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[eBay Plus] 10% off Vitamix A2300i - Black $527.40 or Vitamix E310 - White $349.20 Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay


Additional 10% off Appliances Online Birthday Sales prices on both these Vitamix models. Cheapest I've seen either model.

A2300i (Black) - $527.40: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283526662311?epid=26020271916&ha...
A2300i (Slate) - $529.20: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273333314422?epid=2295408535&has...

E310 (Black) - $357.30: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274193055012?epid=13036588293&ha...
E310 (White) - $349.20: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274345291595?epid=11036552145&ha...

Coupon Ts and Cs: https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/PLHOME/

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  • How do these compare with Froothie Optimum blenders?

    • Froothie have heaps of comparison tables on their website as a starting point.

      I've got a G2.1 which blends like a trooper.

      I doubt you'd go wrong with either.

  • No BlendTec, no sale.

  • What's the deal with these? Any better than a nutri-ninja/bullet/other random high powered blender?

    • +3

      Most definitely. Have a 10 year warranty which for most small electrical a is unheard of. Will blend with great power!! Won’t let you down. I use mine for everything - blending, food processing, chopping. It’s great.

      • +1

        The OzB popularity of this model and all of the positive feedback from owners like this in the comments has convinced me to go in.

        I've been using a Nutribullet Pro 1200 for a little less than 2 years (maybe a fruit smoothie once or twice a week) but recently ran into the dreaded grease leak and burnt motor. Was considering buying the replacement part for ~$30-35 and thinking it's probably not a bad price to take a second punt on getting a couple more years out of the gear.

        But this saves the hassle and putting more cost into cheap manufacturing.

        Thank-you OP - bought the white E310 for $349.

        Had to sign-up for eBay Plus and will jump through the hoops of using their voucher offer ($40) to recoup most of the sign-up fee, but got my eye on something I would have paid for without a voucher.

  • +1

    I have one of the E310s from a previous Amazon sale. It is highly recommended.

    My favourite thing to make in it is nut butter from raw cashews and almonds roasted in the oven at home.

    Of course it does all of the other standard blendy things easily. Most noticable is the high power (v cheaper blenders).

    • Do you use one of the blender bowls? I’m wondering if they are worth getting.

      • I just use the jug that arrived with it. I don't have any additional bowls.

  • These are high quality and well worth the money. Plus they are Made in Murica'

  • No love for WA..strange never heard appliance online refuse to deliver

  • I use mine everyday for smoothies.
    I prep my mirepoix in it.
    Have done soups and salad dressing, lemon curd was super tasty and easy.
    Lots of videos on yt.

    Get the 310, don't bother with touch pads etc.

    Rinse the jug immediately after use.
    If you've got a lot of hand washing to do, blending up dishwash detergent with some water is super satisfying.

    I had an issue with celery strings caught under the blade at one point.
    The help line is awesome, they sent me a free scraper thingy and when I called back next it was the same customer service lady.

    • 310 means using the kludgy cup attachment and missing out on blender bowls.

  • Can you use it for hyper-decanting wine?

    • Hyperdecanting is a dumb meme now because people saw it on a bad tv show.

      It’s doesn’t magically age your wine. All it really achieves is speeding up the introduction of oxygen, so you get an hours worth of airing in a couple minutes. So it’s safe to assume that any blender can do it - Myhrvold was using a normal kitchen blender when he came up with it.

  • We had an original vitamix that was replaced twice under warranty. I gave up and purchased a copy on ebay. Was around $100.

    Has worked flawlessly over the past 3 years, used daily in a juice and bubble tea bar.

    Have purchased another one to use at home to blend protein shakes and smoothies. No issues.

    • I don't know who gave you a neg (prob some loser who couldn't stand the reality that they overpaid for an item that would have worked just as well at $100), but I balanced it back for you to neutral.

      • My last purchase lasted more than 6 years ago and nowadays, I can see that the OEMs have gone even cheaper. There is absolutely no reason to buy an overpriced Vitamix which just does the same thing and looks similar… unless you really, really, really love the brand and it brings you joy to pay 10x the price of a similar product. In which case props to you.

  • No luck for delivery to northern rivers

    • Might be OOS? I noticed AO changes the delivery locations instead of hiding the whole item. Perhaps try the other colours?

      • I did, and one had stock but no delivery to my post code

  • Won't post the 310 to Brisbane? Weird

  • The E310 was $310 in December sale.

    • Which December?

  • all the a2300i are sold out

    • I managed to pick one up at about 2:30am 20/10/21.
      Yes I'm a weirdo, yes I've been waiting to get a Vitamix by manually checking Ozbargain for MONTHS. Thanks OP!

  • How heavy is the E310 base? Currently have a nutribullet which is easy to take out of the cupboard and get a smoothie going, but after a few years weird stuff starts to happen with the motor on them. It's like the blade part starts spinning on the base and doesn't catch properly. We've even replaced the blade and it still plays up sometimes.

    Though I'm hesitant to fork out so much seeing as we already have a breville kitchen wizz for food processing and this would mostly be for smoothies. It might be helpful to know what sort of stuff this can do that a good quality food processor can't. Stupid question but can food processors do nut butters and purees?

  • +1

    eBay Plus in title and description?

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