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Western Digital Gold 10TB Enterprise Class 3.5" Hard Drive $384.46 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Was browsing Amazon and saw this.

Speed: 7200RPM
Cache: 256MB
MTBF: Up to 2.5 million hours
Model: ‎WD102KRYZ

Update: Price has dropped down to $384.46

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -3

    Are these noisy?

    • +2

      Get the 12TB ones. Those also vibrate.

  • +1

    There was a deal on Western Digital CA where the 8TB WD Golds were sold for $200ish all up when shipping and import taxes were accounted for. This seems so expensive in comparison, but I can't deny it's a pretty okay deal.

  • +1

    Yeah the 5 hundy Newegg deal is probably better, but its rolling the dice with Newegg

  • -2

    Great for CHIA mining :)

    • -1

      4 comments in, was hoping i'd see a chia comment

  • -2

    I think this is overkill for a gaming HDD but yay lol

  • what happens at the 2.50000001 millionth hour ?

    • +3

      a unhappy face comes up on your screen with a nice blue blackground.

      • +1

        woah did you just assume I'm using Windows ?

        • +1

          We assumed you have a Mac Pro running bootcamp.

          • @netsurfer: well you assumed wrong !! I am using Windows

            • @morediscount: Over a terminal server connected through your work's VAX.

            • +2

              @morediscount: Mac running bootcamp = running Windows on a Mac.

              Okay, I know you meant running Windows on a PC.

    • +4

      You will probably already have died and humanity might be extinct since 2.5 million hours is 285 years.

      • Did you just assume I would die?

        • No need to assume, that's a fact, sorry mate.

    • +2

      Jokes aside…

      2.5M hours MTBF = reliability of 99.7% over 1 year.
      2.5M hours MTBF = reliability of 98.3% over 5 years.

      MTBF is not a figure which indicates 100% success for all drives and then all die at the same time.

      And, no, after the warranty expires, you cannot quote MTBF to ask for extended warranty. Furthermore, WD does not guarantee a brand new replacement during the warranty period so you could get a refurbished unit as a replacement. So, WD's expectation is less than 2% of these HDDs will require warranty replacement.

      • To put it another way, just under 1 in every 50 drives will require warranty replacement - and this is a top quality Enterprise drive.

        This is why you always need good backups ! Mechanical drives fail. A lot.

  • Any issues with warranty for these enterprise drives?

    • I really cannot comment on the warranty for these enterprise drives (coz. I don't own one). However, my comment earlier indicating WD doesn't guarantee a brand new drive replacement was based on my past experience with a WD HDD (getting a refurbished unit for warranty). Granted, it was a consumer grade one, but it was a 7200 rpm one.

      The reality is that you generally don't want to use the warranty service because that means (1) the drive has failed (and you probably lost some data) (2) unless you have a spare drive, there will be a period of time where you are one drive short and (3) there is a chance you get a refurbished unit and the replacement unit resumes the remaining warranty (not a fresh new warranty, though there is still a minimum warranty if your previous drive happened to have 1 day warranty remaining).

      I was quite disappointed with my refurbished replacement from WD. It had a constant high pitch noise and it died 2 months after the remaining warranty expires. The only good thing was the high pitch noise was sufficient warning for me not to trust that HDD from the start so I never put any important data on it. It made me feel that WD simply sent me a replacement just enough to cover the remaining warranty period. Had I knew all that in advance, I wouldn't bother sending the faulty HDD back for warranty. I had to get a new HDD anyway.

      My experience on SSD warranty replacement (especially Samsung) is positive so far. Samsung replaced the faulty unit with a brand new model with 2X the storage whereas the retailer arranged a full refund for me with the faulty OCZ SSD.

    • +1

      I dealt with WD, their service was great. I called up and said my drive failed. They had a courier come out, pick up the old drive and gave me a new one and said the warranty restart on that date.

      • Which number? Do you need to run the software to test the drive (if the drive can still power on) and get a RMA number like before? Or, the CSR will do the lot for you now?

        • 1800001685

  • Great deal, but unfortunately the concerns over how these are packed for shipping still make me err on the side of caution.

    Has anyone gotten HDDs through Amazon US lately? if so, how have they been packaged?

    • +1

      Got a few from Amazon US, all came well and it has some suspension inside the box, so the drive had extra protection.

      • Recently? I found Amazon (both US and AU), the packaging can vary (even for same type of item). Sometimes really good, sometimes quite average.

        • That's what I'm always afraid of.

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