24-in-1 Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set + Storage Case US$8.64 (~A$11.57) @ Taihom Electric Store AliExpress


Great price on this precision screwdriver set that appears to be a Xiaomi Mi Wiha clone. It gets great reviews, 4.8 stars from over 2660 reviews.

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  • When I went through the checkout, my total cost (including GST) was only AUD 7.69!

    These screwdriver sets are starting to get like Eneloops. I think I have 5 sets of Xiaomi (and various clone) screwdrivers now…

    • Probably new user bonus. Was it your first order on AliExpress?

      • Nope, I've done probably 100 orders with them over the last few years. The "special price" in the red box showed 7-9 AUD, now I've completed an order it now shows 12-13 AUD (or thereabouts).

    • How do you rate the Xiami vs the clones?

      • I don't use them every day so with my relatively infrequent use there isn't much of a muchness in comparison. If I used them every day or for work etc. I'd always get the proper Xiaomi stuff, because nobody on the job has time to deal with possibly questionable tools.

        Maybe I've been lucky with the clone ones (one Jaycar, and one Jorago one) The set I have had for by far the longest is a Xiaomi Wiha from about 5-6 years ago, on which the PH#2 bit is showing some wear, otherwise still perfect. Jaycar one is showing a bit of wear after just one year.

        The carry case of the Xiaomi one is definitely nicer than the clones, which tend to have either a plastic shell, or a plastic base piece, vs all metal and immaculate build quality/feel on the Xiaomi.

        The Xiaomi ones I pick up now I tend to keep in their sealed wrapping, as they make great gifts. The clone ones tend to come in scrappy anonymous looking boxes so those are the ones I actually open and keep around for myself.

  • +5

    Yeah looks like Xiaomi Mi Wiha clone. The one thing about the genuine Xiaomi Mi Wiha is the quality of the bits. They are excellent. They are a very precise fit and don't chip or go out of shape. All other drivers I have are stuffed e.g. I use a T8 torx and small phillips. The Xiaomi Mi Wiha opens even the tightest of ones. If anything bends it would be the screw, In turn I'd rather spend $25 on a quality set which last for years. Less frustration.

    Will be interesting to hear what the quality of these are like in comparison.

    I love the picture down the page, the one that says "ALUMINIUM ALLOY HANDLE - Built in Strong magnesium Tight adsorption". Look at the phillips bit in the pic. Its chipped :-)

    • Hi, then, would you mind recommend some sets that I can get my hands on? I'm starting to gain interest in these as I'm repairing my own laptop. Also looking forward to do some custom keyboards and about to build a PC for my girlfriend. I have had a brandless set I bought off a friend who bought it somewhere on Amazon and honestly it's giving me problems as I'm chipping things up because of the handle. I have sweaty hand so the handle itself, during a long session, can get slippery and super difficult to use.

      I've heard a lot about Wiha as well as iFixit, but don't know if there are other great brands out there that offer better value as well as quality. A comment in this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656266 talked about the handle as well. So I'm looking for a decent kit with good bits and good handle for better grip.

      Thank you in advance :D

      • +1

        I agree, the handle is thin and on the occasion with a very tight screw is hard to turn. Just wish that they included something to give it more leverage. I happen to have a fatter screw driver handle from a cheapie $5 set that fits the bits so use it on those very rare occasions. The bits are a fairly common size so should fit the handle of a lot of small screw driver sets in case you already have one around. I like the Xiaomi Wiha for the quality of the bits.

    • Too bad the Xiaomi Wiha partnership ended and Wiha branded sets are old stock. New stock doesn't have the branding.

  • +2

    Watch out buying from AliExpress, always use PayPal, I didn't get my package from their seller in China, dispute sided with seller. Never again for me - good luck.

    • Did you use PayPal?

      • No. Sigh

  • Thanks op just picked one up.

  • +1

    Anyone know whether paying the extra USD 0.04 for EMS epacket delivery makes a difference to the delivery time?

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