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Sovol Filament Dryer (2-Spool) US$54.99 (~A$70) Shipped (Save US$5) @ Sovol3D


Sovol Filament Dryer is designed for drying filament, it is able to remove the moisture from the filament and restore the good printer quality of filament. As we all know, the filament is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, after the filament get humid, you may have the print issue such as strings, bubbles, uneven extrusion lines and unable to get good print quality no matter how perfect is your printer. Even the hot end may get clogged, that is really disppointing. Therefore, the filament dryer, is very essential for every 3d printer owners. For such an important accessories, we gave it more better features as we can.
Large Capacity:
Compared to other filament dryer, Sovol filament dryer can store 2 spools of filament with a width of less than 70 mm or 1 filament roll with a width of less than 150 mm. Which is a very good news for 3d printer owners, it satified more people who have more different demands, like people who usually print with 2-3 kg roll, people who have two or more single extruder 3d printer, people who have IDEX 3d printer.
Adjustable Temperature & Time:
Humidity Display
Excellent Sealing Storage Function:
Two Teflon Outlets:
Two Locking Clips:

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      This isn't long term storage, this is for keeping filament in optimal condition during prints. It's particularly important when you're printing with very hydroscopic materials like nylon or using pva for support over longs prints, as the filament can absorb moisture and change literally within the course of a print completely ruining it and wasting your time.

  • Does this unit have a fan inside to circulate the air?

    • Yes it does

    • Yes, it has

  • I cant checkout, it keeps saying there are no shipping options for my address.

    • change the shipping location

      • Oh. I dont know if i should feel stupid for not seeing that on the listing, or Sovol should for the poor UX. Thanks.

    • Did you select ship from AU(only to AU)?

      • Yes I worked it out eventually thank you.

  • I use no brand filaments only. I never have any problem of printing with un-dehydrated filaments including nylon, petg, abs, tpu, carbon-filled.
    But I still purchased a Sunlu box last week. It is because it looks cool. Plus potentially it will makes the surface of prints nicer and minimize the chance of failure.
    Also, I can eliminate humid filaments is the cause when prints go wrong. Save time on troubleshooting.

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      I had to modify mine as the drag on the filament was ruining my prints using this box.. my box sits on top of my enclosure tho… there are mods on thingy for download

      • Thank you for the heads-up. I have not open my Sunlu yet. I did some digging. I can only find the fan mod for Sunlu. Would you show me where can I find the anti-drag mod you were talking about?

  • word of warning, the fan on this is loud, louder than both 3d hot end and parts fan on a mk3.

    • Interesting… reckon it could be swapped out easy enough? Don’t see a reason it would need to be that loud/powerful… just something enough to move the air around a bit…

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