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[PC, Epic] Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Standard Edition $53.97 ($38.97 with Newsletter Coupon) @ Epic Games


Cheapest price by 3¢ before using the coupon.

Personally, I'm gonna wait till the Gold edition is around this price and I finish Odyssey and Origins.

So maybe never?

Coupon Deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657387

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    The price will go down once they release a new AC, so don't say never

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      I know, I got Odyssey and Origins Gold editions for around $25 each (with coupons), it's really just an issue of not wanting to buy another ginormous open world game when I have a bunch I haven't finished and a few I haven't even started.

      Haven't started Red Dead 2 either, it's not really a bargain if it sells at a cheaper price before you ever play it.

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        It's a good strategy. Stay 1 game behind, save a bucket, and still keep plenty entertained! The true ozb way.

        I'm doing the same myself. Just about to start AC3. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I can't afford a GPU to play anything better =P

        • I just got this game for free with an SSD purchase last year. There were people selling the game for cheap on classified too, as they only wanted the SSD.

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    Tempted, but bought Origins and Odysseus around the same time and 10 months later still haven't finished Origins. Put 30 hours into it at the time and only just recently picked it back up again because I got so sick of playing it (despite being gorgeous, it gets very repetitive).

    Right now I've stopped collecting loot, stopped upgrading stuff, stopped doing side missions and basically anything except the main plot line just to get the damn thing done so I can move onto something else.

    • I know the feeling. In the same boat with AC valhalla.

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