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LG C1 55 OLED $2395 + Delivery ($0 to Select Cities) @ Appliance Central


Seems to be the cheapest option that I can find at the moment, free shipping to NSW/ACT, not sure about other locations.

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    Cheaper here https://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-oled55c1ptb if you signup for the new user 15% off it should be $2,189.60 with free shipping. Seems to be stock in Sydney/Brisbane.

    • Nice, thank you for letting us know. I wanted a 65 inch LG C1 close to $3000 and I got for one for $3039, which is close enough. Specially with free delivery.

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    just placed order for 65 inch, $3039 delivered.

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      $3576 on the LG website plus 15% signup = $3039 is tempting…👍

      • Looks like the price has gone up. The LG website is showing the 65" as $4076 for me and with 15% off that only comes to $3464.60

        • This was almost a month ago, brau 😅

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            @ne-us: Once again, private education has failed me :(

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      Yea was going to point this out also. I almost pulled the trigger but I'm not in a huge rush so will see what November brings promo wise

    • bah… just missed out on this… stock in Sydney is gone apparently overnight. Was there at midnight. Quick or the dead - you would've thought I'd learn by now.

      • very easy to price match this model. i got it from jb today for $3039.

        • I tried price matching. But they checked the LG store and verified no stock… got it to $3200… but not quite there, so didn't pull the trigger.

          Tried at Macquarie Centre, NSW.

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      They are out of stock in Melbourne :( Did you snag one for Melbourne?

      • I've tried postcodes 3000,3207,3029 on the LG website.

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            @JaymanSlice: Ah thanks. Just called LG and they verified no stock in Melbourne. Might have to call the other stores and see if they can sell for $5589. Enjoy your new TV!

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                @JaymanSlice: Called jb hifi and they said they can't do it for that price :/ Maybe I'm just bad at negotiating haha

                  • @JaymanSlice: Called two different jbs. They sounded quite firm on not wanting to negotiate and ready to get off the phone so felt it wasn't worth my time. One guy even said that I'm just making up numbers, wth. The other one was just rude. I don't understand, these are sales people, they should know to be at least more polite.

  • Three of them are pretty nice.


  • The G1 is incredible. Picked up the 55 from the good guys for 2546 with free delivery last week.

  • Picked up a 65" C1 last week from JB for $2999. Awesome TV, just awaiting delivery of a 48Gbps, and the never ending calibration fun.

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    The Good Guys Commercial is $2144 (although not available to everyone)

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      That's the A1?

      • Oops it's 48 inch my bad

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      Just FYI for people considering this.

      "Most of our products are factory seconds, purchased from the manufacturers and might have cosmetic damage, that will vary between individual products."

      also the condition for this specific tv is "CARTON DAMAGED ONLY".

      • Thanks mate, I did not realise it.

  • Dropped to $2270 now & my second TV blew up this morning (LG 50PV250 Full HD Plasma 10.5 yrs old). In a quandary now - go all in and pull the plug or wait and see what happens Black Friday weekend?

    • I'd be waiting for a TGG eBay sale on it https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144046861677 I reckon a sale is due soon.

      Even 10% off would make it cheaper, and you can pay with discounted GCs.

      • TGG jacks up ebay prices to make sure that doesnt happen. :') they just did so today

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