8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad $43.95 (+ $6.60 Shipping) @ Core-Electronics


Was shopping for one of these to play some classic Sega and SNK titles - no analog stick for me thanks.

Not listed as a discount but Amazon is $54.95, so this is $10 cheaper.

Note: this states in several places it’s the bluetooth version and it’s for PC/Switch, rather than the cheaper genesis/Saturn version.

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  • +$6 shipping makes it $49.95

    • Updated. I guess they stopped doing click and collect during Covid.
      At least it’s the same shipping for two items.

  • +3

    Best out there for people emulating Genesis/Saturn games. Excellent d-pad, and will work with the switch when Nintendo launches the Sega Genesis games in their online service.

    I got one of these on launch and haven't regretted it.

    • I’m eagerly awaiting the Saturn core for Mister

  • I have one of these for my mister FPGA. Works great.

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