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Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE 8G Graphics Card $699 Delivered @ Scorptec


More 6600s are in stock again. This is the triple-fan version. Looks like the prices have settled at $699. Disclaimer: Managed to snag one at $609, unsure if we'll see this price again soon.

Dual-fan versions are also now available there:

ASUS Dual Radeon RX 6600 8GB : https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/amd/93159...
Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 6600 8GB : https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/amd/93160...

-edit- also at PCCG:

ASUS Radeon RX 6600 Dual 8GB : https://www.pccasegear.com/products/55866/asus-radeon-rx-660...
PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Fighter 8GB RDNA 2 : https://www.pccasegear.com/products/55727/powercolor-radeon-...

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    Trying to build a family friend a budget gaming PC with a $1000 budget is near impossible it seems these days, ended up getting a Series S for $390 on gumtree, great with gamepass! $390 doesn't get you a used RX 570 from half a decade ago, let alone any other parts..

    Really hope pricing settle soonish, $700 deal for a 1080p card….

    • I was able to snag a used RX 570 v2 for 320$ about a month back! Pretty happy with the purchase

  • Eagle version also available at PLE for free shipping to VIC and WA.

  • in everyone's opinion what be your choice between the brands?

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      Sapphire first, then Powercolor, Asus and Gigabyte

      • thanks for that is there a specific reason for sapphire Build quality?, just thought i would ask

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          I have the Sapphire RX6600XT and it comes with a metal backplate… but its 30% larger then the 6600 non XT version so i would say it would run cooler…

          If i was going for a 6600 out of the options out now it would be the Asus hands down.
          Looks to be using the same size cooler as the Asus 6600XT but unlike the others with their plastic back plate coversing the rear of the GPU socket ( HOT SPOT ) .. the asus has left it exposed to vent heat.

          in tear downs of the cards the gigabyte and MSI have had to use thermal pads in that area to stop the card from melting the plastic backplate at that point lol — NO thank you I'm avoiding those.

          The Sapphire still has an exposed rear socket and a metal back plate but the heat sink overall is just way to small. ( good for small itx builds.) but your getting less!… at least with ASUS you get the same cooling made for the 6600XT

          Check out the images here

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          Sapphire makes GPU's exclusively for AMD and have a very good reputation. For various reasons:


          • @scrimshaw: And yet Asus have been the top brand since sapphire was considered unknown crap, I'd go the Asus if given the choice.

            That said sapphire is a good brand now, so either are fine.

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        Err what about xfx?

        • Just comparing what cards were in the post. I'd place XFX above Powercolor, though I'm not too familiar with their lower end models

        • I'd place PowerColor and Sapphire in the same tier and XFX one lower. XFX are still good but some of their coolers aren't as good, whereas PowerColor and Sapphire's entire ranges are good.

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        I think the Asus beats the others in terms of thermal performance - it has an aluminium backplate like the Sapphire.

        It also has the largest cooler out the lot - deceivingly it's a 2 fan card, but it's a 3 (2.5) slot card with a huge heatsink.

        Based on thermals and noise, I would personally go Asus > Sapphire > Gigabyte > Powercolor (the cooler weaker than the rest)
        ^given they are all priced identically and not at MSRPs

        Asus + Gigabyte
        Note that the ambient temps would be different for each benchmark

  • Agreed. $609 is the bargan price. This card is not good for gamer.

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    dear: my current 5yo graphics card. please never die.. i will never be able to afford another one ?
    kind regards - me

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    609 great
    650 ok
    699 no

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      From launch night
      $549 yes
      $579 yes
      $609 maybe
      $650 + no

      • you do know this is the 6600 not the 6600 XT which means it should be even cheaper than that.

        • Yes, 6600.
          Except it wasn't cheaper than that, $549 and $579 were the cheapest launch price and pretty much sold out by 1am.

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    yeah 579 on launch pretty happy with my 6600 XT OC MSI Mech

  • scalptech

  • I've got a couple of GeForce 6600 GTs somewhere…

  • So I've been reading that current AMD cards have issues with older games using DX 11 or older, including the 6600. I just can't see the value at 699, or even 609. But maybe anyone with a current gen AMD card can chime in with their experience?

  • What was the launch price (normal price) of the sapphire RX 6600?

  • I have an 8th gen Intel gigabyte mainboard with a GTX 790 GPU. Any one know if I can expect any problems if I get an RX 6600 as an upgrade for compatibility issues?

  • WOW now the Asus just went up to $749 as they just had a new arrival ASROCK Radeon RX 6600 Challenger D, 8GB @$699
    The PC industry is a Joke some one call the ACCC

    • Wonder if they monitor Ozb and up the price once the community works out which models are best…

      • Possible , but i think what there doing is if they have a new shipment stock of card they they bump the price on the other and put the more stocked in its place

  • WOW now all RX6600 Cards are $749 , there not getting my money

  • Bitcoins almost at $90k so my guess is that at these prices the cards are still cheap lol.. they will be $1000 per card come christmas

    • That’s just crazy
      My build put on pause for some time

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