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Baseus 2.4a USB to Lightning Charging Cable Cord for iPhone from $4.89 Delivered @ baseus_online_store eBay


Some good prices on some Baseus cables for iPhones by applying code CELEBR30 at checkout. This is their AU store so local stock and prompt shipping.

Listing states lighting, i presume it's a typo and meant to be lightning (although i'm not an apple consumer so what do i know).

EDIT: Asked Baseus and they advise that although cable does not have MFI certification, the cable supports data transmission up to 480Mbps.

Black and Grey.

0.5 / $4.89
1M / $5.59
2M / $5.94

CELEBR30 also appears to work on severalother of Baseus listings including for what appear to be some faster charge cables that also support data transfer.

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    Keep in mind these are power only (missing the data pin) and are therefore not MFI certified. Cheap for a reason. Not necessarily bad for charging, but not a certified cable.

    • Thanks, will update!

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      Interesting, as they put in the listing "480mbps high speed data transmission", which refer data transfer… wonder if it can be sync data etc.
      I could be interested in some USB-C to lighting cable deals too.

      • Not sure how that's possible, look at the product photos and every single one has a pin missing. You'll also see it sells 'charge without popping up windows' which I think refers to charging off a laptop without triggering Windows to see it as a device.

        Either way, not MFI certified so I wouldn't rely on it for data.

        • look at the product photos and every single one has a pin missing.

          You can't go by the pictures, I reckon 90% of the images of Lightning connectors on Ebay are computer generated. The majority of them (including some of the images of the Baseus cables) show no pin contacts at all!

          Also, the lightning port has two data lanes. For USB, the connector only has to connect to one of the data lanes. So although there is one pin missing in the image (and it may not be missing on the actual connector), there are still enough pins for the USB data connection.

          In my opinion, the Lightning port has two data lanes because of the awkward way Apple implemented the "either way up" feature of the Lightning connector.

          I don't disagree with you about "not MFi certified" though, that's a red flag.

  • A solid 6 month cord.

    • I'd hope much longer, but i've no experience with their Apple cables. They've been fine for me for Android devices.

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