pixel buds for preorder

    • Not confirmed but would be nice… Europe getting the Bose 700 again, which is nice!

      • We get 100-150$ Google store credit

    • Nope, unfortunately Australia is not getting the drop in launch prices US got, 999 for pixel 6 and 1299 for the pro.

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    Based on the fact that Google have apparently made this their biggest ever phone drop (units wise), I wouldn't be too concerned about them selling out straight away.

    Also, review embargos only lift next week, and knowing Google's hardware issue history, I would be waiting until then to place my order.

    And yes, it woul be nice to receive our Google BDAY discount code!

    • Ugh, just received my birthday code today. I mean I don't blame them, but still would've been nice to have it available pre-launch to use when I actually ordered the phone (and still in stock!).

      • Sane same.

        Happens to be I ended up saving more using the StudentBeans code before they fixed it…

  • I hope there is Google fold phone announced tomorrow, at the same time as 6 and 6 Pro.


    JB Hifi is now saying 12th of November for availability, and giving a Nest Audio away with it.

    I'm holding off cause I don't want to fork over that cash without physically seeing the phone for myself instead of looking at photos of it in other people's tiny hands. Also Black Friday is right around the corner.

    • That's for the 256GB though. 128GB and 512GB in the same colour are available on release day.

      Wanted 256GB in Stormy Black, ended up getting 512GB. My Pixel 4 is a spicy pillow (so unfortunately can't wait for Black Friday) so the earlier I can get rid of the phone, the better. A bit worried about the size and the curved screen, but can't be too bad.

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