Share with Me Your Favourite Home Made Indian Curry Recipe

Recently I have been enjoying a good home made curry sauce.

I know there are heaps of curry variations on the internet but I would love to try some authentic, passed down through the family, unique recipes.

Nothing too complex please. I'm just an average cook.

Thanks in advance.


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    you talking indian curry, malay curry, vietnamese curry, thai curry, japanese curry, chinese curry, westernised curry,

    • Chilli Con Carne Curry obviously.

      Easiest one pot cooker meal.

      • I wouldn't say necessarily easy - if you start looking into the American chili championships and the recipes they use, it can become quite involved. Depends on how much you want to push it really.

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      Indian - I have edited title thanks

  • re: Indian Curries
    I did some cooking classes a few years back with an elderly Indian lady who showed us how to create the curries from scratch (her english wasn't great so I assumed she was legit). They tasted great but the effort involved was a bit much for everyday cooking. Now we just make healthy curries in the Thermomix and they are fine (although still not sold on cauliflower rice!). Every now and again we make the effort to do one from scratch but honestly, you are probably better off just getting a pre-made curry mix and going from there (I think Curry Masters is the most authentic pre-mix?)

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      but honestly, you are probably better off just getting a pre-made curry mix

      OP asks for homemade recipes and you legit suggest to buy a watery, sugar laden insult to the cuisine. Lol.

      Curry sauces aren't that difficult to make, or prepare in bulk. Buy them and they're flat, sugary and don't have any body to them.

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        I said that because the last time someone posted something like this a lot of the Indian people suggested this option.

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    Butter chicken does not equal just butter + chicken

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      Haha! In Ireland several years ago, my husband and I felt like Indian (never thought we'd get sick of pub food!) and we asked the waiter if they did butter chicken, since we couldn't see it on the menu and thought maybe it was known as something else. Dinner arrives - it's chicken cubes floating in melted butter. Literally nothing else added. Lesson learned: only order from what is actually on the menu! ;)

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        Haha sounds like my "garlic bread" in philippines.. diced garlic on toast, and it was on the menu!

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          Oh gross! Haha!

          We also ordered "fried artichokes" in Spain, having had them a million times in the States and were looking forward to crumbed, deep fried goodness. What we got was a bowl of fried slithers of artichoke - like fingernail clippings!!

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          Or my iced coffee in the US; black coffee with ice cubes floating in it.

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            @CeleryMan: I tried to order black coffee with ice cubes on a hot Summers day from Muffin break. The girl looked at me strange when I explained that no, I didn't want cold milk mixed with a coffee shot.

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              @skid: I ordered ‘ pancake’ from a café thinking “hope it’s a typo and get more than one”
              Nope. They cooked up a cake in a pan… was pretty sh#t

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          I ordered a ham and pineapple pizza in Scotland for the kids. It came with no cheese, because I hadn’t mentioned that….how can you have a pizza with no cheese??

      • Once I forgot to say "fries" when asking for "chips" at a restaurant in the US. A got a burger on a plate with potato crisps from a packet on the side. I imagine this happens often over there with Aussies.

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    Mobile phone, Uber eats app (where needed or similar), credit card and wait…
    Ring ring… door bell!

    Oh look, Indian in 45 mins or less!

    Thanks! :)

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      yeah for $70+ ! What a lifesaver..

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        Do you ever offer any helpful suggestions Sprinter99 or just highjack other people's comments with your lame criticisms and pathetic attempts at humour?

        • Do you ever offer any helpful suggestions Sprinter99

          Like a packet curry sauce? hahahahaha

          • @DisabledUser410530: As I said .. you are really not funny and it just comes off as pathetic. Maybe rethink this part of your life champ as you are failing badly.

        • hahahaha!!!! 🙏

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        Sure… why not? If its for 2 people, sounds about right.
        Otherwise - order and pick up…

        Point is - F' cooking a curry… too much effort when one can buy one and it is likely to taste… oh so much sweeter, just like a Bunnings Sausage on a Saturday. Sure you may miss the booze in hand and sport, but god damn, screw the mess firing up the BBQ makes for a shag or two!

        Save the water when it comes to washing up the dishes and order out!

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    Would be cool if someone actually commented with a recipe…………………….

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    Spice Tailor packet when half price 😅

  • Not technically a curry, but a nice, tasty Indian dish:

    I added slithered almonds for a bit of crunch, and had to use beef stock because I couldn't find lamb stock at my local shop.

  • There are Fiji Indian curries and Indian Indian curries - different in taste.

    Look up Anita’s kitchen in YouTube. She has great recipes from scratch.

  • mspaint diagram please.

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    My go to goat.mutton curry recipe :

    Super easy too if using an instant pot

  • has anyone tried OPOS cooking? it's called one pot one shot.. google it and then thank me later

  • The most draining part of a North Indian type curry is preparing the base. You can save a lot of time by making a large batch of just the base and using small portions with various meats or vegetables. Try this for a start:

    Hebbar's Kitchen (above) and Swasthi's recipes ( are very reliable.

  • I often use this recipe

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    There is a recipe book at Kmart for $5 called The Curry Kitchen. It has some spectacular curries in there .
    The slow cooked beef Madras is our favourite.
    Go to an Indian grocer to buy all of your spices, you will save a bucket compared to Colesworth

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    Recipetineats - Google it.

    Try any of her curries. All delicious and simple to make. My favourite is lamb rogan Josh.

    • Nagi's recipes are my Go-To.
      I have never had a failure or been disappointed.
      Her Mum also writes Japanese recipes, and she has a very tasty Japanese curry.
      All accessible from:

  • There are literally thousands of online recipes, but this site is for classic dishes:

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    Another vote for Recipe Tin Eats.
    I haven't had a dud meal yet using any of her recipes.

    Here's a link to her Butter Chicken recipe, but she has plenty of other Indian dishes on the site.

  • There's an Indian lady with lots of easy yum home made recipes on YouTube. Look up Nisha madhulika- she seems to be the go to for most Indian kids who move overseas and don't know how to cook. Very easy, step by step and authentic recipes with subtitles. Start with something familiar like butter paneer.

  • I love a good barta baingan (eggplant curry) and so I googled it a few years ago and I’m going progressively through the selections. Most are just slightly different versions of the same recipe but occasionally there are some wildly different interpretations. YouTube is your friend when cooking a curry.

  • So far no one has shared any of their own recipes. I published an Australian cuisine cookbook E-book about 11 or 12 years ago and I have three Indian recipes in it, but they are "simplified" and not "authentic" family recipes. Do you wanna give them a try anyway? I no longer have the file but have a hardcopy in my kitchen.

    • Thanks for the offer but I'll try the linked suggestions above. Cheers

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