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Esatto EHPD7 Heat Pump Dryer with Additional 12 Months Warranty $619 Delivered @ Appliances Online


You get $100 off and extended warranty at the moment with what seems to be the favourite budget heat pump dryer.
Doesn't look to be the lowest ever price, but fairly good at the moment.
Note that the $100 discount shows when the item is in your cart and the extended warranty is claimed by registering your product with Esatto.

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    I cant see the free extended warranty in the cart, only one for $150

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    I ordered this heat pump dryer in the last deal, everyone recommended using the 'auto' mode. Fantastic dryer!!

    • +7

      Agreed. I also have one and been using for 6 months without a single failure. Just set to "Auto" and it will never disappoint!

  • This is the same as the Aldi one. Highly recommended

    • Yep and Aldi one was $599 for 8kg

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    Yeh I second above comments, great dryer. Purchased during eBay deal for $399

    • +2

      Will wait for this then, thanks!

      • Sorry mate, it was $495

        • Good! Thanks

    • what was the $399 deal? I checkes back all the Esatto deal and couldn't find any $399 deal as you said.

      • Sorry my bad, it was $495. It wasn’t an exclusive essato deal. It was an afterpay deal.

        • If you choose Afterpay, can you opt paying everything in eBay giftcards just to get the discount?

          • @alteclan: I don’t think so, as you are paying afterpay not eBay

          • @alteclan: That was the case at the time. With discounted ebay gift cards I was able to get the dryer for around $470 with no afterpay account. Been very happy with it.

  • +3

    Great dryer . Bought for $495 using AFTERPAY deal in March.

    • Same :)

    • same. been using it for nearly half a year works fantastic, dries everything perfectly fast. needs to clean the filter regularly though. if it builds up it will take longer to dry.

  • Can anyone confirm if I can dry a queen size duvet or blanket with this dryer? Or would I need an 8kg or 9kg for that? Cheers

    • Yes you can. I dry my thick queen size quilt in it.

      • Legend, thanks!

    • It managed a thin quilt of ours but for a proper winter quilt you'll need something bigger.

      • Don't have any really thick quilts/blankets so that should do the trick then, thanks!

    • @bonnyrigg - Can confirm, I wash my king sheets and cover in this without issue. You'd easily fit your blanket in there, but it will take a few hours to dry. Depending on how freely it can spin.

      • Awesome, thanks!

  • +1

    Why shouldn’t I get this?

    • Unless you own a Bosch dryer??

      • I don't. How long does it last?

        • hard to say, can be longer than bosch one, also can be DOA.

          • @Louis89: Thanks. Bit the bullet and bought my first dryer.

            • @node modules: i went with yesterday's deal, the bosch one.
              but judging from the reviews online, essatto seems to be a very good option at this price.

      • I've got a Bosch heat pump dryer, never shrunk any item which is a first for me with a dryer. Saying that it has never dried anything either. Piece of crap.

  • Great dryer as mentioned by the other. If you are after a heat pump dryer on a budget this one is a great buy. Simple to use too boot!

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    We have this drier ,about 18 months of usage .very happy with the product

  • +9

    SA residents, don't forget to claim an appliance rebate
    I received a $255 rebate for this dryer recently.

    • +1

      Thanks for this info, buying a new fridge and dryer soon, looks like I could get around a $500+ rebate! Thanks again.

    • +1

      Thanks that's bloody awesome. I bought this dryer in April and never knew about the rebate. Just submitted an application 👍😊

    • The yess.net.au website says that it only applies to SA retailers. I'm guessing that doesn't apply to Appliances Online?

      • I bought mine from AO…

      • +1

        I bought mine from AO and just received the rebate 😊

  • +1

    great dryer - using it at least twice a day for last 6 months. no issues at all. make sure you clean the lint out at least every 3 loads.

    I use mine sometimes to dry a bath rug which weighs about 7kg+ out of the washer. Bone dry in 2 hours!

  • I bought this recently too, it is a great dryer. One issue though, it stinks! Not a burning or musty or any identifiable smell, but just a strange odour from the exhaust which lingers for days. Any one else experienced this?

    • Not on mine. Better check yours.

    • did you regularly clean the lint filter like instructed? if not it will build up and even build up on the condenser fins which make it smell like wet socks. you'll need to pull all the filters out and clean it thoroughly, use a brush to clean the fins to fix this.

    • I have the same issue with mine, a strong chemical smell lasting for days after I use it, so I keep the door open for several days to disperse the smell. I clean the lint out of both filters every time. Have only used mine about 5 times in 3 months… maybe I need to use it more? I normally just hang clothes on the washing line…
      Did you plumb yours to your basin drain, as I did?
      My laundry still gets humid when I close the door, but not as much as my previous dryer.

    • It's had the smell from new, and it's only been used twice. All filters cleaned as required.

  • Do I need to get the heat out from the vent in laundry? Or heat pump dryer doesn’t need it?

    • Yes wondering this too. Do I need to open the windows? Lots of hot humid air like a normal dryer?

      • +3

        No, it has a little container that fills with water you need to empty… or, you can use the small hose it comes with to drain straight into the laundry basin (that's what I did). It will warm the room, but it's not humid like a normal air dryer would do.

        • +1

          how did you manage to pull off the black pipe attached at the back - i tried pulling extremely hard with pliers but it wouldn't come off.

          • @chickens: The instruction manual is a bit shit.
            Not sure how you're trying to do it but you just have to get the black rubber tube off the small, white plastic outlet at the bottom and not out of the actual dryer since that's connected to the tub at the top.

            • @ChillBro: that's what i've been trying - feels like mine is basically superglued or shrink wrapped x100 to the little plastic outlet, guess i'll try again with warmer weather

              • @chickens: I installed mine yesterday and it was quite tight. I gripped the black tube with the pliers and just yanked it. Anyway good luck. You can always just use the tube for now.

          • @chickens: I didn't want to break anything so I just gave up. It's easy to empty the container and you don't have an ugly hose hanging in the sink.
            I pour the water straight into my pot plants or the car's windscreen washer reservoir. It doesn't leave water stains on the windscreen like tap water does. 👍😊

            • @Gazza52: What has been said above, its pretty tight but the portion it is attached to purely just holds it in place so pliers, yank it side to side, if you mangle the tube just trim it back a little. I don't miss emptying the tank. Well worth the five minutes of time to do.

              Has been a great dryer glad I paid the extra for the heat pump version, dries quicker and better than my old electrolux condenser dryer.

      • +2

        No hot air like a normal dyer. The point of the heat pump is to recycle the hot air that would normally vent, making it very efficient.

        As mentioned you can empty the water that it collects or you can simply plumb in the drain hose to the sink waste or simply dangle it into the sink itself.

    • Thanks guys.

  • +2

    It was a great buy for $240 ($495 Afterpay deal - $255 SA YESS rebate)! Great dryer, too. Baby care for the baby clothes and auto for the rest. I clean the two lint filters every 1-2 loads. I also use dryer wool balls which seems to make clothes dry faster with added bonus of nice-smelling clothes if you add a drop or two of essential oil on the balls.

    Addit: Actually, I paid <$240 since I used discounted e-gift cards. :)

  • Any chance they’ll match this price on their eBay store? I want to use my gift cards :(

  • Yes this is a great budget dryer, I got two young kids and I use this 4-5 times a week

    Just a tip: if you got a top loader and your clothes are usually a bit damp after each wash, dont set it to auto, otherwise the clothes will not dry properly. I usually have to add an extra 30mins to get the load fully dry.

  • Ugh have had my eye on this for a while… to pull the pin on this now, or hold out hoping for another deal via eBay/afterpay to get it cheaper…

    Also… I need one of the anti-vibration stacking mats… is there really much difference between the various types out there? Or just get whatever is cheap/available?

    • Just get the cheapest

    • I'm the same as you, i bought it anyways.

    • I have it stacked on top of my Miele front loader and only have an anti slip mat that you can put in the cupboards and it works fine. No need to buy the fancy stuff

  • How much less electricity does it use compared to a normal vented dryer?

    • +1

      50-70% less I think, some parts of the Appliances Online website have a running cost per cycle in the specs

    • +1

      my full load running for 3 hours almost costs me 60c at 28c electricity. Significantly cheaper.

      • Thanks for the info. Very cheap

  • Bought thanks OP

  • Lol, looks like I've paid way too much for this dryer at the beginning of winter! $700 delivered :(

    Was impressed by appliance online's delivery service, you can pick a date for delivery, and for me even the next day was available.
    Dryer is good too. Runs daily since June.

    • But you've had use of it over winter. You're still in front! 😊

  • +1

    Do these heat pump dryers shrink clothes like traditional dryers? My wife is anti-clothes dryer for this reason.

    • +1

      Yes it does shrink clothing a bit

    • -2

      Not mine.

      No smells at all.

  • Purchased this dryer for $599 previously ($619 plus $20 newsletter voucher, not sure if still available).

    It has been great so far, some quilt covers will require an additional 30 minutes after one "auto" cycle.

    A big difference in the electricity bill when compared to my vented dryer.

  • +1

    Can this be stacked on washer?

    • Yes

    • Yes. Just use antislip mat and all good

  • +1

    I'm surprised so many people use dryers. Even in Melbourne's cooler weather I can hang clothes outside and they are dry in a day. Sometimes on the odd occasion they take a little longer, maybe 2 days but it's free to dry this way.

    I guess I'm lucky with a pergola which I've strung some lines on so the clothes don't get rained on.

    Never even contemplated purchasing a dryer as I just don't have the need.

    • Usual would take 2-3 days under my pergola when we get cool weather in Sydney, no issue during summer but yeah when you have little kids and everything gets messy then yeah you sometime need a dryer!

      • Yeah, Sydney is more humid than Melbourne, I'm guessing this is the difference in drying time.

    • People are lazy/busy and don't want to hang them out manually.

      • +2

        I'd say if the weather conditions are conducive for drying by hanging (ie not humid), then it could very well be a laziness thing - takes me 5 minutes to hang a load of washing.

        Each to their own, I guess many people do things that are lazy by someone else's standards. I do try these days more than I did say 10 years ago to try to lower my impact on the planet. I guess I'm just much more conscious of it now - ie reducing my consumption of single use plastic, etc.

    • +2

      Yeah, (profanity) the people in apartments who have no other choice, right?

      • +4

        Funnily enough, when I did live in an apartment going back, the bathroom was the laundry and there wasn't space for a washer AND dryer. I bought a Kmart rack and used that on the balcony/near the balcony door. Worked fine for me.

        • +1

          Good for you but not everyone shares your experiences. Many apartments have strata by laws that prevent the hanging of clothes on the balcony which is why so many have a (shitty) dryer provided.

      • "surprised so many people use dryers" = "(profanity) the people in apartments who have no other choice. You got to ChillBro.

        • -2

          Hope it didn’t burnout both of your brain cells when coming up with that comment.

          • +1

            @ChillBro: Straight away to the snark and personal insults. You must be having a bad day.

            • @cadwalader: Or maybe I’ve heard that extremely unoriginal comment literally a million times. What would you do in my situation?

              • -1

                @ChillBro: Not equate "surprised so many people use dryers" with "(profanity) the people in apartments who have no other choice?"

                • @cadwalader: Thought it was clear that I was referring to your extremely unoriginal comment "You got to ChillBro." but alright, mate.

                  • @ChillBro: Do extremely unoriginal comments warrant a personal insult?

                    Commenting that you should chill was a reasonable response to your initial equivalence, that it happened to be your ID was just convenience.

    • +1

      Using a dryer saves so much time and allows washing at night time.

    • +1

      If you've got small kids, it's almost a necessity, unfortunately. I've got two, and it's not unusual for them to go through three changes of clothes in a day each.

      • +1

        Agree, if you got 2 or 3 kids this is a life saver!

        Unless you want to spend a couple of hours each day doing laundry.

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