[Pre Order] Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro & Get 3 Months Free Kayo and Binge Subscription @ Google Store


Pretty much as per title.

Good to stack with the $100 - $150 store credit, 10% store credit via Google One, and the $70 off voucher (when it actually arrives!)

Stay safe :)

Get 3 months Kayo Sports and 3 months Binge Standard included when you purchase a Pixel 6 Pro from the Australian Google Store between 20th Oct 2021 AEDT to 30 Nov 2021 AEDT, or while stocks last. Must redeem at www.kayosports.com.au and www.binge.com.au by 11:59pm AEST on 31 January 2022. Not available via third party billing or in conjunction with other Streamotion offers. After the offer period ends, Kayo Sports auto-renews (currently $25/month) and Binge Standard auto-renews (currently $14/month) unless cancelled prior. One redemption per person. Available for use in Australia only.

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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    Meanwhile the UK, Germany and France get a free Bose 700 with their purchase.

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      Yeah but at the same time they got screwed with the pricing!

      • VAT in the UK and EU is ridiculous

      • Moving back to the UK in one month. For me it makes total sense to take advantage of Australian pricing.
        Besides there is the $150 store credit here - less than the Bose but still makes up some of the value.

  • What's the $70 from?

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      But if you're not aware of it, then you missed out.

      • Ah the buy something get code dealo. Cheers

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    Pretty sure by the time you'll get the $70 in the email, the $100/$150 credit offer will be expired

    • They do seem to plan it accordingly

    • Oooh I hope not

    • My existing phone is dying and I was planning on the pixel 6 as a replacement so I ordered one already.

      I have the 70 dollar coupon coming supposedly, but couldn't wait. I might try to get them to apply it later (threaten return/re-order) if the coupon comes sometime soon. I didn't realize I'd get google play cashback from my one subscription also, which is nice.

  • studentbeans, 10% off for student

    • Ts&Cs: "The 10% discount on all devices excluding Google Pixel phones will be applied at checkout."

      • I tried, it worked.

      • It does work.

  • "Cashback" is Google store credit, yeah?

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      Yep, it's misleading but better than nothing honestly.

  • Do we just received a code in the email to redeem on Binge website?
    I can't see if it applies for existing Binge accounts or only new accounts.

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      No idea to be honest. Nothing received yet and not much detail in the terms.

      • Yeah a bit odd but with the Pixel release today I expect some delay with everything. I assume we'll receive an email with further instructions soon.

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      I read somewhere that we had to check the "Send me promotional google store ……" box to be eligible for the free Binge/Kayo for 3 months (I automatically uncheck those promo boxes out of habit).
      I spoke to a Kayo rep who [quite rudely] suggested I contact Google store instead. Waiting for a reply from Google now to see if we can still get those services for free!

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        I just contacted Binge via their online chat. They said we'll probably receive the promotion code or QR code from Google soon.

        "Returning to BINGE

        How to redeem the offer as a returning BINGE customer

        1. Scan the QR code
          2, Select ‘Sign In’ and enter your existing BINGE/Kayo details(email and password
        2. Select ‘Got a voucher?’ and enter promo code provided
        3. Select package and select ‘Continue’
        4. Follow the prompts to enter your payment details
        5. Welcome back to BINGE!"
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      My phone was delivered yesterday, there was a voucher thingy in the box, scan QR code to redeem but it didn't look unique, I think it's just store links to the apps

      • Wow, that's fast! Preorder from Google Store?
        Mine hasn't been dispatched yet, expected delivery 29/10-01/11.

        • +1

          Yeah, a day early. Was expected 28-29 then 27-28, arrived 26.

        • Mine was expected 29/10-01/11 when I ordered but pushed back to 02/11-03/11 shortly after.

      • That follows what they told me when they said the offer is activated within the device.

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      Yes it does work for existing accounts. I can confirm.

      • Sweet, thanks.

  • Kayo and binge offer available only for 6pro

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      nope, its available for both 6 and 6 Pro.

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    How do u stack $100 credit and kayo offer for pixel 6? Thanks

  • Anyone received this yet? I haven't and the Google Store chat aren't even aware of the offer, despite it being plastered all over their website.

    • Ok here is the answer everyone, after 1 hour 20 mins of live chat with Google:

      "Yes, I totally understand you point. I apologize for the confusion. What I mean is this offer can be redeemed within the device only. Once you received your Pixel 6 Pro device, you need to download the app from Google PlayStore and then, activate the subscription from the device itself."

      Bit of a let down considering I am leaving Australia in 1 month hence will receive even less benefit from the offer. Not so bad for most people though I guess.

    • Received yesterday. It comes as a physical voucher, and does not need the device to redeem

      • Oh really? That's super weird. So they sent it in the post seperate from the device? Did you get any heads up before it arrived?

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          The voucher and phone came together inside a small cardboard box

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