Powerboard with Fast USB Charge and Low Profile Plug

Can anyone recommend a powerboard with a longer than 1 metre cord and low profile plug. If it had fast charge USB that would be great. I only need a couple of plugs and ports. The pictures I have found of many powerboards don't show the plugs so I can't tell if they are low profile.


  • I have a Powershield zapguard, that I bought from Umart for $26. https://www.umart.com.au/PowerShield-ZapGuard-5-Way-Power-Su...

    Its cord is only 1.2m, but has a low profile plug, 5 wide spaced sockets, and 2 x 5v/3.1 amp usb chargers. And just as importantly, rated to withstand power surges and spikes of up to 1,400 Joules / 40,000 Amps.

    If you are using a powerboard for important/expensive appliances you really should be investing in a power surge board.

    • Thanks. I'll have a look.

  • Don't think I've seen a power board with any kind of USB fast charging (QC or USB-PD)

    Only like what BOGOF said - 3.1amp across 2 ports (i.e. 2.1+1)

  • Slightly off topic, but any good powerboards aout there where the plugs are spaced wide apart so I can plug power bricks in without losing the next plug?

    • Only a couple of sockets are widely spaced on most of those power boards. Bunnings have a reasonable selection.

    • Yep ,very good, Bunnings for small reels, 3 socket CordTech $11.50 and 4 socket 5m for $19.50

    • The one suggested by BOGOF above?

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