[SUBS, PC] Minecraft (Both Bedrock and Java) Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC (and Ultimate) on November 2nd


Both editions of Minecraft are coming to Windows PCs for free as part of Game Pass on November 2nd
May be November 3rd due to time zone differences

I believe they will come with a unified launcher but don't know the technicalities of signing up for a username on Java edition (likely going to be related to MS account)

You probably own the game already but is a great addition nonetheless, especially for those who want to try the other edition to play with friends or family

Unlucky for those looking to be gaming during lockdown (but hey, the grind never stops!)

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    May want to combine with this deal, if you are looking to stock up on your gamepass sub

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    Is this playable on Mac?

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      Minecraft Java runs on pretty much every major OS. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition

      • This. Definitely play Java if you can. Bought Java for my nephew and he couldn't believe content was free.

        • Yup. Can just put in mods, texture packs and skins, all for free. Can even mod in very high resolution graphics.

      • Does game pass work on Mac?

        • Game Pass is not software. You don't install the game pass, it's a membership. It can be accessed on Mac / IOS.

          You buy the pass and your Microsoft login is what you use to play with Minecraft (it used to be Mojang but they're now merging the two together into one federated login)

  • Nice wanted to try out bedrock but not been keen to buy the game again

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      I don't… does the Java edition ever go on sale? I want to be OzBargain and not pay full price…

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    If you're just grinding this game, buy it? I presume it's cheaper than the xgp subscription

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    Damn it. My son was begging me for this and I caved a couple of days ago.

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      Me too brother.

      • Oh well. I promised him I'd get it if he did well in school and he topped his year so it's the least I can do.

  • Stupid question…Is this a permanent copy?

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      Nothings guaranteed permanent with Game Pass, but given it's a MS published title, I wouldn't expect it to disappear.

      • I think some of the forza titles have come and gone from game pass. I also seem to remember that minecraft was previously on there?

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          The forza titles get delisted from the MS store after a couple of years due to car and music licensing agreements. Minecraft was previously only on the xbox and now comes to PC with the Java edition included as extra.

    • If it's like any other game pass game, then you would only have access to it while the subscription is active :)

  • Is this version capable of using the RTX shaders?

    • To my knowledge, the included bedrock version should be

    • Currently Bedrock does if you 'opt in' to beta version.. but then you can't play with non-beta players/servers so it's not ideal.

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    For what it's worth, you get a discount on the game purchase if you have gamepass but I've found that, by the time the game leaves gamepass, it's very cheap to buy on eBay or Gumtree.

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