Ozito Steel Deck Brushless Mower Back in Stock

Hey all,

For anyone who's looking, there was around 50 of the brushless steel deck ozito mowers in stock at Bunnings Rockingham WA

$399 with two 4 a/h batteries



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  • Thanks for the heads up, I'm in Vic, so I'll keep my eye on it, they may be in soon.

  • Thanks. On the lookout for that model.
    Any other product details? Features / specifications?

    • Features
      * 50 litre grass catcher – With capacity level indicator, collects the lawn clippings to give your lawn a neat and tidy finish.
      * 9 position height adjustment – Allows the mower to cut to the desired height.
      * Multi battery fast charger - Provides the advantage of charging multiple batteries at the same time.
      * Brushless motor – Eliminates friction and wear for a more efficient operation which means cooler motors and longer run time.
      * The Power X Change PXBSDMK-4182 Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit is ideal for maintaining medium to large garden lawn areas up to 500m² with 2 x batteries delivering 36V power.

      Features include a full handle lever switch with safety start button, which helps avoid accidental start-ups while the sturdy handle with Sure Grip gives you comfort while mowing. The robust steel deck will ensure excellent product life in tough conditions, while the 46cm wide cutting blade will provide a great cut. A nine-position height adjustment lever allows the mower to cut to the desired lawn height, while the 50-litre grass catcher with capacity level indicator collects the lawn clippings to give your lawn a neat and tidy finish.

      This kit includes two 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries providing cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords, while the Multi Battery Fast Charger provides the advantage of charging multiple batteries at the same time. You always know when the batteries are ready to use with the LED state of charge indicator.

  • Cheers, I've been waiting for it to come back in stock.
    Nothing in southern Tasmania stores yet.

  • Can details of this one be found online somewhere?

  • +1

    Showing as product discontinued, did you have a link?

  • IN/Item number/Fineline is 0244221 and is promotion status.

    • Those already in the Ozito ecosystem get the added benefit of the additional charger and 2 x batteries.
      But honestly I've already got 3 chargers and 4 batteries.
      I'd really like to see a skin only version of this. Any chance @EmCKay?

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        Can’t see any skins in the range at the moment, unfortunately. In past experience, there isn’t much of a saving from buying skin only on a promotional product even when one is available.

        • Thanks. Unsure whether you are an employee of Ozito or Bunnings?
          But dunno why Ozito doesn't offer a "skin only" option on all their mowers? Even $20-$50 saving is still a saving for loyal Ozito users who don't need the additional batteries/charger.

          • @stuckster: I work for Bunnings. Due to Covid, there haven’t been many reps in store to ask these questions of.

          • @stuckster: Regardless of what one thinks, extensive cost benefit analysis by Ozito shows basically giving away batteries is super effective.

            One way to look at it is if you have way too many ozito batteries, you'll be much more likely to keep buying ozito + more likely to buy the skins of their normal range, which has a higher profit margin to them.

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    Wonder how it compares to this one $399 $349

    Anyone have any experience with Yardforce?

    Both have brushless motor, 4.0Ah battery and non-adjustable handles.

    Ozito pros/cons
    * +5l grass catcher
    * +2 height adjustments
    * Slightly less power (36v vs 40v)
    * Slightly larger cutting area (46cm vs 40cm)
    * Metal deck
    * 19.75kg vs 18kg (pretty good considering it had a metal deck). Makes the Yardforce look quite heavy for a plastic mower.

    • Last year's manual says tool weight is 19.75kg.

      No experience with the yard force mower here, only had a silent garden shredder from yard force which was pretty bad; 45mm cut capacity but it stalled on 28mm.
      Returned straight away and picked up the Ryobi that handled the same piece easy.

    • Yardforce unit has good reviews
      Seems like a pretty decent quality European brand https://www.yardforce.eu/en/cordless-lawnmowers/

    • Those already in the Ozito ecosystem get the added benefit of the additional charger and 2 x batteries.
      But honestly I've already got 3 chargers and 4 batteries.
      I'd really like to see a skin only version of this. Any chance @EmCKay?

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      Same power, it's all marketing. Some companies quote the nominal power being 18v and some the max power being 20v

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      Found out some more about the Yardforce brand this morning speaking with one of their senior reps.
      These were my takeaways which I thought might be interesting/helpful.

      • Yardforce is a brand of Sumac, one of the largest power garden manufacturers in the world. They're in the UK, USA, EU etc.
      • Sumac make ALL Victor mowers, so they know how to make a mower.
      • Their batteries use Samsung cells (meant to be one of the best). Apparently Ozito have switched to Chinese cells in recent years for cost savings.
      • Sumac was established in the 70s as a specialist "power garden" manufacturer, by contrast Ozito, Makita etc have power tool roots and have applied that to power garden.
      • Yardforce is the number 1 selling brand in Obi, Germany's equivalent of Bunnings.
      • Yardforce are able to compete with Ozito on price because Sumac is the manufacturer (unlike Ozito who are a distributor of their own brand). So they cut out the middleman and can therefore offer higher quality for a similar price.
      • They offer 2.5y warranty on the mower and 1y on the battery (if you register the purchase within 30 days). So this isn't as good as Ozito's 5y/3y warranty.

      But it's certainly peaked my interest. As a long time Ozito user (who doesn't necessarily need more batteries or chargers) I'm quite happy to go with another brand for a mower, especially a specialist mower company with a long history of making good products. Have asked Mitre 10 to get one in for me to look at next week.

      PS: Not affiliated with Sumac or Yardforce. Just a keen researcher!

      • *Sumec (not Sumac)

        • And "piqued" not "peaked" ;)

  • Any idea how these steel deck ones compare to the brushed 2x18V model? Worth upgrading?

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    you can always check with the live chat operator. they are very helpful.

    Yes, it is a Promotional item. Which store is your nearest? I can check their stock for you.

    They have 16 showing in stock $399ea. But you may only be able to purchase in store, not online.

    Sorry some Promotional items don't show in the online store. I'm not sure of the reason for this.

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    OP / Mods can we get the link added to the post please?

    • Done, thanks for the link

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    Do you think that they will match the Aldi lawn mower price that they have on sale in few weeks ?

    • I have the same question on my mind!

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      Bunnings might match it with this one but unlikely to match this metal deck unit.

      The Aldi unit looks like a pretty decent mower. The problem is the after sales support is virtually non-existent. Return for a refund is pretty much the only option. No replacements because there's no more in the warehouse. Then you have to go and buy another mower anyway.

  • That's the crappy one unfortunately.

      • No, please see my reply to the next comment.

    • It's not brushless… any other reason why you think it's crappy?

      • I've owned both this and the original steel deck one.
        Sold this one and I'm still using the original one.
        This one is tiny and it only takes two batteries. The one I use can take 4 batteries and switches over once one set is empty and it actually has a decent cutting width.

  • I guess the steel deck one you're referring to is a discontinued model? Interesting that it took 4 batteries. Most mowers are 2x18 or 1x40v, 80v, 120v etc.

    The linked model is actually one of the larger Ozito models. Did you find that two batteries were not enough? Any other reason you thought it was crappy?

    • It took 4 batteries so you lugged around 2 extra batteries all the time thinking it had more power. In truth it only ran on 2x18v, then switched when the first two ran out.

      It also pays to remember that in most cases the common 18v may be referred to as 20v. Same number of cells, just depends if the marketing department listened or led. 20v is the battery max, 18v is more like the usable voltage. So, multiples of 18/20 are typically equal as well. 36v equivalent to 40v etc.

  • If you have this mower, appreciate if you can advise if this has a carry handle like their other plastic models? If not, can it be easily pickup with one hand ?

    We have a 3 step entrance to get to the backyard so I have a ramp to wheel my current petrol mower. Hoping to get a battery operated this one if it's easy to carry

    • I dont own this one, but item description says 20 kg weight, so if you can handle that, should be no worries, this one is steel deck, unless you want/need a plastic deck which would be much lighter…?

      • Thanks for replying. The plastic deck is 10kg and has a carry handle. From the pictures I don't see a carry handle so will check one out instore this wkend. Would prefer steel deck.

        • The smallest/cheapest Ozito model is 10kg. But the plastic model that is most comparable to this metal deck unit is about 15kg. So the metal deck adds about 5kg.

          • @stuckster: Thx for the info. If so it's definitely worth spending a bit more for this steel deck.

            • @pork chop: I have this mower. I have no issues lifting the unit up onto a 1 metre retaining wall, or carry it up 7 steps.

  • Darn, the other thread had the receipt at $299, but the image no longer exists … do bunnings price match bunnings?

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