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Supacaz Ignite Saddle Titanium $60, Free Shipping @ Pushys


Expired. All Sold Out.

I was in need of a new saddle and I found this highly rated saddle for just $60 at Pushys when most other places are charging over $200. I went to bed thinking about what else I needed to order to get free shipping, but then I woke to an email that free shipping over $30 was back, so my problem was solved.

Hopefully you are pretty in pink as it is the only colour variant left.

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  • What about a free bike?

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      This seat costs more than my bike

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        Oh I misread the title, there is a P not a T

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          Totally different kind of service there, mate.

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    If you search "supercaz ignite" you can see plenty of other colours and (more importantly) sizes

    • it says 143mm

    • All the cool colours are gone, as usual…

  • still on my huge stock giant saddle and these look good as, problem is not sure which would looks good on a green/black bike…

    • I also found my stock Cannondale saddle very comfy but 2x heavier.

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      The comfort of the saddle is way more important than it's looks.

      The Fizik Antares ('VS' version) saddle that came stock with my bike actually gave me nerve damage - I'd get these weird nerve shocks down my right leg every once in a while…

      I then bought a Pro Stealth but the cutout was too big, then a Selle Italia Model X that was very comfortable but tore my bib shorts due to it's extremely grippy material…

      Thus I'm still on my never-ending hunt for the perfect saddle… This Supacaz is next, hopefully it's the one! Titanium rails seems like a real bargain for $60 too!

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        How are you supposed to know if it’s no good? Like does my ass just hurt from not wearing bike shorts and from not being used to it, or is my seat wrong?

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          Good question. There are lots of factors involved.

          The obvious answer is if you are sitting on the saddle and your bum starts hurting within an hour, then you should return/replace it. Some saddle brands offer 30-day returns (or similar).

          Also, I'd definitely recommend that you wear padded shorts.

          Other factors: It could be wrong saddle height, or saddle is too far forward/back, wrong angle (you typically want it flat)… There are even non-saddle related things on the bike that could be the cause of the discomfort, but I'm not going to confuse you with that discussion as they're not as common an occurrence.

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            @brotherfranciz: I also heard that it being a "saddle" is important. I.e. it's not a seat. You should use your natural springiness of your legs to take some of the impact when riding, rather than hoping the seat will do all that for you.

            That changed the game for my commuting, as riding bumpy roads became so much more easier (and I can't believe I hadn't thought of that before)

            • @treebytheriver: the thing is some people raise the saddle up so high to achieve the perfect pedal stroke that they have barely any room left for the springiness of the legs to aid with impact…

              also, personally i find that good saddles only matter after 50km or more continuous riding… so commuting is usually not enough to judge a saddle…

          • @brotherfranciz: What #brotherfranciz said…

            Moreso for women, or in this world demanding greater care with the words we use, "owners of vulvas".

            A poorly matching seat can cut circulation to bits that need blood when cycling for more than 20 mins or so.

            And cycling knicks are designed to provide comfort and circulation, without underwear (less seams, creases etc in a confined area).

            Some things are worth researching and giving serious thought to.

    • Supacaz is reviewed as "a brand to aim for if you want your bike to stand out from the crowd". So you're either Supacaz or you're deliberately holding back :)

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    Cheers op, at this price, bought it to try it out.

  • How do you decide what size to buy?

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      I found some clones of the fancier saddles and ordered two different sizes from aliexpress (short and wide + long and medium) based on youtube reviews.

      I've ridden for 2 weeks on the first, now trying the second. The theory being, once I've dialed in the basic size, I could probably get something more fancy and know quickly if its better or worse than my current.

      This is a good deal, but you can probably get 2 seats delivered for $50

    • Sit bone width is potentially valid but also valid is your position on a bike. If you're riding lower down (eg aero bike or an aero bike with a positive angle stem), generally you'd go for 143mm width saddle. If you're more upright with your position (eg positive angle stem on an endurance frame bike), generally you may consider the 155mm width saddle.

  • Anyone able to suggest where I can get reasonable priced spokes for a road bike wheel? I need 2 different sizes for the rear wheel from the way it’s constructed.

    It seems unpopular to rebuild wheels now, with preference to just buy a new set. Most places only seem to sell BMX spokes.

    • +3

      have you tried your local bike shop?

      • Yep, 99 Bikes wanted $2 a spoke and way more to build it. Said it would be cheaper to buy a new wheel.

        I rebuilt the front for like $20 five or so years ago. Was hoping to do the rear for similar, but I can’t find reasonably priced spokes in varying lengths anymore.

        • +3

          $1 a spoke is fairly standard with $2 a spoke for harder to find sizes.
          And even after that to stock every spoke size (we had 40-50 different sizes) most of which just sat unused for years, is dead money for a LBS. They only really make money on re-truing and replacing spokes at $30-$35 a pop

          Wheel buiilds at my shop would run from $60 to $100 depending on type of wheel and number of spokes
          Unfortunately building wheels is extremely uneconomical unless you want to give it a whirl
          China is just far too efficient and well equipped to churn them out.

          If you know your spoke length they should be able to do a cheaper deal on bulk spokes, else go through aliexpress.

        • My local 99 store just rebuilt my wheel as the Rim and spokes were trashed but my hub was in good nick. $160 for the Rim, $48 for the spokes and $100 for the build.

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      A decent LBS will have a machine to cut and thread spokes to desire length (as long as they are normal J spokes)

      • That makes sense as to why there are limited options online then.

    • +2

      I don't think it was ever "popular". It was always fairly niche, but there's still a decent subset of cyclists doing it. I think it's the cycling community growing and the wheel building community staying more or less the same size that makes it look smaller.

      • +1

        I don't think it was ever "popular".

        Fair call. I guess what I meant is, the usual online retailers don’t seem to stock much compared to 5 years ago.

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    FYI you can get full carbon/gel saddles off Aliexpress for $30.
    Honestly can't go wrong.

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      Yeah but do we want to wait 3 months for shipping? This still seems like a great deal for non weight weenies IMO

      • Ooof you're getting 3 months?
        Last one i ordered took 2.5 weeks (last month)

        I do agree though, the supa caz saddles are supposedly quite comfortable.

      • +3

        Yeah it is more like Ali slowpoke. Still waiting for my order from 2 months ago.

  • Has anyone actually used this and knows that it is a bargain? I've got a bel-air 2 on mine but I get a sore ass all the time.

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      Your arse is different to mine and anyone else's. At this price it's a buy to give it a go.

      • Was just looking for general feedback I guess

        • Google for some reviews, they do rate well.

          The founder of Supacaz is actually the son of the owner of Specialized. So very well connected and I guess it's who you know not what!

          • +1

            @goingDHfast: Ended up ordering the grey/silver looking version to try

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              @dreamstation: Great decision, I ordered a black just before they sold out. Post back here in two weeks with a mini review!

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      Just give it a crack

      See what I did there

  • Out of stock but they have other colours available (most are hideous though)

  • Ignite Saddle?

    Sounds like a deal for masochists.

  • Too wide, need a 135mm bargain though

    • Yeah measured my current saddle and it's a 135mm too. Also length on Amazon says 300mm, appears to be super long

  • +1

    Never let the sun go down on a bargain they say. They wrong.

  • Damn it, non-neon stuff are all gone :'(

  • so now i have a cycling computer and a seat, just need the rest of the parts and ill have myself a bike.

    • Was there a recent deal on a cycling computer?

      • +1

        there was at anaconda a little while back

        • Ah k, thanks

  • Went for a Supacaz, came out with one of these:


    • +1

      Carbon rails are often a different shape from steel and titanium rails, more oblong than round. You might want to check that before the order gets shipped.

      • Didn't know that, fortunately my seatpost has the top/bottom clamp rather than the side clamp, so should be OK

  • That looks like the skull of a duck.

  • Saddles are like cinderella shoes

  • Ordered a set of gloves with the saddle, gloves arrived today but the saddle still hasn't left the building…

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    Just received a cancellation email advising they don't have stock to supply my order :(

  • got mine !

  • +3

    Sorry to hear that some missed out. Just went on my first ride on the new saddle. It will need a small amount of adjusting still, but it felt good. I can't say how it compares to the cheap china knockoffs, but I'm happy enough with it.

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