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Sonos Beam Black or White (Gen 2) $639.00 @ Living Sound + Vision


RRP is $699; Shipping estimate is free for a few places in NSW that I tested

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Living Sound + Vision Brisbane
Living Sound + Vision Brisbane

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  • What does gen 2 give you? I got a gen 1.

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    I got mine for the ~$552 at Good Guys via their discount x Latitude Pay $50 off.

    Can't wait for it to arrive so I can swap out my gen 1.

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      Give an honest review when you get it.. if its worthy of upgrade.. imho I wouldn't think so.

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        Personally I think it is worth the upgrade. I find the sound richer and the treble got quite tinny at higher volumes in the gen 1, not at all in the gen 2.

        I’ve mainly tested it with music, but watched one movie (Nobody), and will continue to test for home cinema. Nobody was in Dolby Digital Plus via binge - not Atmos, so I’ll have to test some other streaming services.

        I love the design - grill is a much better option than fabric.

        For the $150 I paid to upgrade (sold my gen 1 for $400), I’m very happy.

        • Is there a gen 2 sub also?

  • these are expensive sound bar, why are they so expensive? for the sonos app?

    • If one only wanted a sound bar then this wouldn't be the one to buy unless one wanted to add\start a Sonos setup. For example I have a friend who has one of these in the lounge and 3x Ones spread around the house. In the morning the Sonos starts up some radio station that starts up on all so you can wake up to music or news and just walk around the house getting ready with the news playing in the bedroom, lounge, bathroom etc. Want to listen to a podcast? send or play it on the Sonos and listen as your going about your day. Sound quality is pretty good for single speakers etc. It works really well and hence why they are very well regarded but also cost a heap. You can achieve the same with a Bluetooth speaker of course. I didn't get it until i looked into it and experienced the convenience of it myself

      • are those radio station just free to listen via an app?

        • Free, they just stream off the internet

      • looks like i can do some of what you said with google mini at $30 each

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          Yeah for sure, just not as the same audio quality. Sonos is pretty much just a niche product that ticks a lot of boxes at a high price because of it

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    I'm hoping this comes back in Dec. I got my Beam+Sub+4 One's during that deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587606

  • I don’t know…. Is the overall sound quality that much better than the Bose 300?

    I listened to them both at GoodGuys and thought the Bose sounded better personally so I went the Bose.

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