Massive Spike in 'Parcel Delivery' Spam Texts

Is it just me? Or is everyone receiving a heck-load of spam text messages about parcels that require tracking, or missed deliveries, etc. I've started to get at least 2 per day and then 😑 when I realise it's not just an increase in popularity.

"Your order # 276513 will arrive shortly. Track progress:

"Your package was delivered to the pickup point. You can pick | up your parcel <7tf> here

They don't even try to make the URLs look legit…

Any every one is from a unique mobile number so blocking and deleting doesn't seem to reduce the quantity.
Any tips or tricks for reducing this? I have had my number for yonks and don't want to change it if I can avoid it.


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    They don't even try to make the URLs look legit…

    Intentional. They want the people stupid/unknowing enough to click through as those are more gullible to scam.

    Make sure you're on the Do Not Call list. It helps for local ones but not so much the Estonia (+372) ones.

    • Ah thank you, will do :S how effective is the list? & how does it function?

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        Also edit the links above if they're the full real ones. They may be tracking which ones get clicked and thus will spam you even more/sell your data as seen as more likely to click on them. Now if curious OZBers click through 1,000 times…

        • Oo thanks done… :S

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        Do Not Call doesn't stop Flubot.

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        It tends to stop legitimate ones like cold calls for sales (although, I've had an uptake of Solar offers in the last month or so). It won't stop political, religious or charity ones as they are exempt. And as above, overseas calls still tend to get through,

        It won't stop spam ones as they won't pay attention to a do not call list.

        In the last two weeks I've had a huge number of calls from the "Australian Border Force" telling me there's "a warrant for my arrest, press 1 to connect". I'm on the do not call list, but I even had 10 of these calls in one day last week. I've given up on blocking them because they use different numbers.

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          Dude… that sucks.

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          I always press 1 then waste their time. Never get a call after that.

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    I have received about 40 of them. There is nothing you can do to reduce the amount of SMS from the Flubot scam. Don't click on the links, report to Scamwatch and delete.

    Missed delivery, call or voicemail (Flubot) scams

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      Oh great. Thx though.

  • I went through this. Just ignore them, I used to get a few a day like you + robocall from Australian Border Force/Amazon, now probably about one a week.

    • Mm yeah such time wasters :( hiw did you reduce the frequency? Or just changed over time?

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        yeah i got tons for a week-ish. didnt click and now im back to the odd one every so often

      • I received most of mine over a 1 month period. Now I only get a couple here and there.

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          I find it goes in waves. If I ignore the call or hang up straight away (within a second or two) I get them for around a month, then nothing for 6 months.

          If it's a new message that I listen to (mostly to see if it sound legitimate), then I get the calls for several months.

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        I guess I reduced the frequency by ignoring them. I think over time, it will just naturally decrease. I didn't bother with the DNC list, since criminals are unlikely to care.

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    I was just thinking how they have reduced in frequency.
    I just block the number and delete the message; takes a couple of seconds.

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    Massive increase in last few weeks for me - calls and SMS.

    • Yeah just last few weeks! Can't think of anywhere specific that I've given my number out to either.

      • Last year I had a big increase, that I put down to house hunting and leaving phone numbers at the inspections. There was nothing else at the time it could have been.

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    Mine increased dramatically over the last two weeks, sometimes even 5 a day.

  • Oh I've been bombarded with them too!
    Have had my number for a decade, am on do not call list, and haven't given my number or to anyone new recently. So really don't know how they got a hold of my number. Just keep deleting and blocking these numbers but they are different each time :s

    • Yeah, if they were from the same number, it'd be no issue.

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    This is a problem that has really become ridiculous in the last year or so. It needs to be addressed by telcos and government as there's nothing an individual can do. Blocking is useless. Don't even bother as you might be blocking legit numbers that they are endlessly churning through.

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      Telcos don't want to spend money fixing the security holes.

      The government needs to force the telcos otherwise a class action suit from people who fell for scams from spoofed/unknown numbers may be an option.

    • Yeah what? How does that work?
      Is that the same thing as having multiple people ring me saying they got a missed call from my number, when I definitely hadn't made calls - my number being used by others?

    • They're often spoof numbers so if you call then it goes to a person. That's half the issue.

      Maybe if we get hold of all the personal phone numbers of the pollies and have them spammed they might force the telcos to do something.

      • Its legal for pollies to request your phone number from AEC, ignore DND list and spam the shit out of you.

        Guess what, its not legal for you to do the same. In fact, you could get jailed for harassment via electronic means.

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    Google's Messages app for Android correctly identifies them and automatically files them as 'Spam and blocked'

    Less time wasted on spam

  • Is the border force call about an international package loaded with bum crack cocaine in your name seized. Press 1 for a scammer?
    Got my first call last week.

  • Got about 5 just today for some reason. Luckily they go into spam SMS folder.

  • Is there a very simple program that can delete texts automatically? Something as simple as: if from an unknown number + has url in the sms then delete?

    I don't see why it's so hard! Or do you need to replace the whole sms app on Android (example - with something like handcent)?

    I'm running android. My partner is on IOS. So I guess answers either way are good.

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